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  1. Thank you both for replying to my request.....I just ordered Eyes Without a Face ......and look forward to seeing that one....and will look into the other ones as well....even if they turn out to not be the exact movies....I will enjoy watching some great old movies either way.... I do have the movie Hotel Horror....with Christopher Lee....is the City of Dead different movie....or they just use the same title?......thanks
  2. Hello Ive been trying unsuccessfully for many years to find 2 old horror movie titles...Movies that I saw on t.v. as a kid. Hoping I would be able to find the movies and be able to watch them again. One is an old witch movie. I remember it being about a young woman and there was a school and there were witches in the cellar of the school. I thought it was Horror Hotel but it isnt. Im guessing the movie was from the 1950s or about that era. The other old horror movie was about a man/doctor who's wife or love of his life had a disfigured face and he would kill beautiful women and try to use their faces and transplant them onto his wife's disfigured one. He kept failing at it. I wish I had more information but that is all that I can remember. Perhaps something Ive mentioned will ring a bell to someone. Thanks so much for all and any help.
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