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  1. I would like to see some Ingrid Bergman movies. All I see are military and westerns. For crying out loud, show some good Bergman movies please. I would like to see Bergman in The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Indiscreet, and Saratoga Trunk. Thank you.
  2. I'm sure most of you have seen Alan Ladd in Shane. What a laugh he was in that. He looked like a midget standing in a hole. In Whispering Smith he wore two guns in a sloppy, goofy manner. How this guy got into westerns is beyond me. He's certainly no cowboy. Now take John Wayne and Gary Cooper. There are the real cowboys. Glenn Ford is another disaster and so is Kirk Douglas. The only guys that knew how to wear their gun correctly, were John Wayne and Cooper. Some of them wore their gun almost in front of them. The real way to wear a gun was (if you're right-handed, close to your right buttock and left buttock if you're left-handed.
  3. Ingrid was the greatest and most beautiful actress that ever lived. She spoke five languages and acted in all of them. Did Kate Hepburn ever do that? Bette Davis? Audrey Hepburn? NO! Lawrence J. Quick in Movies in Boston said this of Ingrid Bergman: "Miss Bergman is unquestionably one of the finest actresses who have ever graced the screen. Hers is a quality so unique, so individual and so distinctive that it will never be duplicated. Nature and Art broke the mold after fusing and fashioning the uniqueness of Ingrid Bergman." HOW IMPORTANT WAS SHE IN CINEMA? You must be joking? She was the BEST and the GREATEST. Enough said. (AS far as comedy, watch her in Indiscreet with Cary Grant and also Cactus Flower with Walter Matthou).
  4. PLEASE, get rid of that letterbox format. That is not for home use. Our TVs are too small. It is more for a large TV screen. When letterbox is shown I'm out of here but good. The figures are too small and as I said, it is not for the usual home TV. We don't all have the huge screens to show letterbox. I hate that letterbox!
  5. Yes, I am, and have been. a Cooper fan for many years. He's a big guy and so nice. I love watching him and Ingrid Bergman together. They only had two films together, For Whom the Bell Tolls and Saratoga Trunk. I watch these films all the time. They were made for each other.
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