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  1. James Cagney. He was under contract to Warner Bros. from 1930 to 1943(??), then went on to do films made by his own company that were not very successful. He came back to WB to do "White Heat" (1949), "Come Fill The Cup" (1952), and "Mr. Roberts" (1955), all very successful films. For all of the acrimony in Cagney's relationship with Warner Bros., they seemed to be a much better judge of films that would showcase his talents than Mr. Cagney was.
  2. Warner Bros. just doesn''t do DVDs anymore. Other than a cheap burn job in the Warner Archive the best you can hope for is that Criterion would pick up some of her films. WB has been licensing quite a few of their films to be put out by Criterion, but it is pricey.
  3. I think that is because the 70s was an unprecedented era in freedom of expression in films. It was far enough past the production code era that situations could be portrayed realistically. But it was far enough away from the politically correct era that you could do and say literally anything. Take "Blazing Saddles". Even though it does a wonderful job of making racism look stupid, imagine trying to get that film made today by any studio.
  4. In modern films, if you are dealing with a rom com, the woman is usually beautiful, smart, together. The guy is a fat stupid slob that makes Homer Simpson look erudite. All of the families of origin are completely dysfunctional. It seems like this has been a gradual development over the past ten years.
  5. It would be a bummer to get this more than once.
  6. Calls to New York City's Poison Control Center for exposure to certain household chemicals more than doubled after President Donald Trump suggested injecting disinfectant might be one way to combat COVID-19, the city said Saturday. In the 18 hours after the president's suggestion during a Thursday night news conference, the city center got 30 exposure calls -- nine specifically about Lysol, 10 about bleach and 11 about other household cleaners. In the same window last year, there were 13 cases -- two specifically about bleach and none of them about Lysol-related products. The president came in for near-universal condemnation Friday after his suggestion, with health officials and even some close allies rushing to warn that the public should not listen to him and should not ingest or inject disinfectant, bleach or any other household chemical. The maker of Lysol, British consumer goods company RB, even felt compelled to issue a statement urging the public in no uncertain terms not to consume its products.
  7. The sun reacts to Trump's assertions about sunlight and the coronavirus: MAGA: Morons Are Guzzling Antiseptic
  8. I did feel like Ava DuVernay's picks were too "film school" and unaccessible to be considered essentials. One of the few that she picked that I really liked was "Claudine".
  9. I've been pretty much a recluse for 14 years due to chronic illness other than going to work, which is a 40 mile commute one way. The reason? Housing costs. So I am perfectly fine with the current arrangement of working from home. Other than having to wait for members of my team to reply via email, and one of them is extremely monsyllabic, I could live like this forever. Problems? 1. Because my work is now at home I work too much off the clock. 2. All of these applications I've had to load on my various computers has really been a pain. If I could fire my IT department I would, but I can't, because that incompetent IT department is, unfortunately, me.
  10. Not a movie, but my favorite skit of all time was when Tim Conway surprised Lyle Waggoner with the Hitler puppet.
  11. Dear Arturo: I would agree with you about everything but Trump being the Beast. I was raised to believe the devil was clever and impressive.
  12. So I am a native Texan living in Virginia,and I have no idea what is up with this picture. Note to the guy in the middle of the frame with the mask - I don't think that mask is going to help given the situation. Afraid of taking the Biblical mark of the Beast, not so afraid of a disease that can kill you. Home sweet home. Oh, and apparently, according to Trump, Virginia needs liberating. From what I have no idea.
  13. Was it just me or did anybody else think that the Mandalorian seems like a rip off of this series?
  14. I'd watch a marathon of the Paramount Marx Brother films and maybe throw in Night a the Opera and Day at the Races, which were made at MGM.
  15. Did anybody mention "The Little Murders" (1970) yet?. It's a black comedy about how New Yorkers suddenly become homicidal maniacs and snipers. It used to be played by the Fox Movie Channel frequently, and it is only on OOP DVD that costs a fortune.
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