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  1. how right you are visual... your go..
  2. thank you Miles, try this one: Born in 1905, but not in this country.. Although I started playing in movies in 1923, it wasn?t until the beginning of the 1940's that people took a notice to me. I wanted to become a bullfighter but since my family moved to the US, I decided on being an actor after being picked as an extra for a big movie of 1923. Lon Chaneys, ?The Hunchback Of Notre Dame? Don?t bother looking it up though, because you will not find my name in the credits; remember I was just an extra... But that started me off and soon after in 1925 started playing with big name
  3. You are non other than that great dancer of which you are refering to that movie of acrobatics; Singing in the rain... Donald O'connor...
  4. Ok *finance* a little to quick here.. lol Good job.... Love that Tony, but he does have EGO, does he not?
  5. Sorry ladies and gents, have been away... So here we go then; I was born in 1925 - poverty was a way of life with my family. I learned early in life that the only person you can depend on is"Yourself"! When I was in the navy W.W.II, I actually got to see the Japs surrender from a distance of about 300 yards. I became a heartthrob in the 50's to movie goers. . I played with every big star of my times back then, and of course I was a big star too, actually I'm still alive so you can say that I still am, regardless if I'm working in movies or not, guarantee you would know me
  6. This is non other than the great _Allan Dwan_ Who made films such as: *John Wayne* *Sands of Iwo Jima*. and the *Douglas Fairbanks* version of *Robin Hood* ? He himself said at one time that he thought he had directed over 1400 films of which also including one-reelers This would span from his entry of films 1909 to his final one in 1961; *Most Dangerous Man Alive* (1961) staring *Debra Paget* and *Ron Randell*.. Not only was he one the early pioneers of films, he also had some inventions which has helped the movie making biz immensely..such; Camera Dollies and Crane Shot...
  7. Very well done Miles.. I am he.. Your go mate..
  8. Thank you lana; I was born 1907 in New York; After graduating from Cornel University I tried my hand in the business of advertisement, but soon found my way back into a passion of mine when I was in back in High School, Acting, due to health issues. After a couple years on Broadway, I was brought out to Hollywood when Sam Goldwyn bought the rights to a Broadway play I was in, of which I played the same role in the movies version, I never looked back. I was known for my slime-ball movie villain characters, although in real life I was the complete opposite. I was real popular in the 40's
  9. You are none other than Sydney Greenstreet my dear Lana....
  10. very well put finance.. i forget sometimes how good we all are at this...lol Maybe we should all quit our day jobs and start our own web-boad... we have the best minds in the biz, right?
  11. Sorry theladeve you know turkey day... But yes you got it; What was it that gave it away, I figured this one would take a little longer.. Ahhh well.. your up...
  12. Thank you Miles I: I was born in 1928 - Joined the Navy while still in high School and got kicked out after only a year, as they found out I was under aged. After finishing HS I rejoined the Navy. After leaving the Navy I went and studied at Pasadena Playhouse, and later graduated from UCLA. I first appeared in films in 1953, three years later won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor. I played with the biggest stars: Spencer Tracy - Burt Lancaster - John Wayne - Elizabeth Taylor -William Holden - Kirk Douglas, and many, many more. I did a lot of TV series wor
  13. Ah Miles it is hard to stump this Flynn expert; You are non other than: Alexis Smith
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