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  1. You must’ve missed Donald Trump gingerly walking DOWN a ramp at a 5 degree angle, one teeny careful step after another. Or Donald Trump needing both of his teeny tiny T. Rex hands to hold and drink from a glass of water. We won’t even get into his lovesick cow eyes for fellow criminal autocratic dictators Kim Jung-Un or Vladimir Putin who.
  2. Man will ADAPT!!? This coming from someone who denies the science of man-induced and accelerating climate change!! You and your side REFUSE to invest in technology and policies that will help the situation. How will we adapt when politicians in the world’s richest country stupidly politicize this, convincing their stupid followers that this is Fake News and “no big deal”, and stupidly bury their heads in the sand??!!??
  3. Yes your last statement may be close to the truth!!! With no polar ice caps., sea levels will rise several hundreds of feet above their current levels. This will flood all costal areas, including many cities, around the world. Plus world patterns of ocean currents, atmospheric winds and precipitation will be disrupted far beyond what the most dire foreseeable consequences of the current climate change. Our civilization and our ways of life will be altered in ways which may endanger our very existence. It may be nothing new to you, but the last time the earth was like this, humans ha
  4. The MAIN DIFFERENCE THIS TIME, is that the climate change is being caused largely due to man’s burning of fossil fuels. Not Rocket Science, but science denyers, especially those from areas that refuse to stop mining or drilling fossil fuels, deny the science here!!
  5. Not as much as Donald Trump loved fellow criminal despotic autocrat Vladimir Putin!
  6. Donald Trump wants us to know that HE and HIS Minions are this country’s biggest threat, and he doesn’t want to be second!!
  7. Let’s just say Europe remembers how the rise of Hitler and other fascist regimes happened, as well as other totalitarian governments there. They saw the rise of Donald Trump in this light, and were horrified at the prospect of a destabilized America for the world. Of course Trump and his ally Putin wanted there to be a destabilized Europe, and Putin wanted the US destabilized also. Trump was giving Putin both. Europe, and most American administrations (Trump’s being the exception) have embraced the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance for their long-term stability, which has been the case fo
  8. Democracy is always in peril when the deplorable population fall for fascist authoritarian charlatans like Donald Trump and his sychophants. Their refusal to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, plus enacting restrictive voter suppression laws, are sure signs of the blatant and ongoing attack on our democracy.
  9. She has the intellect of a one-cell amoeba. From her viewpoint there has been no evolution since then.
  10. There’s a typo in the headline. Instead of DUMPING, that should read HANGING. But we already knew that!
  11. It’s not just from his neighbor anymore!!
  12. Yes, like staging a coup against our democracy, trying to lynch your supplicant of a VP, etc.
  13. Yeah you LOST by 8 MILLION VOTES, you Effing Moron!!! Not A bad thing at all!!
  14. Hahahahaha!!! Guess you never heard of green energy.
  15. Are you friggin serious!??! First of all, Biden has made vaccines available to all adults, and most children, in RECORD TIME!! Trump would've had one of his corrupt political cronies, likely the one who put the most grease in Trump,,'s pudgy palms in his short fat hands. We would have maybe 20% of the public vaccinated by now, again going first to those who can pay the most....in other words, business as usual for the Trump Administration. All this to say that the economy would still be mostly closed, and the pandemic raging, if Trump had been re-elected.. Since last year we have been
  16. I think everyone will clear out if they know fartazz is waddling in lol
  17. Trump’s properties probably got bed bugs from getting his bedding from this doofus!
  18. What needs to be done is a commission on Donald Teump’s politically-motivated response to the Covid-19 Virus, AT EVERY TURN!! 600,000 Americans are dead largely due to his actions, reactions and inactions as the Pandemic ramped up through his denialism.
  19. Still trying to blame and deflect to others for YOUR MASSIVE SND WILLFUL FAILURE with Covid, you Biggest Loser Effing Moron!!!
  20. What’s the definition of insanity!?!?
  21. “String me up, kick the stool from under me! Do me again my lord!!”
  22. The ones I remembered were from the late 60s and 70s. More modern than those in you pics Dargo .
  23. The malt shops have also featured in many films going back at least to the 1930s; I believe a scene there was derigeur in the Andy Hardy programmers. With the rise of films catering to teenagers, they proliferated in these movies.
  24. Or something MUCH Bigger, I’m guessing. Pucker Up Cawthorne!!
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