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  1. The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer. I hadn't seen it in so long that I had forgotten how hilarious it was. And the ending is priceless!
  2. I agree with you Catwoman. I liked Heath in The Patriot myself and he's nowhere in the same league as Spencer Tracy. I have no desire at all to watch him in Batman and this is probably very mean of me to say but I can't help but think that had he not have died, that he might not have been nominated, much less won.
  3. WhyaDuck, I saw that movie too. It was pretty good. Sean Penn was great in it. I didn't see the Oscars, but I'm glad he won Best Actor. I am looking foreword to seeing "Milk". It looks really good. I was surprised that it didn't win Best Picture as well. CelluloidKid, I saw your post from September (I'm a little behind on my reading threads, I guess!), and you mentioned "Drugstore Cowboy". I love that movie! I agree with you about Matt Dillon being snubbed for an Oscar Nom for that one. Great movie! That's one of my husband's favorites! Plus, it was filmed in Portland, Oregon; one of my favorite cities, aside from Seattle!
  4. I don't watch enough TCM to notice any changes, but even though my cable company doesn't even carry it, I hope they don't start showing commercials during the movies. When AMC first changed their format to show not only newer movies but also commercials in them, I was livid! I even emailed them about it, complaining. These days I am surprised if I see a black and white movie on AMC. I've gotten used to the commercials and newer movies and I guess I'm a hypocrite when I say that I tend to watch AMC a LOT more than other channels, but I would be watching TCM a lot if I could even get it! In the meantime, I have Netflix, and happily my local library carries a lot of old movies-some of them are hard to find!
  5. I just watched this last night and I loved it. Very emotional movie, although I didn't cry. It takes a lot for me to cry while watching a movie. I kind of figured out what was going to happen, but still it was touching. LOVED Cary Grant in this film. What I really wanted to mention was about this kiss that occurs early in the movie. He and Irene Dunn are at a Coney Island-type place. They are sitting at a table opening fortune cookies and then a few minutes later they are shown very close to each other. The picture gets really dim and Cary Grant leans over and kisses her. OMG, I about died when I saw that! I know that most movie kisses (especially the classics) are romantic, but this one just made me melt! I'm not sure what it was; maybe the dim lighting or the way she put her hand on his chest to kind of push him away (she must have been crazy!), but wow.... And then he leans toward her and tries to kiss her two more times. I think I watched that scene about ten times! Sigh.... What do you all think about this movie?
  6. *Janice Rule* was in *Goodbye My Fancy* with... *Joan Crawford* Message was edited by: Audreygirl2007
  7. I would be one of the unfortunate ones, and wondered if I am alone in this tragic situation! We can get AMC, which is okay although I absolutely hated it when they went from 'true' classic movies to more modern ones-and then added commercials! The only way I have ever been able to watch TCM is by going out of town. I have been able to watch TCM in Vegas and in Victoria BC, to name a couple. Worst of all, though... my dentist is SO cool. His office is equipped with small flat screen TV's that hang off the wall in each examining room. So whenever I go for a cleaning or whatever, the hygienist will automatically put on TCM for me! The only bad thing is that I'm never there long enough to watch the entire movie! I think the last time I was there, I watched part of a Spencer Tracy movie that had to do with a volcano. I forget who the other co-star was, but it was a young guy that I recognized instantly. The most memorable one was about a year ago, called "Mad About Men" staring Glenyis Johns. That was the one about the look-alike mermaid that switches places with her. That was a hilarious movie and I am dying to see it all the way through. But alas... no TCM... I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe someday my luck will change and my cable company will decide to add TCM. I'd even pay extra for it! Sigh....
  8. Ha ha, maybe the member thought this section just wanted us to name our favorite romantic comedies! I forget which number it was, but this was just on the AFI's top ten list of romantic comedies. I'll have to rent it now!
  9. This is one movie I can honestly say that I don't like. It's too creepy for me. I do like Bette Davis and she did a good job in it, but I can only bring myself to watch this one once.
  10. I saw this movie a long time ago (because of Audrey Hepburn of course!) and I liked it. I'd like to buy it, or at least see it again. I thought all three of them; Audrey, Shirley and James did a wonderful job in this film.
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