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  1. I think that TCM must have struck a deal with Criterion. I see quite a few of the films in their catalog showing up.
  2. People who like to see Scrooge in all its versions multiple times in December are like people who like it when radio stations play nothing but Christmas music from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Don't they realize that there are about three hours of Christmas music worth listening to? And they want to stretch that into 30 days. And no I do not tear up when I listen to Silent Night as performed off key by the Fredericksburg First Methodist Children's Choir. I think such people should be subjected to a month of the top 100 hits of the 70s as played by bad cover bands in a continuous loop.
  3. Since I'm from Dallas I'll be sure to record this!
  4. That's very considerate of you. One time I read about a guy whose late father left behind 4000 VHS tapes, recorded on various expired VCRs, all at low quality so that several movies could fit on each. The son went through the entire collectiion and kept 200 of them because they had rare films on them. I wish I could find the link so I could be sure the facts are right, but I'm pretty sure about the starting point - 4K VHS tapes with low quality recordings on them.
  5. Yep, I was using Oldies to search for titles too. I really have all of the classic Archive collection stuff I want until they put out another set of Pete Smith. I may look at some of the 70s and 80s stuff in the Archive tomorrow, mainly made for TV movies or some of the TV series that never made it to DVD and likely will never be on TCM. So much of the Archive activity is focused on putting out on Blu films that were in very neat little collections of DVD films that were pressed and released 2003-2008. I think I'll stick with my pressed DVD stuff. For example, I'm more than happy with my original Thin Man DVD collection with all of the extras.
  6. I don't mean to make your task more complex, but Oldies.com and Amazon both have a bunch of Warner Archives marked down for black Friday at price points often several dollars cheaper per film than the actual archive does. And how do you search for stuff on the Archive? They took away the "Search by decade" feature. The whole interface is so clumsy.
  7. I love L&O too. And you must be a youngster to have never watched an episode of I Love Lucy! Back in the 60s and into the 70s that was one of the most common fill-in shows in the afternoons because it was one of the few older TV shows with high quality recordings. From mediavillage.com: Previously, most TV series were shot in New York and broadcast live on the East Coast, with low-quality kinescope recordings — basically, films made by aiming a camera at a TV screen — sent to stations in the relatively unpopulated West. For I Love Lucy to be filmed in Los Angeles and broadcast nationwide, Arnaz turned to the new technology of a multi-camera shoot, with each camera filming on 35-millimeter film. That provided the necessary quality for national distribution. But Ball was also the kind of comic actor who needed an audience to respond to. So, Arnaz brought in a live studio audience. I Love Lucy, as the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences puts it, was the first scripted show to be shot on 35-millimeter film in front of a studio audience.
  8. No that wasn't a misprint, unlike when I wrongly called Cagney's "White Heat" "Caged Heat", which Lawrence hilariously pointed out. I call it "Disney Puss". Actually it SHOULD be ****. I've seen it spelled both ways for a medical situation. As in what comes out of an infected wound, not a kitty cat. But if that ****(s) wore boots, they would be made for walking AFTER The Cult of the Mouse empties your pockets. But most people give it up willingly because they just can't miss an episode of Man of La Mancha's Delorean or whatever you call it. I don't know what is up with the auto censor on this post.
  9. Don't ignore The Mouse in the room: https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/01/the-simpsons-disney-fox-ending/ Making things unavailable is the way of The Cult of the Mouse. So you have to pay up to watch it on Disney Puss.
  10. I have everything in print I want from Criterion right now. My great white whale is a reasonably priced copy of the OOP Blu "The Man Who Fell to Earth". That'll be the day.
  11. OK, I did get to it by googling it, but the site only talks about backers who contributed during the specified period, which is long over. How do the rest of us get a copy?
  12. Yep, I shouldn't do these posts when I am tired. It should have been White Heat. And an appearance in this '74 film might have cost Cagney the AFI Lifetime achievement award that same year. But then maybe he would have had more fun.
  13. You are correct TB. I got lazy with my fact checking and assumed that because Doris Day was a contract player at Warner Bros. in the 1950s that Cagney did Love Me or Leave Me at WB. I knew about the others being at MGM. Thanks.
  14. Would you count the films they came back and did for WB after they left initially? If so I would say Cagney. Cagney was not doing so great in his independent films, and he came back in 1949 for "Caged Heat" and again in 1951 for "Come Fill The Cup". Both films really played to his strengths. He also did "West Point Story" and "Love Me or Leave Me", but that is another story. The latter is the story of Cagney wanting to help young talent - Doris Day - the way that George Arliss had helped him when he was getting started in film.
  15. Maybe beside the point, but I think the term is RINO - Republican In Name Only. Used by the right to describe Republicans who are not conservative enough by the right's estimation. An example would be John McCain because he trashed the right's plan to sacrifice tens of millions of Americans on the alter of Big Hospital and Big Pharma and cast the deciding vote AGAINST abolishing Obamacare.
  16. I can see why he cried. It must be tough to come to the end of a great career and find that you've sold out to The Cult of the Mouse.
  17. I remember that. They got through the month with several of Grace Kelly's TV appearances if memory serves correctly.
  18. There's something about this B programmer that I just love. It is so mistitled. There is much more tenor than tear gas. Can you imagine patrons back in 1940 getting upset when they paid for what they thought was a crime film and got this? It's a musical! It's a romance! It's a police procedural! And it moves so fast you don't notice it does none of them particularly well! Back to the original question - yes I did see George Reeves! Did anybody else notice Lon Chaney Jr. in "Lucky Devils" a couple of weeks back? He was actually billed as Creighton Chaney, which was his given name.
  19. Words of wisdom Gershwin. You always seem to be the peace maker around here.
  20. I absolutely love Blackadder. I remember watching the show on PBS back in the late 80s. I remember remarking how few episodes there were per season. For that show and for Red Dwarf. And now we essentially have seasons that are only about ten episodes in length, on HBO in particular.
  21. Thanks for the link sewhite. It's funny that people would express boredom at the selection. Today, if Universal and Paramount would cooperate, this could be an interesting month of films. It might even include The King of Jazz since it has been cleaned up and is even on Criterion now. Criterion and TCM seem to be in some kind of partnership, given what has been shown on TCM in recent months.
  22. If you define obtuse as pointing out how ridiculous it is to have a diverse cast on an island and at a time that had no diversity of any kind - racial, religion, etc,. - then I plead guilty.
  23. Oh, great. Let's start making westerns in which the cowpokes drive cars and just take pictures of the stage coach robbers on their smart phones.
  24. Sorry to bore you Snoopy. May you sleep and dream of Sopwith Camels and overweight cats that can't run very fast.
  25. Which is fine if you are making a film that is in some fantasy world that is only loosely tethered to the Middle Ages as it existed in Europe. Not so fine if you are making a film based on history.
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