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  1. Who CARES about the president or vice-president. Obviously neither they nor their campaign staff care not about their fans, but cynically play them to excite them to vote. If they get sick from exposure to covid or to the elements, oh well!!??!
  2. Imagine the number had he the cojones to have stayed for the full interview!
  3. Like Netanyahu, Putin sees the writing on the wall, where even his and Trump’s attempts to suppress the vote/steal the election may not work. He may have to deal with President Biden in a few months.
  4. At least Put your wig on straight, lady, as you show your ignorance nationwide.
  5. He HAD one, but didn’t actually forfeit it. He sold it! Why do you think Melania refuses to sleep with him?!? The sulfurous odor reeking from him isn’t just his diet of Cheetos and similar garbage!!!
  6. Trustees of their respective cell-blocks, mebbe?
  7. You could pay off 15 Trump mistresses with that money.
  8. Is he gonna sic the Proud Boys on her too??!!
  9. Get rid of any agency or institution in place to protect America and Americans! Good one, even for your stuuupppiiiddd family!!
  10. It’s Trump flying everywhere and holding superspreader events. He is Making Americans Sick Again (MASA)!
  11. Sounds like his years as president. Hopefully his padded cell or lockdown cell will have no reception for him to tweet his madness.
  12. DUH! This person took the Electoral College into account. That is what “She won on election night by 2.1% -- it just wasn’t in the right states. ... “. Dim eyes!
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