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  1. Will you soon start on Trump’s new pet peeve, arresting as un-American those unmasking reporters and other who refuse to unmask!?!?
  2. When the GOP has closed every cupcake shop in the State but the handful owned by Donald Trump, you’re going to wait a long time in a long line in unsafe conditions. But the party that is “pro-life” does not care about American lives, and the 100,000+ have died in 3 months!
  3. Twitter will have no time to do anything by fact-check Donald Trump, Pathological-Liar in Chief!
  4. Well now we know what Trump can expect if/when he is tried and found guilty for all his treasonous behavior!
  5. Absentee mailing and Vote by mail are not synonymous, you lying hypocrite. Guess you are a natural blonde.
  6. Based on your comment, you seem to understand the main reason to wear a face mask in public is to protect others from the virus. Then it should be obvious to you that Donald Trump does not care about protecting others. This is the man who has people tested before they can approach him. The Morbidly-Obese Orange Hypocrite cares only about himself, nobody else, in this and everything else he says and does.
  7. Now we know the thought process leading to Trump’s/Alt Right Conspiracy theories against Obama, Hillary, Biden, whoever. Thanks Donald. As always, Trump accuses any opponent what he is guilty/accused of.
  8. A political bias towards being truthful!!!
  9. Why? Because Donald Trump made it up? What the hell is wrong with you and your boss!?!? From now on until November, Trump and Team will continue to work overtime concocting lies and conspiracy theories , knowing that if they repeat them enough, their base will accept them as the truth. Others will have their doubts, but Biden will be damaged goods in their mindsI Thsi was the Trump playbook in 2016, when some people buying into things like Pizzagate actually acted on this, to many otherwise rational people who were like, “But what about the emails?”, and voted for the man who has shown he cannot lead!
  10. Sounds like a remake of ROSEMARY’S BABY is in order. Is Polanski available?
  11. You got it exactly wrong. Donald Trump is DESPERATE for the economic recovery, hoping that people will forget his pathetic response to the pandemic, and the reluctant crash of the economy. HE needs the recovery not because the people are hurting, but so that his re-election chances are boosted. He doesn’t care that 100,000 (And counting) people have died, and is actively encouraging people to no longer remain safe at home, even when it may not be safe to go out, and to do this without protective measures. THIS should tell you how much he cares for Americans. As far as he’s concerned, they can die on November 4, as long as they vote for him November 3. This pathetic “President” has not shown more clearly how he is unprepared to lead the nation in a crisis, as his focus continues to be his own interests only.
  12. It means that a person must have self-hatred to what they are, if they support a man who openly displays his racism, and whose policies hurt his group. If you support a politician who shows his disdain for your group, and worse, is actively trying to hurt them, then you too must harbor the same disdain/ hatred, hence, self-hatred. As a Mexican, I always tell other Mexicans/Latinos who are Trump supporters that they must agree with Trump that they, their fathers, uncles, brothers, sons, nephews, etc. all Mexicans are rapists and murderers, as Trump has said. Self-hatred, pure and simple.
  13. When will you do the same for Donald Trump’s social media posts!?!?!
  14. Connor Lamb is not the fraud you were, “growing” bone spurs to prove the chicken sheet coward you have always been.
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