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  1. Jeepers, noble, do you talk to your mother with that mouth? And how interesting that you call yourself "noble" when you are anything but. To our Bollywood-savvy visitors, many of whom I assume are Indian, please ignore this **** cavity. I mentioned something about racist posters upthread, but I neglected to mention that it didn't include the regulars here, who are real nice folks. I've been enjoying the hell out of this series. Hooray for Bollywood! I take issue with the people who say these movies don't belong on TCM because so many are so recent. First of all Mr. Merchant said that
  2. I think it's great that TCM is showing these movies. Like previous posters have said, they're hugely influential on flicks like "Moulin Rouge!" and as to their popularity, "Lagaan" was a huge hit here in Nashville, so there. Actually, I've found that the atmosphere on these boards is hugely parochial and sometimes racist, so do with that what you will.
  3. I love that movie! And appreciate it more every time I see one of the movies it references. Rosza's score was incredible, considering the fact that they couldn't separate the scores from the old clips, so he had to weave them in. Probably helped that he had scored some of the originals, but still.
  4. I've had this problem in the past with old, raunchy TVs. The white video crosses over to audio. Once rented a movie with a bright beach scene, and the buzz was unbearable! I sometimes have this problem now, and usually it's a matter of adjusting the audio level on the TV vs. the cable box. I have digital cable, though, which has its own volume control, which yours may not. If it does, you might try bringing down the volume on your TV. That usually works for me. Or you might try running the audio from the TV through your stereo, if you have one nearby. Even better would be to pull the a
  5. Are you musicians? Have you ever written music criticism? I'm guessing not, because "quip" is something the Algonquin Round Table ripped off over (liquid) lunch. It is not a musical term. You may notice somewhat similar styles, similar motifs, but Jeebus. In the old days, they employed dudes to score films, and they did it for each film individually. Hell, I have a friend who is employed to score film now, and I know he works like a dog.
  6. Well, I didn't check alternate titles, but I didn't find any film called Haunted made in the '30s. However, I did find some other stuff at IMDB (www.imdb.com).
  7. Oy! Honey, I feel your pain. I managed to compose a lovely feedback question, then felt violated by the login questions. Hayull, they require a URL. What, you're required to have your own Web site to ask a question? That's Sofa King Stupid!
  8. Some of y'all are hateful. I did improv comedy for a few years, and when I managed a particularly inspired bit, well, it just fell out of my mouth and my body, and I swore it didn't come from me; that God and Lucy and Gilda and my Amamah and her mama (or some combination therof) were smiling down on me. And we won't even get into the innovations she and Desi Arnaz introduced; the barriers they broke....
  9. Um, you're still unclear. First of all, "said filters were way too strong for their own good"? Here's the director's story: Logan shot the whole film with tinted musical sequences, then realized during previews that they didn't work....In his memoirs, he would write that he wanted to picket each showing of the film with a sign reading, "I DIRECTED IT, AND I DON'T LIKE THE COLOR EITHER!" And what little thingamajig where? What are you talking about? Do you know anything about the complications of color adjustment? Even in our digital age, it's a meticulous, expensive process. Those col
  10. Moviejoe, nobody edited your post, they wrote that into the script before they put up these boards. You need to learn to spell like a pr0n star! Uh, and also remember this is a family forum (see Far From Heaven for details). Now that AMC is no longer in direct competition with TCM, maybe you'll get it on your local cable. Then again, there's undoubtedly some kind of...um...**** skirmish involved, so maybe that dish was a good investment after all. Anyway, welcome!
  11. It won't let me pull up anything before Jan. 2nd...how can I fix that? I don't have any problems, so what I would ask is: 1. What browser are you using? I'm on a Mac, so all bets are off. Even if you're on a PC, you still might do better with Mozilla, because IE/Windows is a totally different beast from IE/Mac, developed separately, and it's not as good as the Mac one, swear to Koresh. Plus, Mozilla/Netscape is a product of AOL/TimeWarner. I'm just sayin'.) 2. Do you have Javascript (not Java) enabled? (Because that's what allows you to select different dates.) 3. Are you on d
  12. Well, Alix, I would say that La Diva Jona was the greater clothes horse, as that's generally considered a pejorative, much like our current "fashion victim." Miss Fwancis generally played a socialite who could afford fabulous duds, but Miss Crawford often played a shopgirl who made good, largely by turning up in fabulous Adrian creations that her real-life counterparts could only dream about. It was completely unrealistic, but was probably a contract provision, no matter how ludicrous, know what I mean?
  13. I haven't checked, but I'm interested to see if they show The Big Knife in conjunction with Garfield month, as the Palance character is largely based on Garfield. When I've seen it, they've not been embarassed about alluding to the similarity, but still.
  14. Dude, you'd get better results if you were more specific. I mean "a black & white movie" covers a lot of territory in these parts. However, the TCM schedule is usually accessible for weeks afterward. Just go to the "Schedule" page and choose the date, and you can probably find what you're looking for. Just be sure to compensate for your time zone, as it's all set to Eastern Time.
  15. Dude, you're scarin' the chirren! TCM doesn't do sh*t to the prints they receive, and if you've read anything about the production of South Pacific, or paid attention to Robert Osborne's post-discussion, you'd know the colors were (a regretted) part of the production.
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