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  1. The Paint Job (1992) with Bebe Neuwirth But somehow I don't think those are the kinds of painters you are talking about. It's practically a lost film. I haven't seen it anywhere for years.
  2. Yes, it has been occurring to me just these past few days as I go through my old Edison set of earliest films. These people are most definitely all dead! There is a cast member in the earliest film - Roundhay Garden Scene (1888) who I think died just a few days after the film was made and was the earliest born person to ever be in a motion picture, born in 1816. Now, of course, Roundhay Garden Scene is an experimental film, but still. I think the last person to die who participated in the silent film industry as an adult was Frederica Sagor Maas (1900 -2012), who died at age 111. Also, I
  3. I remember it. It was replaced with the morning train piece with the music that sounded like something from the 80s and 90s Roseanne TV series. It only lasted about three years and was replaced with the pop-up book intro. Which has been around since about 2010.
  4. Dargo, you are a tribute to method acting. You are in character inside and outside of this forum. I salute you sir.
  5. Let me just say this about that. I have diabetes. My mother and two of her sisters had diabetes. My grandmother and great-grandmother had diabetes. I am not overweight and I exercise three times a week. Other than exiting a different birth canal, please tell me how I could NOT have had diabetes?
  6. All I can say Nip, is if you are not vaccinated, then GET vaccinated. And if you don't do that it's been nice knowing you. Unless you get long Covid and then you'll pray for death.
  7. You left out one of the first films to have a story rather than just be an "actuality" - The Great Train Robbery (1903). Only 11 minutes long, but then the feature film as we know it would not exist for another ten years.
  8. Were you talking to me about the films/TV episodes all named "The Awakening"? They were not necessarily related at all.
  9. Bought (1915) - A woman whose lover went down with the Titanic is pregnant and she offers to pay a man ten thousand dollars if he will marry her. No mention of whether or not this film survives. Bought! (1931) - Constance Bennett as a social climbing girl who has never known her father, looking to marry well. The film is tied up in rights problems. Bought (2015) - Documentary about how government agencies are bought and paid for by the industries they are supposed to regulate. NOTE: Does it matter that the 1931 film has an exclamation point and the others don't?
  10. Apparently "The Awakening" is the most common movie/TV episode title of all time: https://www.imdb.com/find?q=the awakening&s=tt&exact=true&ref_=fn_al_tt_ex
  11. Dynamite (1929) - Early talkie film about an heiress who has to be married in order to inherit. She marries a condemned man who is released because the guilty party is found. Dynamite (1949) - Programmer about two guys who work with dynamite and love the same woman. Black Cat (1934) - Lugosi/Karloff horror film at the end of the precode era. Black Cat (1941) - Comedy/horror revolving around an old woman's will and two guys who are just not funny. Broadway (1929) - Early talkie about murder at a speak-easy Broadway (1942) - George Raft as himself looking b
  12. Looks like TCM is running "So This is Paris" again tonight on Silent Sunday Nights. Does anybody know if there is a plan for the Warner Archive to put this film out on Blu?
  13. George Patton did say that "fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man".
  14. I take thee Jeffrey to be my lawfully wedded bank account...ahem.. I mean husband. Yep, that happens a lot.
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