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  1. I found George Murphy amiable and talented in any role he was placed. Thinking of this finally made me think of a star I did NOT like - Barry Nelson. He is always smirking obnoxiously. Even in "Shadow of the Thin Man", when he is knocked out cold, he looks like he is smirking. Probably the most punchable face in film history.
  2. FLICKERFRIDAY2021 is the code. It is good for 20% off their prices which are usually discounted 10-20%. The price is still high, but if you are a fan you might check it out. Good until 11/29.
  3. You know Nip, I blame Biden for lots of things but not his Covid response. He inherited an out of control situation from Trump, tried to institute mandates to deal with it, was fought every step of the way, and now the same people who fought him are blaming him for a variant that originated on another continent. I actually voted for Biden. I did not vote for him so I could pay for the childcare costs of the middle class, but I did vote for him to do the best he could to fight this virus and its spread, and I think he has done all that is humanly possible on that front.
  4. No appearance by Plymouth Adventure this year. I noticed its absence too.
  5. OK, I'm confused. There was one murder. Why are there four counts of felony murder?
  6. Probably unpopular opinion here. For me, Dean Martin ruins every film in which he appeared except for the ones with Jerry Lewis and the ones with the Rat Pack.
  7. I'm still waiting for mine to get here from the B&N sale. It has shipped according to the website. I'm going to look at it before I send it just to see how bad it really is. EDIT: Watched Kane last night. If I hadn't been told there is something wrong with the contrast I would never have noticed. But I'll send it back and get a new movie disc anyways.
  8. It's good to see you back in fine dry humor form after what seemed like a long absence. You said recently that you wished somebody would send you a cat in the mail. I'd do that but the cat would probably enjoy the destination but not the journey.
  9. The 4K is fine. If you are like me and bought this for the Blu, Criterion will send a replacement but you must mail the original Blu disc - just the film - back to them to get a replacement. Details: https://www.criterion.com/current/posts/7615-how-to-get-your-citizen-kane-blu-ray-disc-1-replaced
  10. 1. Ten Cents A Dance (1931) 2. Dancing Lady (1933) 3. Born To Dance (1936) 4. Shall We Dance (1937) 5. Dancing Co-Ed (1939) 6. Dance Girl Dance (1940) 7. Village Barn Dance (1940) 8. The Dancing Masters (1943) 9. Dancing in the Dark (1949) 10. Let's Dance (1950) What - no silent dance numbers??? I'm serious. So This is Paris (1926) has a great dance number.
  11. https://torontosun.com/news/world/woke-watch-prof-says-lets-ditch-the-term-pedophile-for-minor-attracted-person An ODU professor wants to rebrand pedophiles as "Minor Attracted Persons" to destigmatize them. We have apparently found a bridge too far even for the woke. And that's saying something.
  12. I love Niagara too. It's funny, in this age of being treated like a convicted felon at airports, that this couple just breezes up to the Canadian border and the guard there accepts their explanations at face value and off they go. Showalter's character - what an insufferable blowhard in training he is. At first he is all for leaving Niagara because his wife saw something that just couldn't be. Not because he is so concerned for her mental health as he is annoyed at her and the situation. But once he hears the company VP is in town and wanted to have dinner with him, hold everything. He j
  13. I can't remember hardly any of the women in my neighborhood working in the 60s. It was the 70s when that all changed.
  14. I am pro-choice. I am fiscally conservative, socially liberal. You talk about both parents needing to work. That need largely sprang up in the 1970s. There were lots of women who entered the workforce because they were now able to have careers in something outside of teaching and nursing for the first time, but it is also true that the inflation of 1965-1982 made it necessary for women to work in order to make ends meet. Lots of those women did and still do have jobs not careers, and many of them would quit if they could afford it. As for affordable prescription drugs, it is most defin
  15. I think the term that was used was "Civil War era script" - I'll go back and watch it again. They didn't say Confederate money. You are right - that was considered worthless outside the Confederacy. So I assume this "script" was some kind of Union money. At any rate, the whole issue was vague.
  16. If you are not poor pay for your own childcare. Having children is a choice, not some rough patch like a chronic illness. Then there is SALT - Yes, I really want more inflation and taxes so rich people on the coasts can have tax deductions. I really don't remember early childhood, but I imagine I would have been angered to have to start the rigor of school at age three. Let kids be kids. No reason to teach them French at age five. IRS - I know a businessman who was audited twice this year. Cost to him - 50K in CPA and attorney fees. Money gleaned for the treasury - zip. M
  17. It's a pretty good start to the Hardy family series of films, but the resolution is rather strange. Is that Judge Hardy flying a plane into the sheriff's sale? And I didn't quite get what was going on with using Civil War era money to buy public property. Other than that it's a straightforward prewar piece of Americana.
  18. The prosecution did not prove its case. In fact they proved the defense's case with some of their witnesses. The prosecution was so desperate they were claiming that Kyle's silence was evidence, for which the judge justly bawled the ADA out. Ten years from now, will what happened weigh on Kyle's conscience, realizing he did not need to be there and men are dead because of him? I think so. But the logic of a 17 year old - I wouldn't begin to figure it out.
  19. AMC came on the air in 1984. When I left Texas in 1993 they were still a commercial free classic movie station. Then there is this article from October 1993 when Ted Turner first announced the founding of TCM. AMC is not cowed by the big new kid. Says Kate McEnroe, AMC's general manager: "The Turner people tend to be a bit hyperbolic. We don't really see them as a challenger." Nor is she worried about Turner squeezing AMC out of the niche it pioneered. By her count, Hollywood made about 10,000 movies between 1930 and 1960, a period the industry refers to as the "Golden Age." O
  20. I think you are wrong about that. AMC was inserting commercials before the year 2000. They dumped their classic format in October 2002.
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