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  1. Hi allie I think the movie you're looking for is Raggedy Man (1981), which starred Sissy Spacek. I saw this on TV years ago.
  2. I believe it is Impact starring Brian Donlevy as the man whose wife (Helen Walker) plots to kill him.
  3. I'll guess Gregory Peck, 'cause he'd be my choice.
  4. I think of Victor/Victoria immediately when thinking of Paris in the movies. It had a great story and terrific music. I especially loved when James Garner goes to a French dive, gets drunk, and picks a fight.
  5. Hi classicblackandwhite I have to admit that I keep the Now Playing Guides. So, I'm able to answer your question. The 2 movies are Mr. Wise Guy (1942) The Big Shot (1932) minatonga
  6. Hi Christy I saw that movie! I don't know the name, but it had Maurice Chevalier as the grandfather who was supposed to be on his deathbed (despite drinking and smoking cigars) and Sandra Dee played his granddaughter and heiress to his fortune. One of the men in the movie was Robert Goulet. I think the other one was Andy Williams. The only thing missing is the title, I can't think of it. Check imdb.com, I'm sure it'll be listed. I remember if Sandra Dee's character took her shoes off while kissing a man it meant she was in love with him. I saw this movie on TV years ago.
  7. Hi They all starred in Devotion, a movie about the Bronte sisters.
  8. Hi all Last Xmas season TCM did a special exhibit and store at the Grove in Los Angeles. Has anyone heard if they will do that again, or if it was a one time deal? Thanks for any info.
  9. Ray Caniff based the character on Joan Crawford. Those are most definitely her eyebrows!
  10. Hi tracey I did read one of his books a few years back and enjoyed it. I'll have to read more of them. Have you read any of the Stuart Kaminsky "Toby Peters" series? Toby is a private detective who also gets involved with stars and celebrities. Some in the past are Joan Crawford, Cary Grant, John Wayne. He's done quite a few of these books and I like the pace and the supporting characters. It's good, relaxing entertainment.
  11. I'm glad I found this one!! Hmm.. where do I start? I'll have to agree about Tyrone Power, Cary Grant and Paul Newman. Also Robert Ryan Robert Redford Clint Eastwood Burt Lancaster Hugh O'Brian and Hugh Jackman
  12. I saw it a while back on one of the cable channels (don't remember which one), so it's out there somewhere.
  13. Hi I found this info from an obituary from 8/04 from the UK Times for Piero Piccioni, jazz musician. It really is quite involved. "In April 1953 the body of a young woman was found washed up on a beach not far from Rome. Wilma Montesi, the daughter of a carpenter, had not been seen since she left her home in the capital two days before. Soon, rumours started to circulate of a sex-and-drugs **** at a villa not far from where her corpse was discovered, and fingers were pointed at various high-society figures, including Piccioni, then best known as a jazz musician and as the son of
  14. Hi I believe it is "It Had to Be You" starring Ginger Rogers and Cornel Wilde. I saw this a few years back and it sounds like it.
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