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  1. The president has been working on Anarchy since he assumed the presidency 3 years ago, and quite successfully. That’s why we’re in the anarchic mess we’re in.
  2. Not too different with Trump here.
  3. Donald ”Stupid” Trump boasted of taking it. Since he lies so much you can’t tell if this is true. However, among the lockestep braindead kool-aid drinking lemmings among his base, many think this is a good thing to take for Covid-19. The limited tests shows that this is not something that should be done for this disease, whether it is effective for lupus or malaria. He is pushing something that may be harmful to his base.
  4. This is balanced by all the people leaving the red states’ bigotry and intolerance.
  5. I saw reports that social media has right wing groups talking about going to Minneapolis and spread mayhem. So they are in it to sow discord. And with protesters yesterday in DC, Maybe that’s what Trump meant by MAGA Night at the WH!
  6. Maybe their theory is the cop didn’t kill him because George Floyd had an underlying health condition: Breathing while black!
  7. The WHO? Does that mean you “Won’t Get Fooled Again”? you “Pinhead Gizzard!”
  8. Will you soon start on Trump’s new pet peeve, arresting as un-American those unmasking reporters and other who refuse to unmask!?!?
  9. When the GOP has closed every cupcake shop in the State but the handful owned by Donald Trump, you’re going to wait a long time in a long line in unsafe conditions. But the party that is “pro-life” does not care about American lives, and the 100,000+ have died in 3 months!
  10. Twitter will have no time to do anything by fact-check Donald Trump, Pathological-Liar in Chief!
  11. Well now we know what Trump can expect if/when he is tried and found guilty for all his treasonous behavior!
  12. Absentee mailing and Vote by mail are not synonymous, you lying hypocrite. Guess you are a natural blonde.
  13. Based on your comment, you seem to understand the main reason to wear a face mask in public is to protect others from the virus. Then it should be obvious to you that Donald Trump does not care about protecting others. This is the man who has people tested before they can approach him. The Morbidly-Obese Orange Hypocrite cares only about himself, nobody else, in this and everything else he says and does.
  14. Now we know the thought process leading to Trump’s/Alt Right Conspiracy theories against Obama, Hillary, Biden, whoever. Thanks Donald. As always, Trump accuses any opponent what he is guilty/accused of.
  15. A political bias towards being truthful!!!
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