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  1. Psychotic over psychotic Donald Trump!!! Who else can drive anyone crazy!?!
  2. Can you focus on your criminal President, and the crimes he is trying to get away with here?!? You appear to support him because he now claims to be pro-life, but he cares not a whit about the sanctity of life, I.e. locking a Irs in cages indefinitely. Anyway, his stance on abortion does not make him any less a criminal, and one whose criminal activity has him IMPEACHED FOREVER, who richly deserves to be removed from office. He and/or Putin has the GOP scared to continue to support his ongoing criminal activity. He is the Criminal In Chief nonetheless, at least for now.
  3. Shoveling Trump’s prodigious shheeet.....coming out from both orifices!!!
  4. This crazy Jerk is going on about Russia as our great enemy!! She then should follow he own logic, and declare Donald Trump a traitor. Trump has done nothing but to praise Putin and Russia at every opportunity. WORSE, Trump has done things that have been in the interest of Russia, not the United States. This idiot must be like Trump’s other low information fans; selective what they see that he does, dismiss everything. Consistency is not their strength!
  5. It tells people, “Stay away from me!!! I am an unthinking Effing Lunatic, like my Divine Leader!!!!”
  6. Let me flip Let me flip this to make it more accurate, as well as reference the 25th Amendment: THIS INSANE PRESIDENT NEEDS REMOVAL!!!
  7. IMPEACHMENT IS FOREVER!!! Donald Trump is raging over this, and will go to his grave knowing this to be true!!!! How does that Mastercard commercial go?!......PRICELESS!!!
  8. Sorry, here is a different type of clue: The female star, best known as a specialty performer, had a relatively short film career. The actor who played her husband, was a rising matinee idol at the studio. He would soon leave, however, to enlist his homeland early in WW 2. While he made the occasional film during the war, upon his return to Hollywood after the war, his career had definitely cooled. The two main crooks were popular character actor; the main one had also directed films, mostly in the silent era.
  9. Donald Trump, who keeps saying he and the GOP are protecting the ACÁ, and especially the preexisting conditions, have asked SCOTUS to slow-track their hearing the Trump Administration’s push to repeal it. They want the decision to come out next year, after the election. They don’t want the millions of the Trump base that will be impacted to know that they may lose their benefits, and have an opportunity to vote against Trump.
  10. Donald Trump lies about EVERYTHING!!! He repeats his lies to the point the brain dead deplorable base believe the lies!!!
  11. Munching and his boss need to learn about economics, especially about how tariffs work.
  12. I heard that Castro was on Hillary’s shortlist for her running mate. It might’ve given her enough for an edge, by exciting some people of color put off by an all white ticket after Obama, to overcome Trump/Putin targeting Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.
  13. Donald Rrump Donald Trump is contemptuous of the military, and our service people, no matter the lip service he gives, ever since he sprouted/lied about bone spurs. His actions speak louder than words, except in instances like here, where his words are in sync with his true feelings. Such a pathetic “Commander in Chief” !
  14. Flint Michigan, hundreds of thousands times over.
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