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  1. I think the term "pre-code" means a lot. Many of the films made from the beginning of sound up to 1934 really do have something quite special about them. As previously mentioned in this thread, there was a lot of techinal experimentation going on at the time, and although there was skin in silent movies, pre-code talkies were able to play with the visual elements, and especially dialogue, in a way never possible before or after (or until the '50s, anyway). It was in this period that I think static camera work started to be done away with, and that acting began to be toned down and become more
  2. Haven't seen this one, but I sure do like Veronica Lake. I read her auto-biography recently, and it was a rocky road for her. Only 53 when she died.
  3. Hi Sybil How wonderful that you are on the boards here. I'm not familiar with your career, but your book sounds great (I just ordered a copy) and I'm looking forward to reading it. It's fabulous to hear from someone who was actually there in the golden age. And with your books, your career continues in a way. Just great. I'm glad to give you my support. My spin on why old movies have that special something is that they seem more romantic in some way. Maybe modern film is either too trashy/violent/inyerface or it takes itself too seriously and is thus too real to be fun. Yeah, that's wh
  4. Like what are you talking about? Singing in the Rain? South Pacific? My Fair Lady? Are they MGM? Give me a break (even though I know you are just trying to be provocative)!
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