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  1. As for rare stuff, I think you will really like "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye", "The Bad Sister", and "10 Rillington Place".
  2. I see today's feature is "The Adventurers". I've never seen it or heard of it. I hope it is better than imdb says - 5.5/10. It is odd to see Olivia in a film made in 1970, although it looks like she is way down the bill. It was my understanding that she retired from film in 1964 when she did "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte", and didn't make another film until the made for TV "The Screaming Woman" in 1972. At the time that film ran I was 14 and did not yet know who Olivia was. "Essentials...this month Jlewis wants to cover Disney features" - who is Jlewis???
  3. I'm not Catholic, so I couldn't comment. Other than watching Mother Angelica on EWTN back in the day, I really have no insight into Catholic practices.
  4. And then there are "click bait" biographies. On youtube there is some person with a channel with a bunch of videos named "The life and sad ending of..." except lots of the people did not have sad endings. Joan Blondell was named as one. I pointed out to the poster that if he wants to see a sad ending he should look up Mary Eaton, Barbara Payton, James Murray, or Bobby Driscoll. THEY had sad endings.
  5. I'm confused by this golden Trump statue at CPAC. Aren't lots of these CPAC folks evangelicals? I remember being taught as a child that very bad things happened to people in the Bible who made and worshipped golden images.
  6. So the SOTM being Roberts and starting on May 3, which is Robert Osborne's birthday, is a cute way to remember him.
  7. Yep, and they are fine for over the counter items. It's the prescription pharmacy that is a complete mess mainly because they overwork their pharmacy staff.
  8. I'll give you an example - of Martin Hafer maybe not getting a plot point wrong but completely misunderstanding it. This is from his review of Hollow Triumph - "Before I begin to discuss the plot, I've gotta get something off my chest. I HATE the cliché in movies when someone is attacked and they NEVER call out to their compatriots for help or to alert them that they are under attack. It's often used in James Bond films (among many others) and is just plain stupid. So, early in "Hollow Triumph" when a robber is caught by one of the gambler's henchmen and he does NOT yell for help, I cou
  9. Not if you are practically a monopoly, which CVS is. If my insurance allowed me to go to any other pharmacy in order to get reimbursed, I would never darken CVS' doors again.
  10. Martin Hafer gets lots of low scoring reviews which I think are lots of jealousy down votes. I would never downvote somebody out of jealousy or having a different opinion than mine, but sometimes he does get a major plot point completely wrong to the point that I wonder if he actually watched the film. But that doesn't happen a lot. He also watches LOTS of classic TV and reviews by episode.
  11. This was on TCM late in 2019. I remember it actually being an episode of an early TV show. The subject was a man who repeatedly escaped prison and remained at large for long periods of time. It was based on a true story, and I think that the prison system was Oregon, but I cannot be sure. I remember a weird sequence in it about a guy who had cancer of the jaw who escaped with the convict at one point, and the repeat escapee thought he had died. He buried him in a shallow grave, but the guy wasn't dead because when the escapee led officials to his grave, it was empty. If anybody can remember th
  12. I have no idea what the oldest review is. Somebody on the internet I'm sure has figured that out. I've seen reviews from as far back as 1998. It would probably be on one of the tent pole classics like Casablanca. Martin Hafer is the most prolific of the imdb reviewers. He has 25,315 reviews on imdb. He wrote six reviews yesterday. He has written six so far today. He doesn't seem to care for 80s films very much. I'd tend to agree with him.
  13. Your thread is great TB. I just hate it when big corporations take over smaller ones and remove every feature except those which make lots of money. Which really has nothing to do with your thread. Oh, if you want to see some funny reviews, go to Sallie Gardner at a Gallop (1878). I think it is the oldest item on imdb. It is seconds long. One reviewer has what amounts to a master's degree thesis. Another review is satirical as though he were reviewing this as an actual feature length film - "What an awful, awful film. Would give it zero stars if I could. It's so odd because I saw some review
  14. For how long I wonder? Actually, the TCMDB user reviews can be found. Go to the TCMDB page for a film. Copy the URL. Now enter that URL in the wayback machine. The user reviews, if there were any, are retained. But that is not to the credit of TCM. If all of that work had just been erased, they could have cared less. I look forward to more bad changes to TCM, primarily because it is now owned by AT&T, a gigantic corporation. With gigantic corporations you can usually be assured of four things: 1. The stockholders are happy. 2. The executives feeding from the corporate trough with oversize
  15. imdb did have a message board for every item in the database until February 2017. But then they got rid of it probably because they could not find a way to monetize it. Instead imdb concentrates on intrusive loud advertising for the most current thing, almost none of which I am interested in.
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