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  1. There was a movie in the 40's and I can only remember parts of the movie. I remember there's a single mother and the father of her daughter marries a woman with money. The daughter visits the father and when she comes back to her mother from this other life she sees the difference in her daughter and wishes to provide her with a life different from what she had given her. I don't remember how but she eventually recieves some money and the daughter and mother travel. The mother is unable to give her daughter the cultivated style and it is shown when she overhears her daughters friends teasing her mother not knowing who the lady is. The leading lady hears this and becoming embarrsed plauys bed ridden for the rest of the trip. She makes her daughter live with her father and never is a part of her life again. There is the ending which stands out vividly in my memory of when the daughter is getting married. It's a grand event and the daughter misses her mother. There are onlookers on the outside of the window and it is raining. They tell the group that they have to leave and one lady is desperate to watch the ending of the ceremony. It's the mother and after it's over she walks away and the credits run. a womans ultimate sacrifice for the child she loves. If anyone can remember the movie or even the actors I would GREATLY appreciate it! I would live to watch the movie again.
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