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  1. HI, After searching for an hour, I found my copy of THE SAGINAW TRAIL with Gene Autry and Connnie Marshall, saw her in SUNDAY DINNER FOR A SOLDIER last week. I have 5 more of her movies: Daisy Kenyon, Green Promise, Mr. Blandings Bui..., Rogue Cop, Sentmental Journey and the former. Sund.....end Been collecting movies since 1976, I help find movies for old movie fans and researchers. Mostly pre - 1970. email me at > kingcody3@comcast.net Sam aka "Boompa"
  2. I recieved a reminder Saturday 12th., that a movie I wanted was coming up on Saturday 19th. at 4;30 AM "You Can't Do Without Love", so I checked the schedule and could not find it so I went to search; message said movie was not scheduled at this time, so who's right? Get it right TCM. Boompa.
  3. Pete Kelly's Blue's is wide screen; I have a copy BUT the widescreen ends after the credits. If I order it and it isn't, then what? So who really knows? "Boompa"
  4. Pete Kelly's blues coming out July 8 BUT is it WIDESCREEN? no one at TCM or Movies Unlimited could answer my question one girl at Movies said it was not!!! Who knows?? "Boompa" at kingcody3@comcast.net
  5. Looking for the name of the music played in the opening credits of OUR MODERN MAIDENS a Joan Crawford movie (1929 a silent) the musical score was by Arthur Lange I've heard it a few times in the past it sounds like "Do You Believe" Thank You "Boompa" > kingcody3@comcast.net
  6. film_fatale: Message was edited by: mrkingcody
  7. To film_fatale; Message was edited by: mrkingcody
  8. Re: Punctuation to film_fatale Message was edited by: mrkingcody
  9. To rainingviolets, thank you for your opinion on this movie. Boompa. Do some people talk with punctuation marks as Victor Borge did in one of his skits?, I wonder!
  10. filmfatale Message was edited by: mrkingcody
  11. Re: The movie ONE NIGHT OF LOVE was about an opera singer near the end the setting is japanese ergo Madame Butterfly as Ms Moore sings an aria I did not know what the music was in the first half of the aria but there is a cut as she kneels to sing the cut goes backstage where Luis Alberni brings in flowers and a cut back to the aria I hear a loud click and she starts singing Musettas waltz from La Boheme both opeas were puccini's but her lips do not match the music but the orchestra is playing Musettas waltz do I need help or am I correct watch it and listen then let me know. Boompa at kingc
  12. Looking for the movie MEXICALI ROSE (1929 NOT GENE AUTRY) with Barbara Stanwyck, who decides what movies are put out on video and why isn't the public asked, after all we buy them. email "Boompa" at kingcody3@comcast.net
  13. mrkingcody

    Old movies

    Looking for a copy of YOUNG AND WILLING with William Holden and Susan Hayward (1943) on Beta, Video 8, VHS or DVD. tell me your needs. "Boompa" kingcody3@comcast.net
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