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  1. Looks like Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman, “What Me Worry!?!” Look out for State AGs you jerk!!
  2. I was thinking that Trump reminded me of the Golden Fatted Cow!!! And of course the Bible used it to warn about worshiping false idols. Never more appropriate than here!!
  3. And Maskless, no less! So much for the “public health emergency”, of which the GOP continues to do its part to keep it ongoing!!??!!
  4. If it has never been more apparent, the Right’s conspiracy theories can be lethal to Americans!
  5. This isn’t rocket science. Streaming sites such as Netflix have plenty of great stuff to watch, and at a fraction of what satélite or cable charge.
  6. Now let’s see if the usual suspects here: MM, Nipkow, Jake, Ham, etc. get the memo, and more importantly, acknowledge the truth. Somehow I doubt it!
  7. How about Donald Trump’s Dawg, Steve Bannon. Now there was one worthless, and worthless-looking, mongrol POS! Mr. RT (Russian Times) Donald Jr. Obviously knows nothing about school. Probably had his diploma bought and paid for like his old man!!! Worthless and Criminal Failson of his Worthless and Criminal FailDad!!
  8. There is a meme where Cruz transforms into Al Lewis and back again. Too bad it’s more memory than I can paste here
  9. Sounds Feisty. Wonder what she told her hubby Ted when Donald called her a “Dog”, or whatever he said regarding her looks. Especially when Ted became a Trumpite in short order!
  10. They’re not going to go after the “AF1” model, just her husband. AF1 must be a form of skimpy lingerie Melania “modeled” before discarding it in her soft-porn features for some girl on girl action.
  11. Maybe Movie Madness can copy Marjorie Taylor Greene and can blame it on that Jewish Space Ray Gun, like she has with the California wildfires. On second thought, the heating up of the frozen Texas landscape with the Space Ray might’ve helped out. How the unregulated and largely fossil fuel energy industry in that State is not being blamed by MM shows he continues to buy into the alt right “talking points” aka outright lies.
  12. And Donald Trump had neither the experience nor the temperament to be POTUS. But you sent along with him 99% of the time!
  13. If anything the Trump’s Deranged Syndrome will be on display from the podium as soon as the Orange Fool opens his yap!!
  14. No worries....he’s been neck and neck for the biggest Trump aaaasssss— likker!!
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