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  1. I know a lot of you are fanatics for shorts like myself so I thought to help some of you out by listing what shorts will be airing this week that I found on one of the online tv schedules. Wednesday 5:50pm Cavalcade of San Francisco 10 mins 1940 TravelTalks short Wednesday 9:45pm Impression of the Merriest Musical of 1938 15 mins 1938 Thursday 7:35pm Hotel Anchovy 25 mins 1934 - Ritz Brothers Comedy Friday 11:30am Alice In Movieland 1940 30 minutes - Musical Friday 1:30pm Constance Bennett's Daily Beauty Ritual 15 min`1937 Friday 5:45pm Command Performance: Stric
  2. LeroySheild...GET A LIFE! You're a miserable excuse for an human being. You act as though you're an authority on classic movies and rights yet no one knows who you are. You're a nobody trying to be a BIG SHOT in the wide world of the Internet!
  3. I enjoyed Poker At Eight last night. Constance Bergen really stood out me. She was a good looking, lucious, funny lady with a presence on screen, the kind of actresses I like. I did some online searching and didn't find much info on her. She never had a breakout film, though she had what it took, she always left a memorable performance in the smallest part, that's a true actress. Hal Roach should have hooked her up with someone to make a comedy duo and made series or Hal Roach could have placed Constance with Patsy Kelly after Thelma Todd's passing in the series. Its always been hard for funny
  4. It seems TCM throws in some shorts in the schedule at the last minute. I swear I check the schedule everyday and today I didn't see the Charley Chase short in the schedule that came on this morning but I see it now after it aired. I missed that. I can't check the schedule every hour.
  5. I'm so obsessed that I hate missing shorts, I feel like I'm missing rare treasures. I never was good at catching shorts in between movies. The schedule help me out a great deal. I would have never discovered the talents of Thelma Todd, Zasu Pitts, Patsy Kelly, Charley Chase without it. I would have missed all of the shorts. Did the short schedule listings start happening when TCM got ahold of Hal Roach shorts, and to make sure we view them, a schedule was listed, but now that's it's kind of over with Hal Roach shorts, TCM not particularly interested in posting a schedule anymore. I'd say
  6. Maybe this is the "be careful what you wish and ask for" syndrome. Most ask for shorts to be listed in the schedule, now it is, and that's a problem. For some reason having shorts listed in the schedule didn't seem like it would be completely successful since TCM only know what shorts will be shown for a few days and plus they probably could pop a short in as a filler whenever they want so I'm not surprised that some of the shorts shown won't be listed in the schedule. Shorts are my most favorite thing about TCM. Well, good things don't last forever but I hope MGMWBRKO comes back. We all a
  7. Before the premiere of a movie at 8 tonight, a Hal Roach short was on before that. I missed it because it wasn't listed in the schedule. How many other shorts have I missed that aren't listed? Did anyone catch the short though it wasn't listed?
  8. Hello I want to ask will TCM be reairing any of the Thelma Todd / Zasu Pitts and Thelma Tood / Patsy Kelly shorts and The Boyfriends shorts? When they were first showed, I missed out on some because I found out about the shorts being listed late. If anyone had a chance to copy some of the shorts listed below that was aired, please let me know. Todd / Pitts Asleep in the Feet The Bargain of the Century Catch As Catch Can Let's Do Things Maids A La Mode On The Loose The Pajama Party Red Noses Show Business Sneak Easily War Mamas Todd / Kelly Babes In The Goods Soup a
  9. I see now the schedule will be posted in the schedules. Here's a question. I read some time ago that TCM doesn't know which shorts they'll show for the whole month but they only know weekly. In the schedule will the schedule for the shorts be listed for the week or for the whole month? Thanks
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