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  1. Hope the finale is in its original technicolor. When aired a few years ago TCM showed it in black and white. TCMs description of the film mentions that the finale will be shown in its original technicolor. We shall see.
  2. Just watched the 1930 film "Hell's Angels" with its color sequence and tinted sequences. However when the zeppelin explodes the tinting remained blue. I recall that in previous airings that the tinting turned orange/red during the explosion. Also the intermission wording isn't original. Originally the intermission was stated as "Intermission 10 minutes" and had the same type font as the opening credits. Now it's a more modern type font that simply says "Intermission." What gives?
  3. The Green Goddess (1930) with George Arliss. Simply because George Arliss was the greatest actor of his day and virtually forgotten today. Also because this was the only time in the history of film where an actor competed against himself as "best actor" in the academy awards. The Green Goddess is a bit of a tongue-in-cheek film where a British hating potentate (George Arliss) plans on executing three innocent victims who crash land in his kingdom. And the last line of the film is a gem!
  4. Just caught "The Lottery Bride" (1930) with the finale in its original technicolor. Probably the first time on tv in technicolor! Also enjoyed "The Trespasser" with Gloria Swanson. Probably one of the best days in TCM's history.
  5. I enjoyed "The King's Vacation". I'd say it is a sweet and sentimental film although George Arliss is just a bit subdued compared to his other films. TCM occasionally airs George Arliss films ... but never for the sake of George Arliss. It is always because of an upcoming star making an appearance or possibly because of an academy award nomination. It would be great if TCM would have a George Arliss day (or even a month devoted to his films) simply for the sake of George Arliss ... a very popular actor in his day.
  6. "Adventure in Iraq" is ok .... however "The Green Goddess" with George Arliss is actually a much more entertaining film. No one can hold a candle to Arliss when trying to follow in his footsteps. The closing lines of both films are close, but not quite identical ... in "The Green Goddess", Arliss says "damn nuisance"; in "Adventure in Iraq" the phrase said is "blasted nuisance."
  7. "Show Girl in Hollywood" (1930) finally aired ... after approximately thirteen years. And anyone who missed this thread most likely missed the film. It's an entertaining bit of film history. Too bad the finale is no longer in its original technicolor.
  8. It's been two weeks since this supposed upgrade. Is "Suggest A Movie" ever going to return? We were told that it would. However no one at TCM seems to be in any rush to bring it back. I used the "Suggest A Movie" feature occasionally and I thought the TCM folks reviewed "Suggest A Movie" on a regular basis.
  9. I agree .... please return "Suggest A Movie" and the Three Month Advance film schedule! Thank you.
  10. I don't particularly care for this new format. However I guess we can get used to anything. My question: is "Suggest A Movie" still available? That's an excellent feature and hopefully not discarded.
  11. Very disappointing that the finale aired in black & white....especially when it exists in its original technicolor.I don't understand why a film would be copied completely in black & white when it has aired in color in the past.
  12. I've never seen HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD, but am looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully the last few minutes will be in technicolor as originally seen back in 1934. Every Arliss film I've seen has been good ... even fun to watch. He has a certain charisma that can lift a film out of the ordinary.
  13. The print needs to be cleaned up. Sound is a bit scratchy. However Arliss is entertaining as always. The film kept my interest. George Arliss knew the role easily since he played it on stage for five years.
  14. George Arliss is an excellent, yet seemingly forgotten, actor. His films are always entertaining and interesting. It should be noted that "The House of Rothschild" originally had its last few minutes in technicolor (which still exists.) Hopefully the film will air that way next week. Another George Arliss film in which he was nominated as best actor for the 1929-30 season is "The Green Goddess". It was actually filmed before "Disraeli", yet held out of release until a few months after "Disraeli" was in theaters. "The Green Goddess" was a popular stage play in the 1920's where Arliss plays
  15. Here's a few more: THE ROGUE SONG (1930) (a few minutes exist) LEATHERNECKING (1930) GOOD NEWS (1930) ... color finale is lost CHASING RAINBOWS (1930) ... color sequences (about 20 minutes worth of film) are lost.
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