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  1. As far as getting lists of all Warner Archive products, their year of release, and their price (basically two flavors - Amazon Exclusive price and $19.95), if you go to dvdaf.com and filter on "Warner Archive" under title, you get a completely alphabetized list. dvdaf.com shows 229 total titles so far, and that includes what is planned for June.
  2. It's great that they're putting out more silents and early sound. I wonder if the Archives will give WHV sufficient cover from the slings and arrows of political correctness that they can release the rest of their Jolson films, maybe even as a set?
  3. dvdaf.com puts my count at 1089 titles on 1220 discs. However, I actually have more than that because some of the titles I bought from Amazon are not in their inventory. I can think of these for sure: Just Imagine (1930) Kid Boots (Eddie Cantor silent) Love Stories (A public domain set of 10 classic romance films) Buster Keaton Educational Shorts (I got this set from looserthanloose.com)
  4. In reference to the Criterion prices being slapped on the Warner Archives Amazon Exclusives, here are some more titles that are available only at Amazon for $26: Bordertown (1935) Colorado Territory Crime School Doctor Ehrlich's Magic Bullet The Male Animal (Already mentioned, I believe) The Unsuspected 20,000 Years in Sing Sing The Verdict (1946) Look for the Silver Lining This is a ridiculous price for a barebones unrestored film on DVD-R.
  5. Gee! I ask for the meaning of the plus signs on vitaphone.org - thanks for the answer by the way - and an argument over ethics and the Digital Millenium Copyright Act ensues. Although goldensilents may be right on the letter of the law, to me, a film is different from personal property in one important way. Your own dinette set is not automatically for sale to anyone who sees it sitting in your kitchen and wants it. The same is true of any art you personally produce. However, film is an industry, and thus individual films were created by the studios for the purpose of being viewed by the p
  6. I write my post but when I hit the "Post Message" button nothing happens.
  7. Clicking on the "+" sign causes no action. It is just text adjacent to the movie title. Some of the movies listed have links to wikipedia articles on them, but there is no correlation between the plus signs and the films that have articles.
  8. Does anyone know what the plus signs mean next to various titles on this website? At first I thought that it might indicate a particularly good film or a film that is a good represenative of the precode era, but the author has a plus sign next to "Captain Thunder" and none next to "Blonde Crazy" with James Cagney. So this can't be the case. Also, is this site abandoned? The owner seems to indicate that he/she has many rare films I have never seen anywhere, but is missing several common ones that have played recently on TCM. Just wondering.
  9. What I can't figure out is...what exactly is AMC's target demographic? Who watches cut versions of SAW I through V and also buys products for erectile dysfunction? Just wondering.
  10. That's great Jeffrey. I always love to see the photos you post on this thread.
  11. Winnie Lightner became a huge musical comedy sensation with the now lost "Gold Diggers of Broadway". Her brash flapper style didn't go over so well after the Depression began, and few of her films survive. One that does is the very cute "Life of the Party". It was originally shot in Technicolor and intended to be a musical, but the musical numbers were cut and the Technicolor version is lost. Here's a scene from the beginning of the film where Winnie is unhappily employed selling sheet music. [Opening scene from Life of the Party (1930)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8nn7wnYG
  12. Grant Withers was an early talkie star at Warner Brothers. He did a few starring roles, but he never really caught on as a leading man. He did supporting roles starting in the 1940's up to the time of his death in 1959. Here he is in his prime starring in the far too infrequently seen "Dancing Sweeties". It was one of those fast-pace musical comedies that Warner Bros. did so well. [Musical excerpt from 1930's Dancing Sweeties|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMPwVAmOwz8&feature=related] His other starring roles include "Sinners Holiday" and "Other Men's Women". What both pictures h
  13. In the 1920's and 1930's Walt Disney wasn't the only person doing interesting things in animation. Take this strange little cartoon from 1930 aptly titled "Something Weird", a very early stop motion animation by Charley Bowers. In it, Charley discovers a bird that eats scrap metal, lays an egg, and hatches a car. The youtube link to the animation is shown below. [it's a Bird (1930)|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4I15-7L0ss]
  14. Thanks Ugaarte. I thought I'd start posting youtube links, posters, photos, etc. as some youtube links in this thread have disappeared and some new ones have been discovered. Then there is the pesky music arm of Warner Bros., WMG, which has been going around defacing some of the old musical numbers that are youtube links. The funny thing is, most of the old stuff they're defacing is not available as a separate music product, so I'm not sure what their beef is other than being a bunch of lawyers who enjoy throwing their weight around. I'll try to post something once a week, and hopeful
  15. I said: "1932-1933 - Cavalcade won. This is a very ordinary and stiff film. I have no idea why it won. Today it is only one of two academy award winners not on DVD, the other being Wings." I don't believe I said anything about Cimarron not being on DVD. In fact, I own it. Don't you love that short that comes with it - "The Devil's Cabaret"?
  16. My choices for worst Best Picture include: 2005 - Crash won. My pick - "Brokeback Mountain" The academy went with a safe and obvious picture about race rather than the better but much more controversial choice. 2004 - Million Dollar Baby My Pick - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, though not even nominated. I've always thought this decision came from the fact that the Terry Schiavo case was in the news while the academy was voting. 1952 - The Greatest Show On Earth won. My pick - "Singin in the Rain, which I don't think was even nominated. Probably happened because th
  17. Normally July is the month when TCM forgets us old movie fans and goes for the youngsters with less than classic fare. It's good to see a reversal of this trend with such rarely seen films as 1927's "The First Auto" and "On With the Show". The July lineup looks great.
  18. For those of us who watched the TCM broadcast of the 1929 version of Showboat last week, with only two of the five songs from the Broadway production present in the prologue, and no video of it at that, I present two of the numbers that were in the prologue with their video. Since this material belongs to Warner Bros., I don't know why they haven't done more restoration to what they televised unless they are whetting our appetites for this long reported but never seen Showboat trilogy. [Hey Feller!|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpg2sa-0Jqc] [Queenie's Ballyhoo|http://www.youtube.com/w
  19. I just found this youtube clip from "Puttin on the Ritz". The title number is so eerie and surreal you just have to love it, even if this is a bad copy. The film is missing about 20 minutes of its original length, and I don't think it has been on TV since back when AMC was not, as one astute individual put it a "running pharmaceutical infomercial." The musical numbers were terrific, but the plot was very thin. Star Harry Richman found that after this film's run he wasn't exactly in Al Jolson's league. He could only get a job in Hollywood making shorts, and just one-reelers at that. A
  20. I purchased 5 titles on March 26: The Single Standard Strange Interlude Souls for Sale Exit Smiling Beast of the City I have only seen Exit Smiling once before and it's been years since I've seen Strange Interlude on TCM. The others I was buying based on reputation. Only Thursday April 2 did I finally get a message from WBShop saying they shipped. Like the author of this thread they also mentioned that The Single Standard was what was holding things up and said they had credited 15% back to my credit card because of the delay. The order is yet to be delivered, but I'll get bac
  21. "A healthy public domain is good for the people; too long extended copyrights are good for corporations. It's pretty obvious which entity Washington D.C. favors" I certainly agree with you on who Washington favors, but I can't help but wonder who some of these ridiculously long bans help. I mean, who is benefiting from "The Trial of Mary Dugan" not being seen by anyone? I can't even think of it helping a corporation. There should be a "use it or lose it" length of time of several decades after which something falls into the public domain.
  22. Cinesage wrote: "The problem is that Warner's hasn't made anything available that merits the expense of $20; I'd rather record the few moderately interesting titles off TCM and settle for the slightly lower quality of DVD-R." I realize that the cost is high and that times are very hard right now. However, if it is not a financial hardship to purchase these I think people should support the effort and buy them legitimately through Warner Bros. Actually, the cost isn't high for the silent films at least. Kino and Image often charge more per disk for their silent releases than twenty dollars
  23. Excuse me for the long post, but that web address with the DVDs listed can be a bit unwieldy and error prone. Thus I thought I would list the complete 150 titles that the Warner Archives collection will be offering on demand for 19.95 each. The Abdication Abe Lincoln in Illinois The Actress Adventures of Huck Finn (1939) Adventures of Mark Twain Ah, Wilderness! Al Capone All Fall Down Along the Great Divide Angel Baby The Baby Maker The Bamboo Blonde Barricade Beast of the City The Beggar's Opera Betrayed Bwohani Junction The Big Circus The Big House Brainstorm (1965)
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