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  1. During Christmas 1967 (I was nine) we had no toys on Christmas day because everybody in our family and extended family was ill with a particularly bad flu. It was a sad day at the time, but it taught me a valuable lesson that Christmas is not about stuff. We got our presents a few days later when the adults could walk around again. So I have been in the position that some children may be in when they don't get what they want for Christimas on Christmas day. And believe me, they'll be fine.
  2. And it was a very hot day - close to 100 degrees I believe.
  3. Maybe Hillary's great grandfather? No, seriously. I just don't see how it couldn't be Lizzie since detailed testimony about where people were and for how long doesn't really give any intruder long enough to have done the deeds unnoticed and then leave, also unnoticed. But absence of any other suspect doesn't make the suspect you have necessarily guilty. I'm sure the jurors debated that point. Lizzie's uncle- her late mother's brother - was in town and staying at their house, having arrived the night before the murders. He had an ironclad alibi for his whereabouts during the time the murders
  4. A non-political question. Do you think Lizzie did it? Was she acquitted just because the good people of 1893 Boston couldn't see hanging an upper class white woman without clear proof she did it? Just wondering.
  5. I haven't watched any of the Halloween movies in years, and then I've only seen Halloween I and II. Being too lazy to research this myself, my question is - The first Halloween was made in 1978. I believe at the time Myers was 30 and had been in a mental hospital since 1963? So wouldn't that make him 73 now? Unless he is chasing people on a scooter, I don't see how he could be a threat to anybody. So the question is - Is him being an ambulatory violent criminal at an advanced age ever addressed? Thanks for tolerating and maybe answering my ignorant question.
  6. The BIden admin may have not created this problem, but it is happening on their watch so it is now their problem. My question is...Why is this happening NOW? Why not six months or a year ago? Is there that big a demand for products that wasn't there six months ago? I realize unloading ships does no good if there are no trucks to put the goods on. And I really don't care how labor unions react to someone else doing their job if there are not enough of them to do the job themselves.
  7. Sorry if I'm not impressed, They should be open 24/7 without being prompted considering the situation.
  8. But the ships are not in Asia or Europe. They are sitting off the coast of California and nobody is unloading them. And the federal government is knee deep in private enterprise in the form of regulations. Suspending some of those regulations at a time of crisis would be a smart thing to do. Also, if Newsom CAN call out the California national guard to unload ships, I don't know why he hasn't done so.
  9. So was the Port of Los Angeles clocking out at 5PM with the mess that they have going on there? Couldn't Newsom call in the national guard to help unload the freight?
  10. I had a terrible time understanding what was being said in the film. I don't know if the sound recording was bad or what it was. I am going to watch my Blu of the film with the closed caption turned on, because it was hard to decipher the plot without knowing what was being said.
  11. 1. The GOP state leaders are being replaced with people who actually will select bogus electors. 2. Kamala Harris will be faced with the same choice Pence was except this time the electors will actually be bogus. 3. Smarter insurrectionists will be standing by with better nooses. See video in original post. It discusses all of this. Wouldn't a simple majority nationwide vote with ranked choice voting be a way to just get rid of all of this?
  12. We were basically down to just a few safeguards. 1. Pence refused to do what Trump wanted him to do. 2. The insurrectionists with the nooses never found Pelosi or Pence. 3. The states involved, even those controlled by the GOP, refused to go along with Trump.
  13. Actually the labor participation rate is a better measure of employment than just the unemployment rate.
  14. The Market Watch article is behind a paywall, but here is a chart of the Dow in both raw valuation and inflation adjusted dollars up to 2012 in 2012 dollars. Notice if you invested your money in 1929 right before the crash that it would be the early 1950s before you were back to where you started. Also, the market went down in inflation adjusted dollars starting in 1965 until 1982. So if you invested your money in 1965 it would be 30 years before you got it all back in inflation adjusted dollars. Then it goes up for twenty years. So this is why I have never believed that the market is ulti
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