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  1. And what you just said is the biggest argument for a wealth tax in the US I've ever heard. If a man worth nearly a trillion dollars is willing to do anything for more of those dollars, maybe it could be put to better use elsewhere. It's a good thing they are taking down all of those Confederate statues. That leaves room for the statues of the person who will be the enslaver of us all - Xi or whoever replaces him.
  2. Only read this if you have a strong stomach. It is the most boot licking piece of pro Chinese Communist Party B.S. I've ever seen written in a major paper. Yikes. In case you don't know already, Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/asia_pacific/trump-views-chinas-communist-party-as-a-threat-young-chinese-see-it-as-a-ticket-to-a-better-future/2020/08/03/6a950c0a-c803-11ea-a825-8722004e4150_story.html It's a crying shame when so called American publications are willing to be CCP sycophants for the sake of - I dunno - selling stuff to China? Maybe D Day would never have happened if the Germans had been willing to sell us cheap stuff in bulk, or if they had 1.4 billion brain washed and heavily surveilled citizens willing to buy stuff from us.
  3. Two titles I've wondered about really. First is "Forgotten Faces" that I saw at Capitolfest in 2014. It was truly an excellent silent in good condition. But it belongs to Paramount and probably has no hope of being put out where anybody can see it or buy a copy unless Criterion picks it up somehow. My husband hates hates hates silent film, but this one had him on the edge of his seat. The other title I wondered about, but that was the problem - I had no idea what the title was. That is, until, Lawrence A mentioned it on this board. I recognized the description and the title was "Chosen Survivors". I didn't know what it was because I saw it back in 1974 on a date. I never saw that film again. And now it is on Blu by Kino Lorber with a commentary track, and I picked it up during the Kino Lorber sale just the other day.
  4. Where is this Kino sale? I go on their website and they have some stuff on sale, but no 50% off.
  5. I've likely seen 1429, but not much of a hint - made between 1428 and 1430 chronologically. John Travolta in a jacket looking like a normal person. I could tell you which movies it is not.
  6. 1421. Xenobia 1422 Valley of Decision 1423 Unconquered 1424 Annie Get Your Gun 1425 Old Yeller 1426 Best of Everything 1427 Lacombe, Lucien 1428 Seems Like Old Times 1429 1430 Devil Wears Prada
  7. I'm sure they are yucking it up. Olivia : "I outlived you by 3 1/ 2 years! I bet you didn't see that coming when we met back in the 70s!'
  8. I am an insomniac, so when I woke up at 3AM and couldn't sleep I thought I would watch a stream of the protests in Portland. They aren't actually "live stream" but it is several hours worth of Portland protesting from last night. One set was from the ground. Another seemed to be from a drone. The one on the ground included one guy from the press. He was obviously a newbie because all he had in the way of protective gear was your standard mask that you wear in the age of covid. The protesters had helmets, visors, goggles, gas masks, and some had shields, alll defensive weapons. They carried lots of water bottles and the most extreme thing I saw was several US flags hung upside down. Some had signs with Black Lives Matter on them. In three hours of film I never saw anybody scale a fence, anybody raise a baton, or do anything other than march and chant. The drone footage showed the massive size of the crowd. If there are trouble makers in this crowd they have to be somewhere at around 1%. I never saw any violence by the protesters. This multi hour viewing experience changed my mind about the protests. I thought they were rioters mainly because of incendiary headlines and isolated scenes on the news of people pulling down fences or just banging a wall with a baton. There is no need for a military response to this largely peaceful protest for the cause of BLM. Sorry for the wall of text, just thought I'd let you know what I saw over a long period of time.
  9. For anybody still trying to pick up Criterions online with B&N's low inventory this year, try this. Go to the Criterion part of B&N https://www.barnesandnoble.com/b/criterion/_/N-1p0i Navigate down the page to "Best sellers". Underneath that title there will be a link labeled "all". That shows 22 pages of Criterions, the top selling ones. More than likely these have to be in stock and you can shop from there.
  10. Everybody is talking about Ben trolling Eddie. Well, maybe Ben didn't have the smoothest start at TCM. I bumped this thread two years ago, and I'm bumping it again. Enjoy.
  11. Indeed. Noir Alley is one TCM show that is required viewing for me, even if I have seen the film a hundred times. It is Eddie's commentary that is so enlightening.
  12. I've noticed how Ben trolls Eddie for a long time. I think the first time I noticed it he was introducing a film "Nobody Lives Forever....not even Eddie". There might be a little jealousy there as TCM audiences have really embraced Eddie the way that they did Robert Osborne when he was alive. Or maybe it is just good natured back and forth.
  13. Years active = 1994 - 2016 = 22 years 22x365 = number of days= 7.84 introductions per day which is very high. After Bob's initial long illness (July - Dec 1 2011) he would take month long vacations and only did 3-4 wrap arounds for nights he did appear. I do know that as recently as 2007 or 2008 he would do the wrap around for films all night long, 8PM - 6AM.
  14. On this cover, Fauci looks like Trump is giving him no worries. Just waiting for that transition team in November who will actually listen to him. And dig those patriotic socks!
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