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  1. Look at his history. The best coach Jones ever hired was Jimmy Johnson. The first time Jimmy puts him in his place and tells Jones he is NOT a coach he fires him, and he has been hiring mediocrities ever since, with the exception of Bill Parcells for three or four seasons.
  2. McCarthy had Rodgers as QB for over ten years and only won one Super Bowl. LaFleur is coach for three years and Green Bay is the top seed in the NFL for two of those three years. My husband is a Green Bay fan so I am very aware of their history for the last thirty years. McCarthy wasn't in demand anywhere when Jerry Jones hired him and then it was because he was somebody Jerry could push around and would not push back.
  3. Is there anybody under the age of 75 who would like to run for president??
  4. The point is, that like a kid who thinks he can nag is parents long enough and get the toy he wants, he finds that his nagging and whining only steels his parents' resolve not to get said toy.
  5. I'm a Cowboys fan - a thankless role for 26 years - and I knew it was over last week when the Cowboys were patting themselves on the back for beating the Philadelphia Eagles' practice squad.
  6. It would be a mistake to come after my pet with a gun. He is an excellent marksman.
  7. I really didn't enjoy childhood. In many ways it was more stressful than adulthood. Because as an adult I can just tell people I don't care for to get lost. But my parents were alive and well then, and I do miss them both.
  8. I really love the old pre-codes. That and noir are my favorite genres. Pre-codes strike the right balance between being realistic about life and being naive, which is what the production code brought in about all kinds of things - not just sex. There were parts of the production code that covered dealing with the clergy , with capitalism, crime and punishment, etc. The Dark Horse is a WB pre-code that doesn't show up very often. In the production code era you wouldn't be allowed to make fun of the democratic process like that.
  9. No, I think the representative really believed that these two debated. Over what they would have debated I have no idea.
  10. Source: Washington Post Of all the paragraphs in a bill to ban “divisive concepts” from being taught in Virginia public schools, Section B3 may seem the most innocuous. After all, it is in the part of the proposal that defined what could actually be taught in history classes, not the myriad things that would be banned or the consequences teachers could face for teaching them, including prosecution and being fired. Section B3 of the bill, sponsored by Republican freshman Del. Wren Williams, defines what can be taught as “the founding documents,” like the D
  11. Wow. The criticism of ... wait for it... an ACTOR! And from what I see on imdb doesn't even have a biography and hasn't been in anything I've ever heard of. At least Reagan was in Bedtime for Bonzo, which I think you pointed out the other day. And also, unlike, fellow actor Alec Baldwin, has managed to not shoot anybody. So I guess he does have his good points. I think I'll not take advice from somebody who lives an elitist bubble thank you very much.
  12. Because I'm sure that people will be anxious to line up and vote for more inflation, more empty store shelves, and more non existent Covid therapies and rapid tests. Biden has managed to join the charm of the Weimar Republic with the competence of the Soviet bloc countries of the 1960s.
  13. Lawrence - You are not saying this is a post mortem photograph, are you??
  14. In the late 1800s an exposure time of eight seconds was required. That would make anybody look stiff or like a stiff. Why is the internet full of these pictures? Because there is money in people claiming they have "death pictures" from 140 years ago and selling them on Ebay. There is one picture being circulated as a "death picture" that is actually a photo of a very much alive Lewis Carroll. The picture you show of the baby surrounded by siblings has actually been claimed by the family of origin. The baby was alive and sleeping at the time the photo was taken. The posing stands were often u
  15. Thanks for the article. The photos described there are of people in their caskets. No doubt such pictures were taken and exist. I believe Queen Victoria had a picture taken of her husband Albert in his coffin and always kept it with her. Not to get too grotesque, but one thing that is a giveaway in these photos are the lips. Lips become thin and hard very soon after death, and note the full lips of everybody in the pictures.
  16. No offense Joe, but I've always heard that these types of photos were fake. That the people were very much alive. Human bodies undergo lots of changes even shortly after death, and I would think that such lifelike photos would not be possible.
  17. Some points do seem to contradict other points. I copied this list from 538.com. I did not author the list myself.
  18. I'm planning to put in bold the points I think are naked power grabs. Some of this stuff has nothing to do with voting - particularly at the end - but seems constructive. I'm not sure what is up with the bullet point about the Supreme Court and a code of ethics. But I'll let those slide. Note that the bullets in bold are fine if an individual state wants to do that, although I think these points make it easy to cheat. But it is ultimately up to the state as far as I am concerned.
  19. But this is NOT the original voting rights legislation. Some of it is good, but that good is undone by the naked power grab in other parts of it: Prohibit states from requiring an excuse to vote absentee. Require states to mail absentee-ballot applications to all voters. Require states to allow voters to apply for an absentee ballot online. Prohibit states from requiring absentee ballots to be notarized or have witness signatures. Count all absentee ballots postmarked by Election Day and received within 10 days. Require states to offer 15 consecutive days of
  20. I was actually quite annoyed that I missed the movie George Wallace. I hadn't seen it in a long time, and I guess I missed it because it was not a premiere, although it hadn't been shown on TCM since 2016. Also I didn't see it show up on Watch TCM.
  21. I never agreed with the tax cuts of 2017. And yes, to do something that extensive to the tax code I think you should not just use reconciliation and push through with a bare majority. The GOP tried to eliminate the ACA with reconciliation too, if I remember correctly. But John McCain prevented it with his surprise vote. At the time the Democrats applauded him for his independence and going against party. They obviously do not have such warm regard for Joe Manchin's independence.
  22. I am a type two diabetic, though well controlled. I am vaccinated and boosted, but I am not OK with getting omicron as I don't know how it would affect me. I had some awful virus in December 2019 - January 2020. It was the sickest I've ever been and at one point they thought I had pneumonia. I was tested for flu and it came back negative. At any rate, "baby brother of Covid" mopped up the floor with me for about six weeks. So when news of Covid first started appearing in early 2020 I took it very seriously.
  23. Do you think that the funeral, which was several weeks before, caused your Covid? That would seem like a very long incubation time compared to what I've been told. Could it not have come from some other exposure?
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