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  1. She is practicing her religion and culture, not advertising it, much less advertising being a “Suicide Bomber’!
  2. Donald Trump’s ban on flights from China, beside being full of holes, was also done for maximum effect to telegraph its racist basis to his racist base. It happened at a time when Europe was at the epicenter of the rapidly expanding coronavirus explosion, but Trump did NOTHING to ban flights from there.
  3. No turkey, ham or other Thanksgiving leftovers??
  4. Is this the book the Effing Moron willingly sat for interviews!?? What a Maroon!!
  5. Thanksgiving Day does indeed commemorate an early moment in the history of this country, shortly after the arrival of the undocumented English refugees. Native Americans shared what they had with the starving refugees. In turn, they were repaid by the stealing of their land, resources, women and way of life. Along with the introduction of race-based slavery, one of the original sins the white intruders brought to what became the US.
  6. So different from ANY statement made by Donald Trump about ANYTHING! He gave praise and glory to himself only!! To him, God was abstraction he’d use when speaking to his evangelical base, I.e, the photo op where he held the Bible upside down. Trump had much more affinity with the madmen rulers of history than with Abe Lincoln.
  7. Sounds like a statement that could’ve been made by that dangerous loon, Matthew Cawthorn.
  8. The Horror!! At least he is not giving billionaires tax breaks that don’t trickle down, unlike the Biggest Loser Effing Moron Donald Trump!!
  9. Republicans all! But then again, the alt-right conspiracy theory has it that Dems are cannibalistic pedophile satan worshippers, and some of the Alt-right conspiracy loons here actually believe that crap!!
  10. Then run away you jerk! Fir the good if the country!!
  11. Tristan Snell @TristanSnell Travis McMichael's whole story is unraveling on cross-examination. Now he's admitting that Ahmaud Arbery never pulled a weapon and never threatened him -- and that he "honestly cannot remember" if Arbery had a hold of McMichael's gun before McMichael shot him.
  12. The ones with the Nazi fascist authoritarian tendencies are Trump and his ilk. They are trying to dismantle our democracy, whether by coup or voter suppression laws. That the 2020 Election was stolen was The Big Lie!!
  13. So per the article, it says it took 10 months to say the Psaki said something false. By contrast, Sean Spicer was lying on behalf of Donald Trump from Day One, when he stated Trump’s inaugural crowds were the “biggest ever!!” Just the first of some 30,000 plus lies from Trump and co. In their tenure. AND they continue TO THIS DAY!! As prolific a poster as you are, on topics large and small, it seems surprising that you have never started a thread about any Trump lie, not even “The Big Lie!”
  14. The only thing conclusive about the Arizona election was that it was counted and certified correctly, even by your CyberNinja group, and YOU LOST!! You Effing Moron!!
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