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  1. Hello everyone,


    I may have talked to some of you at the Turner Classic Movies Festival 2011. Best time I ever had on a vacation.


    I have finally finished my book "True Hollywood Noir: Filmland Mysteries and Murders." The book (with 100 Photos) features chapters on William Demsond Taylor. Thomas Ince, Jean Harlow, Thelma Todd, Joan Bennett, Lana Turner, George Reeves, Bob Crane, Gig Young, Natalie Wood, Robert Blake and a bonus chapter on legendary mobster Mickey Cohen.


    Below is a link to the book on Amazon. If you have any questions about the book or want to discuss any of the featured celebrites, please reply.






  2. Hi everyone...


    I never had a better time in my entire life than I did at the TCM Classic Film Festival. It really was pure heaven to go to one screening after the other and to meet so many classic film fans. I really didn't believe there were others with whom I shared a similar passion to the same extent. If someone said you can go to Paris, Hawaii, Rome ...wherever or the TCM Film Festival...I'd choose the festival.


    One of my favorite events was the Home Movies from the Academy collection. They were amazing..to see Carole Lombard, Hedy Lamarr, Fred MacMurray and little Margaret O'Brien enjoying life, not in character, but as themselves, wow. They looked just as beautiful in home movies frolicking around as they did professionally photographed.


    I asked the lady from the Academy if TCM might do a special airing. these films. They could have Kate MacMurray and Margaret O'Brien etc.. narrate just as they did at the screening. She said ask TCM, the

    Academy is willing. So what do you think everyone? If TCM monitors this message board, let's let them know how welcome a star home movies special would be.


    I never met a nicer group of people than TCM fans. I actually enjoyed standing in line. I met two friends not too far from me that I am sure I'll have for life. Thank you TCM!






    {font:Calibri}Hi everyone…{font}



    {font:Calibri}I am new to the message board. I love TCM and am absolutely thrilled about going to the festival. I've wanted to go ever since it started and I'm really so excited about the whole thing.


    Why oh why do they have to show “Nothing Sacred” at the same time as the Kim Novak interview with Robert Osborne? I would love to see Carole on the big screen. She is my favorite actress. But the Kim Novak interview is a once in a lifetime experience. I'm looking foward to seeing The Macomber Affair. I love Joan Bennett's film noir phase.{font}



    {font:Calibri}Does anyone know if there will be more poolside screenings than what was listed on the grid? I was hoping they would show some movies that we may miss during the day from the theatres out by the pool. I’ve enjoyed your posts (hlywdkjk, SueSue and IZCutter) and I'm look forward to meeting you. Below are a couple links of articles I wrote on Lombard and the Bennett sisters. -Dina









  4. I have the You Tube link to the audio interview of Mary Miles Minter at the bottom of my Taylor webpage at




    and also the You Tube link to 12 Silent Film Stars involved in the William Desmond Taylor Case and a 10 minute film from 1914 entitled The Kiss with Margaret Gibson and William Desmond Taylor. These videos are all worth watching.


    The Mary Miles Minter audio tape is most definitely bizarre. That tape is from Charles Higham who wrote the book called Murder in Hollywood: Solving a Silent Film Mystery. It was amazing to actually hear her voice. You're right BronxGirl48, Minter had nothing on Norma Desmond! By the way, in the film Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilder took the name "Desmond" from William Desmond Taylor and the name "Norma" from Mabel Normand to make up the character name of "Norma Desmond".


    There have actually been three books which explore three different theories: Murder In Hollywood, Cast of Killers and A Deed of Death. When I first read Cast of Killers, I thought it was solved. After reading the other two books, I'm not so sure.


    I've written detailed summaries of all three theories and one more...the 1964 deathbed confession of silent film actress Margaret Gibson. That one really came out of left field. She wasn't even mentioned as a suspect at the time but had worked with Taylor both on stage and in silent films. If you want to find out more, please check out my website.


    Take care...



  5. For many years, I've been fascinated by the 1922 unsolved murder of William Desmond Taylor. This story, I think even today, would still make a fascinating movie.


    For anyone who is not familiar with the case, the handsome director was shot once in the back and killed in his exclusive Alvarado Street Bungalow. Some of the people who were considered suspects or just happened to be involved with William Desmond Taylor include Mabel Normand, Mary Miles Minter and Margaret Gibson a.k.a. Patricia Palmer (mother of Debra Paget). To this day, the case remains perplexing and has never been solved.


    Taylor directed Huckleberry Finn, Tom Sawyer and Anne of Green Gables. He was also an actor whose most popular film was probably Captain Alvarez (1914).


    I've written detailed summaries of the theories of the Taylor case. If you're interested, please visit my web page at




    I hope TCM will someday show some of the film Taylor acted in as well as directed.



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