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  1. Your original statement: The only one that really wanted to control the media (and thus what "facts" were reported), was Trump.
  2. You believe that only Trump wants to control the "facts"?? The Democrats want to control the media as much as anybody. You would have to be terribly naive to believe otherwise. And yet you tell me to grow up.
  3. What is the "it" to which you refer? OP said - " What I find amazing is that the opposing sides are working from a completely different set of "facts". It's easy to see why we're so deeply divided in this country. " You immediately jump to the conclusion - and your logical death - by assuming OP MUST be talking about the claim that the election was stolen and nothing else. There are plenty of other facts in dispute. Such as the Biden admin's laughable position that by spending trillions in additional dollars that they will stop inflation. These folks must have gone to the Jimmy Carter
  4. Totally OT, but seeing The Penguin made me think of this. The other day I was watching an old episode of Batman with King Tut as the villain. Batman is always saying how King Tut was the alter ego of a once brilliant Egyptologist and becoming a criminal was the result of a head injury. Batman felt sorry for King Tut. Yet he never felt sorry for The Penguin. Did he not wonder what tragic life experience would cause a grown man to dress up in a tuxedo and waddle and quack like a penguin? Just wondering.
  5. Citation on Fox News being state media. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News are all entertainment channels. There is very little news on any of them. They would be news channels if they covered sports, weather, entertainment, and general interest as well as politics. None of them do. CNN did when they first came on the air in 1980. I remember them being a news station into the mid 1990s.
  6. xenophobia - dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries. You hardly fall under that definition because you are not FROM another country, you are actually IN another country. What I dislike is somebody who lives in another country answering questions about why we are so divided in "this country". I assume OP was talking about the US. If he was talking about Canada I will bow out of the discussion.
  7. Oh, they are working on that. In the meantime I think the left will settle for having the media hamstrung like new Canada rather than the old Soviet Union.
  8. What I find amazing is that the opposing sides are working from a completely different set of "facts". It's easy to see why we're so deeply divided in this country. The right leaning posters clearly get their information from vastly different sources that those that lean to the left.
  9. I tend to give Lawrence a wide berth because of his love and appreciation of the cat.
  10. President Biden may not recall what he said during a 2020 campaign debate last fall, but Americans should: “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.” At the time the U.S. had recorded 220,000 Covid deaths. So, no it is not Biden's fault that the virus mutated and that people will not get vaccinations or wear masks. But his own statement on presidential responsibility for Covid deaths was without qualification.
  11. Canadian cat rescue discovers a kitten that screeches loudly before attacking.
  12. The bulk of my reply was about Ted Cruz calling January 6th a terrorist attack. But it is interesting that you respond to my remark about Ted Cruz' teen daughter. It shows that your conscience bothers you on this issue, which is a good sign.
  13. The Dallas Morning News was slammed for an "utterly classless story" that reported on Sen. Ted Cruz’s 13-year-old daughter and a TikTok video she posted explaining the pros and cons of being the child of an elected official.
  14. Oh wow. A 13 year old girl disagrees with her parents. Somebody call Sixty Minutes.
  15. What makes this so stupid politically is that Ted Cruz just handed the leftists a club with which to beat him. And here you are, a leftist, using the club he handed you to beat him. If leftists would troll his 13 year old daughter online, they are so beneath contempt, they would surely do this. He should have known that.
  16. I've yet to see Jen Psaki be brilliant ever... but I imagine that judgment is very subjective.
  17. It just occurred to me that Walter Mirisch is still alive at age 100.
  18. I didn't know Girls About Town was originally scheduled to play on TCM. It is not out on any format as far as I know. Kino has been putting out a bunch of the old Universals on Blu, so I looked on their site and as of yet it has not been announced if there is anything in the works.
  19. I found this interesting post in reddit by a Canadian talking about Canadian healthcare. "Thank you for saying this. Canada's system is held up as some kind epitome standard. It is anything but. While areas of H/C in the US is clearly worse off than in Canada, Canadian HC has been under 2 decades of cutbacks, politics, poor staffing and scheduling models, even crappier upper management staff with massive Peter Principle experience, burn out, lack of PPE, (they even had us putting disposable PPE in a damn paper bag, and were convinced that they'd be able to sanitize them en-masse and
  20. Here you go. Although the sound seems odd, it is watchable.
  21. I think Tim Kaine finally got to his destination 27 hours later. I live in Fredericksburg, so the whole highway is blocked from 25 miles north to 25 miles south of where I live. Kaine actually got off of I95 at my exit, and then got back on! We were in the 60s on Sunday and then 14 inches of snow between 6AM and 1PM on Monday. The power went out for 12 hours on Monday. That is the first time that has ever happened here during a winter storm, and we've had a few blizzards. Fortunately we have a generator, so I could keep my fridge running as well as internet and wide screen. The independent
  22. Interstate 95 outside of Fredericksburg. The freeway is closed for a 50 mile stretch. Hundreds of people trapped overnight after a surprise snowstorm pummeled central Virginia. Among those trapped was Senator Tim Kaine, whose normal two hour commute between Richmond and DC turned into 19 hours. And he was one of the lucky ones. Other people trapped included a diabetic who did not have their insulin.
  23. Good luck trying to find "Child of Manhattan" TB. It played on TCM at least ten years ago when TCM had access to the early Columbias. It used to be on youtube, but it got taken down about a year ago. What remains are listings from people that are using the title as clickbait, but it is in fact just a snippet of the film.
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