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  1. Holly_Golightly - That's exactly like me, i started to watch all of Audrey Hepburn movies and now I'm in love with Katharine Hepburn here are some of my favorites : Christopher strong Adams rib Philadelphia Holiday Woman of the year Pretty much every movie of hers will be good so i hope you enjoy them, tell me if any become one of your favorites. Message was edited by: Jess_Martini Message was edited by: Jess_Martini Message was edited by: Jess_Martini
  2. There are so many to choose from. I feel like a child in a candy store, i dont know where to start But I wanted to say THANKS to everyone
  3. Thanks ill take all these movies into consideration
  4. Charade is allready one of my favorites and gone with the is also very good so i know you have good taste
  5. Hello tcm people, im am interested in watching some more classic films would you please list five of your all time favorite classic movies. Message was edited by: Jess_Martini
  6. Doris Day Cary grant with Hepburn or Spencer Tracy with Hepburn Message was edited by: Jess_Martini
  7. made a mistake sorry Message was edited by: Jess_Martini
  8. I just watched that movie today, its quite amusing.
  9. http://maculato.pardo.ch:81/onlinepictures/press2003/eventi_speciali/ev_hepburn/katharine_hepburn1.jpg
  10. Thanks a lot, i saw the beginning and wanted to watch the rest and couldn't remember the name so thanks
  11. does anyone know the title of this movie were you can choose out of three destinations to the western times, roman times and i forgot the third but in the movie all the people in those times are robots or something and then something goes wrong with the robots. the movie isn't that old its about 50-70 and its in color. if you can help thanks Message was edited by: Jess_Martini
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