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  1. Im sorry but I cannot answer your question but I share your interest in this film.To me it is one of the best of the genre with "12 O'Clock High" and "The Story of G.I.Joe" All of the characters in this films seem real and the script ties you to your chair for the entire production.There are so many topics explored so many moments of tension and the photography and direction are almost perfect.Basehart,Werner,Neff etc give brilliant performances and bring this story to life.I wish more people would see it so they could appreciate it.
  2. The Film just opened in my area.Ive read the book and seen a trailor.Looking foreward to it
  3. The Film just opened in my area.Ive read the book and seen a trailor.Looking foreward to it
  4. I saw that too.Thanks for clearing that up.This series is really informative.
  5. I too enjoyed George Raft Day.I too would have liked to seen some of his earlier work especially "Bolero" Suggestion:Geotge Raft the man with Bogart's face" is a wonderful book which discusses his growing up in Hell's Kitchen and explains the reaons why he turned down so many roles.Very interesting man and an underrated actor.
  6. Its interesting that Clark's name in the film is Vic.This was his respect for his friend Victor Fleming who directed him in "Red Dust" and from whom he created the Gable image that we all enjoy.
  7. My favorites were:KayFrancis,Warren William and Ginger Rogers.I would like to see them throw in some Directors into SUTS ike William Wellman or John Huston.
  8. The Apex in film making.Every time I see this film a different scene gets to me.The wedding scene when Teresa and Dana look at each other move to each other.Cant beat that The human emotions reached in this film are estounding.
  9. In "The Godfather II Troy Donahue playedConnie's boyfriend Merle Johnason which happened to be his real name.
  10. There are many out there.Books about the Moguls,the stars,directors.Bear Manor is a good company."Classic Images" newspaper (Muscatine,Iowa) also has many suggestions.Currently reading The Life of Kay Francis but have read Thalberg,Victor Fleming,Frank(Sinatra) Mitchum,Cagney,bogart,and many more.The One about director Fleming is the best Ive ever read its called Victor Fleming,am American Movie Master.
  11. "Criss Cross" "I Walk Alone" "The Swimmer" "The Professionals"
  12. George Raft had persoanl reasons for turning down these rolls as his biographer says. Also Robert Mitchum turned down "Patton" and suggested George C.Scott
  13. Did anyone else catch Barbara Britton in the Chorus suring the beginning of the film.
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