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  1. The whole world is laughing at YOU, and YOU’RE going to hell!!!
  2. I think in most places 26 weeks is the norm. However, due to the pandemic, this has been extended more than that one or more times.
  3. Well we know Lindsay Graham can’t grow a spine. Wishy-washy when it comes to Trump, afraid of his wrath or blackmail material!!
  4. Lindsay, do you ever come up for oxygen from out of Trump’s huuuge but crowded aaasssss?!?!
  5. You hear that Joe Manchin, Kristen Sinema, etc? In other words, there is no bipartisan deals to be made across the aisle. Mitch McConnelll said as much again yesterday, saying no GOP senators were going to vote for ANY Dem proposals. You may as well Vote with the other 49 Dems, and give the American people the wins they are overwhelmingly in favor of. Otherwise, if the GOP take either or both houses in the mid-terms, Biden is a lame duck. Don’t YOU make him that!!! We’ll all lose !!
  6. “Will be forced to lie forTrump again, which I have no issue with, but under oath?!!?”
  7. Reminds me of that North Carolina (?) GOP politician who supposedly was hiking the Appalachian Trail, or something similar, actually he was in Argentina having an affair with a woman who was definitely not his wife. All his wife knew was that he was hiking. The Party of Family Values!
  8. “She REFUSES to shimmy up Trump’s aaasssss like the rest of us True Republicans!!”
  9. One of MM’s 7 cases! Still needs some 7+ Million
  10. ......To carry out the message and work as one.....to perpetuate the lie that asonad Trump won the election!!!
  11. Senator Grassley, please show us the same request you made if Trump, his family, his administration and all the other grifters and hangers-on from the last 4 years. Didn’t think so.
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