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  1. "God Only Knows" -- Joe Henry. If you go to the TCM Support page and type in "song" in the search box you can also find out what actors were featured in the memorial obit. Katrina
  2. Thanks for the help Kyle (in Hollywood). I also thought TCM had shown *An Affair to Remember*, I must have confused seeing the movie on Fox Movie Channel with seeing it on TCM. Katrina
  3. I was looking at the PDF scheduling for SUTS and noticed some movie titles were in bold type, just wanted to know if these films are "premiering" on TCM. Thanks http://www.tcm.com/2009/summer/_pdf/summerunderthestars09.pdf
  4. I requested Two Weeks with Love and The Deadly Affair, both aired last year and this year. I don't know if the programmers were taking my suggestions personally into consideration but they did show them. However, I don't think I request anything unusual or rare, so who knows. MissWatusi I love December and early January, it seems a bit odd to make a holiday request during the seasonal showing. Katrina
  5. Al Jolson on the far left?
  6. Has anyone watched this podcast? I haven't seen Blast of Silence; however, it sounds rather interesting from what TCM programmer Millie highlighted (there is something about a darkish film set at Christmas time). Anyone else who has seen this movie have any information or opinion to add? Sorry, if I am repeating a thread that has already been started. Katrina
  7. I like Bette Davis' death scenes in both Dark Victory and The Letter.
  8. I wonder if TCM will do a tribute on the 31st since Marty is already scheduled to air on that date.
  9. Lest we forget before the day is through: Green Fire and *Green*wich Village
  10. Well, Fox Movie Channel showed The Luck of the Irish and Irish Eyes are Smiling at 12 and 2 respectively today. So, I am guessing they called dibs on those two movies since they are Twentieth Century films.
  11. Victor Mature was in *The Housekeeper's Daughter* with *Lilian Bond*.
  12. Travilla did costume design for *Bloodhounds of Broadway* whose screenwriter was *Sy Gomberg*.
  13. William Castle directed *Gigi Perreau* in *Voice of the Whistler*.
  14. It's not the first thing that comes to mind, but it does make sense. If private citizens donated their dogs for military service use, why not typewriters for office work. Every bit counts.
  15. I only saw seven silent films scheduled for the month of June at the beginning and end of the month; however, they aren't on Sunday. Late Monday, Tuesday, and one on a Wednesday.
  16. Andy Devine was in *Torrid Zone* directed by *William Keighley*.
  17. Jeez, that was quick. I guess it feels fast since May's schedule was later. It is a nice surprise though. Thanks for posting. Looking forward to *The Deadly Affair* with James Mason and Simone Signoret at the end of the month. I can't figure out who the star of the month is.
  18. Binnie Barnes was in *Three Smart Girls* with *Mischa Auer*.
  19. Richard Basehart was in *Tension* with *Barry Sullivan*.
  20. Ella Raines was in *The Suspect* with *Rosalind Ivan*.
  21. Howard Da Silva was in *Juke Girl* also co-starring *Gene Lockhart*.
  22. Claudia Cardinale was in *Don't Make Waves* with *Edgar Bergen*.
  23. Ann Sheridan was in *Navy Blues* with *Martha Raye*.
  24. Queenie Smith was in *The Killers* with *Virginia Christine*.
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