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  1. The Classic Movie, Man Of A Thousand Faces starring James Cagney comes to DVD from Universal Studios on June 24! This is one of Cagney's great roles, I was surprised he was not nominated for an Academy Award for this movie.
  2. Bartleby was another Great Film By Paul Scofield, also The Crucible. He will be missed.
  3. Paul Scofield, The Great British Actor has passed away at age 86. He was such a fine actor in movies, like Bartleby, A Man For All Seasonsm, and The Crucible he will be sadly missed.
  4. How could I forget Martin Kosleck! and don't forget Barton Maclane, he was in this one too.
  5. This movie has one of the best casts in a long time, you have Humphrey Bogart, William Demerest, Frank Mchugh, Peter Lorre, Conrad Veidt, Jane Darwell and Jackie Gleason! How can you go wrong! I think I will slip the DVD in and watch it now.
  6. Some other Joan Leslie movies I enjoyed were, Where Do We Go From Here?, Too Young To Know, This Is The Army, and, Janie Gets Married. She sure is terrific!
  7. Some of the Warner Brothers Signature Collections have a lot of the old newsreels. I was watching some last night on The Humphrey Bogart Signature Collection Volume 2. Each movie has a newsreel, it really brings back memories! Warner Brothers really do a great job on their Golden Age Movies as extras they have Warner Night At The Movies, which consists of a Newsreel, Vintage Warner Brothers Merrie Melodies or Looney Tunes Cartoons, a one reeler and previews. It's just like the old days at the movies.
  8. Remember Joan in, Yankee Doodle Dandy and The Male Animal? She was beautiful then, and beautiful now! She was also good in High Sierra with Humphrey Bogart.
  9. White Heat to me has James Cagney more sinister than The Public Enemy. I love Public Enemy, but I like White Heat better, when he say's the line, Top Of The World Ma.
  10. Yes, I forgot about that one. James Cagney also gave a powerful perfomance in, Shake Hands With The Devil. It reminded me of White Heat a lot.
  11. Has anyone read, Cagney: By John Mccabe? I just got it in the mail today and it is fantastic! The pictures in the book are GREAT! What a Great marriage James Cagney had to Frances, it lasted 64 years. What a great couple they were. I recomend this book for any James Cagney fan.
  12. I love the line in the movie One, Two, Three when James Cagney says,Mother Of Mercy, Is This The End Of Rico? Referring to Edward G. Robinson's Charachter in Little Caeser.
  13. I found out that James Cagney was an extra in, Mutiny On The Bounty with Clark Gable, and Charles Laughton in 1935.
  14. Some other of James Cagney movies I enjoy are: Come Fill The Cup A Lion Is In The Streets The West Point Story City For Conquest James Cagney was the Greatest!
  15. The movies I enjoy Jimmy in are: Yankee Doodle Dandy The Fighting 69th Captain Of The Clouds The Bride Came C.O.D G-Men Lady Killer Mister Roberts The Seven Little Foy's, as George M. Cohan One, Two, Three That's some of my favorites, which ones are yours?
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