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  1. The problem is, if separatism had happened and the USA had split into two nations, the French were planning to come up through Mexico and colonize the south. The British were planning to try and take the north back.
  2. I am an American, and no I don't want to be the police force for the world but sometimes it is necessary to step in. As for Hitler and really Xi and the CCP rather than China itself being different - They seem to be following very similar trajectories at this point. China is actually building cities inside Bhutan at this point, because what are they going to do about it? I doubt CCP trolls follow the TCM message boards, but if you say something negative about the CCP on a more traversed site, they will do everything they can to shout you down and if that doesn't work they wil
  3. Eventually, just like Hitler, the US will have to face China militarily. Or maybe in the case of the US they plan to continue worming their way into businesses here so that they can control the narrative. Say something bad about the CCP? Try getting a mortgage when China owns a half interest in the banks. And so on. But don't worry. I'm sure when they take over Taiwan and execute a bunch of their political enemies there the US will stand by and do nothing.
  4. About the scene between Larry and the mortician - Larry says "How do I know you won't come back?" Did he originally think the mortician was somebody who had figured out his scheme and was blackmailing him? That is what it seemed like anyways.
  5. Yep, Murray Hamilton is in the picture but that is Rock Hudson. http://www.movingimage.us/images/calendar/media/seconds_option2_550x238-detail-main.jpg I can't get the image to expand, but Hamilton is to Rock's right looking over his shoulder.
  6. The difference - We have periodic elections to dispose of officials we do not like. You are free to move somewhere else if you choose, even if you don't want to. The people of China are stuck with the dictator Xi, and they better not say anything negative about the CCP or they will suddenly disappear.
  7. Not to go into every point but - Taiwan does not want to be part of China any more than Hong Kong wanted to be under their iron fist. I think that matters. I actually forgot about the 1991 Gulf War or I would have included it among just wars. Sure Putin would love to have his empire back. But Russia is just not the global threat that it used to be except in cyber activities which you mentioned.
  8. I liked it. It wasn't really a central point of the story, but I wondered if the older prostitute might be Frankie's mother. It is never even implied but it seemed like it could be. The central story is pretty typical precode material, but because it is precode I really wondered what the ending would be. There is very good camera work and natural performances by the entire cast. In 1930, the first full year of sound film, that was not the norm.
  9. They said she had a criminal record and was basically an undesirable. It was never said that she was born in the US, but it was implied. In the Cuban bar she called home just about everybody seemed to be an American.
  10. What if China attacks Taiwan? They'd do that before they went after larger nations. With their "Beijing Bucks" they've actually got the big studios in their pockets already so that they never show Taiwan as an independent nation in a film. Would it be best to get other nations to join with us and just hit China where it hurts - in the pocketbook ? Yes, but the same Beijing Bucks that have Disney giving shout outs to the people who run the concentration camps in China in the credits of Mulan would probably make them back down too. I really see China as the 21st century 3rd Reich and I o
  11. I just finished watching the restored "Her Man" on TCM. I have a question. In the very beginning an older prostitute is trying to go back to the United States from Cuba. The police won't let her. I got the impression she was an American citizen. Could the US keep an American born citizen out of the United States in the 30s? At no point does she say she was born in the US, but I did not get the impression she was some other nationality.
  12. Since when is war necessary? In the case of the US: The American Revolutionary war. The War of 1812 - The British wanted us back. The Civil War after the South attacked Ft. Sumter WWII Possibly with China if they keep pushing their weight around, invading other countries, committing genocide, and shooting up rockets with no plan for reentry.
  13. I thought that in the short version they showed a body, but that Greta was face down. Like you said, a stark image for its time, and I can see the censors saying no to it.
  14. The concert scene is the only thing I'm sure about too. I also don't think the original showed Greta's body. I liked how Eddie gave a shout out to George Feltenstein and how important he's been to film preservation over the years. AT&T fired him last year because old films don't make nearly the money that some soulless bright loud violent super hero movie will.
  15. A color presentation of the Charleston scene from "So This is Paris".
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