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  1. yes that's it ! great movie sometimes i can't believe Billy Wilder directed this film now there's a story there folks l'm sure. Now its your turn.
  2. all good clues but atlas nope!.. a very rare film recently a while back on tcm with a guest programer, also can't get film on dvd or vcr tape never issued .. clue a parasol with a genuine ivory handle.
  3. clue - the germans world war 2 an Inn bed & breakfast in the desert.
  4. "Rice pudding in Egypt one never knows whether its raisins or flies"
  5. I hate to spoil the thought of time travel but it might be an old fashioned hearing aid up to the women's ear.
  6. I am looking forward to this seven nite mini series with my big bowl of popcorn in front of my tv on a fall evening.
  7. I loved him in an episode on the original "Hawaii 5 0" when he played opposite his mother actress Helen Hayes the "madam" of the threatre. Miss Hayes played his aunt clara who helps him and McGarret solve a murder. Priceless! One last time i just gotta say this! "Bookum Danno"
  8. I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Safe, Healthy, Happy holiday season and a bright new year 2008. jrabideau formerly~loliteblue~ TCM your the best!..... our boards are the best anywhere!.....
  9. I loved last nite on TCM ! It was like getting a holiday gift from TCM. William Wellman jr was simply fantastic to listen to ! It was so nice of him to give us some stories, my favorite story he told was the fishing story glad he caught the big fish ! Ha-ha quite a fish story..... Loved all the precodes ! My goodness!.... cinematic gems all of them . I couldn't stay awake for Frisco Jenny please TCM show it again. The later movie "Madame X" with Lana Turner made such an impact on me as a young person ! I would love to see "Frisco Jenny" to see if the precode film givesm
  10. thanks! Kyle I will make note of it.
  11. I'm enjoying the William Wellman tribute this month. Unfortunately i missed the documentary shown on TCM Dec 5th, i hope they replay it before the month is out. When TCM debuted THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY his son who played the sleeping child in the plane throughout the film,spoke of his dad, his recollections of his movie debut. I have several favorites: 1. The lady of bursleque starring Barbara Stanwyck 2. The high and the mighty starring John Wayne 3. A star is born starring Fredrick Marsh & Janet Gaynor My favorite version!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. The Plane in the sky
  12. This pass weekend on netflix on instant viewing I watched the film "Heaven knows Mr. Allison" i have always watched this film in black -n- white. My first time seeing this film in color, was a treat!... I truly admire the chemistry between Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitchum. In the film i could tell that Miss Kerr was a generous actress to Robert Mitchum in every scene she keeps him included sometimes when you play a religious character in film it sticks out there on the screen. It just does!.... Miss Kerr (its hard to talk about her in the past tense) is and always will be a class act!.
  13. Frank, your welcome back was great! thanks much appreciated you took the time to acknowledge a new friend.
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