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  1. Tom, This is true, but she had any number of roles where she was a manipulative schemer, including: SUMMER STORM (1944), where as a peasant girl she worked on prominent citizens George Sanders and Edward Everett Horton for material objects, love, even marriage. HANGOVER SQUARE (1945): In gaslit London, she worked on deranged composer Laird Cregar to write pop songs for her , even a musical comedy, instead of focusing on his concerto. A LETTER TO THREE WIVES (1949): As a girl from the wrong side of the tracks, She sets her sights on marrying her boss, Paul Douglas, instea
  2. I have not seen TWOJ on the Fox Movie Channel, at least not in this century. I found it some years ago online, a clean version apparently released in Spain only. I can only play it on my computer, since I don’t have an all-regions DVD player. At least two other Darnell films also had a similar release there only, in 2009. It appears that they were readied for general release everywhere, when Fox cancelled general releasing dvds of their classic films. THE WALLS OF JERICHO would be only one Darnell film that would make a great TCM premiere for Linda Darnell’s SOTM, imho.
  3. Nip, I’m not complaining, but you’ve turned this from the Peggy Ann Garner Appreciation Thread into the Gina Lollobrigida Appreciation Thread.
  4. I thought of a recent movie on TCM, THE TREASURE OF PANCHO VILLA (1955) with Gilbert Roland, Rory Calhoun, and Shelley Winters. Winters wears her poodle cut, totally anachronistic for a setting in the 1910’s. Yeah, the lower back looked flat, trying to convey that the supposed long hair was put up, in a bun-type of do. To no avail; it screams mid-century!
  5. So I remember this pic Tom posted a few years back, a still from the set of THE WALLS OF JERICHO, with Linda still sporting the lighter hair color. I pasted the post here, but the pic is now a link. You can see the pic in the original post on Page 30 of this thread. On 12/14/2015 at 1:31 AM, TomJH said: http://i1065.photobucket.com/albums/u382/tomboy38/tomboy38148/walls%20of%20jericho-set_zps4prnsmqn.jpg I found this shot of Linda on the set of The Walls of Jericho that I thought might interest you, Arturo, in case you hadn't seen it before. Looks like Ki
  6. Linda Darnell had her hair dyed a reddish blonde for the role of Amber. It was done gradually before the start of filming, and milked for its publicity value. There are stills of Linda in fittings trying out some of the elaborate costumes, where her hair is still its normal brunette color. Once she had the new color, she didn’t really care for it, despite the likes of Louella Parsons opining that the new look made Darnell suddenly more “interesting” somehow. She was required to have it that color through the premiere of the film, not only in the US, but also in England and France. In fa
  7. Ok, with less than 3 years, I need to revive my campaign for Linda Darnell as SOTM, updated for her 100th birthday in 2023. I decided on this upon stumbling on TCM’s schedule, with a showing of ZERO HOUR tomorrow. I will start with upcoming showings of several Darnell films in the next few days. TCM: TUESDAY, December 1, 2020, @ 1:30pm est, 10:30 am pst. ZERO HOUR (1957). Low-budget programmer with Linda Darnell reteaming with Dana Andrews. She plays estranged wife to his PTSD -suffering WW2 fighter pilot, forced to fly a plane after pilot and copilot fall ill from life-e
  8. The Biden Vaccine to counter the Trump Covid
  9. Maybe that’s why Donald Trump was super careful with his dainty delicate steps down ramps.
  10. She looks like a shorter, slightly heavier Betty Grable.
  11. So NOW you hope people chosen by the President have expertise!!??!! Unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden can both choose someone for their expertise AND increase appointees more closely representative of this county’s diversity. Trump chose very few, if any, people that were qualified. They were chosen to do Trump’s bidding, whether to root out civil servants not sufficiently loyal to the Orange Furher, or to cripple the agency of its core mission, or both. Some of you seem to prefer the latter, since you cannot abide by people in the WH that closely mirror the country, as opposed to being mostl
  12. I doubt Nip could get that big or remain that big on the usual can of tuna or sardines.
  13. This reminds me of the Pan Pacific Auditorium which was used in SUSPENSE. This beautiful Streamline-Modern design was burned in the 1980s by an arsonist; the surrounding neighborhoods had many people who didn’t want it restored, due to traffic it brought when there was an event there. All that were left were the iconic sails in the facade. I remember the week it burned, I saw a movie at a theater in the general vicinity, and there was a scene which used the actual bldg as backdrop, and even included people holding up signs saying “Save the Pan-Pacific”. There was a collective groan from th
  14. I made TWO complete Thanksgiving meals this year. One I made last Sunday, for my people at work. Due to neither the lunchroom nor the conference room being big enough for us to be there while socially distanced, I divided the meal in two, taking half for one group on Monday, the rest on Tuesday. Everybody seemed to like it, although I thought the huge turkey came out too dry. I even made a vegan Green Bean Casserole for a couple of my workers, which meant I also made a vegan cream of mushroom soup. Tasted ok. I will probably make the remaining turkey in mole today. Thursday, m
  15. Biden basically owes Clyburn the presidency, along with the tens of Millions of African-Americans who voted despite all the voter suppression and raging pandemic. Clyburn’s endorsing Biden just before the South Carolina primary breathed life into Biden’s campaign, allowing the centrist Biden to beat the leftist candidates like Warren and Sanders. This spoiled Trump’s game plan, to tar the Dems as Socialists. This, along with Donald’s inaction on the Pandemic, got Biden the largest number of votes cast for an American presidential candidate, along with a landslide in the electoral college.
  16. NONE!! Trump’s **** and SHARTS were fired directly into his Depends Diaper. More likely, they were not fired since they were likely involuntary, unless they were of the explosive type. No wonder the Orange Effing Moron is always in a bad mood!!!
  17. Unfortunately, neither you nor hanradio’s sugestions will fly wiill Biden. Unlike Trump , Biden will pick fully competent people that are subject matter experts in their appointed fields. Trump, otoh, often picked people for their partisan loyalty to him, or he happened to see them on tv. Usually incompetent and unknowledgeable at best, or at worst, actively hostile to the mission of their appointments. Thank God for Biden’s landslide win, because the country couldn’t survive another 4 years of Trump and his cronies!
  18. Hopefully, if Iran decides Israel was responsible, they won’t retaliate and give Trump the excuse to attack Iran, something he has been itching to do in his last days as President!
  19. Perfect quote for that Pathological Liar, In-League-With the Devil Anti-Christ Donald Trump!! Thank you!
  20. LOSER!!!! Who was it that said, “ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES!”??!! Well said!
  21. Bigger turkeys are next, after pardoning the lying turkey Michael Flynn. He may try to self-pardon the biggest lying crooked turkey of them all!!!
  22. Let’s do you first, you Traitor!!!
  23. I think Donald Sr. and Melania, Eric and Lara, Don Jr. and Kimberly, may give them substantial competition. All are in the Top Five.
  24. Maybe he can go next door from the Four Seasons and pick up some Stormy Daniels dvds.
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