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  1. Watched a movie several times as a child and can't find the name of it. Set in a big city (possibly NY) and underneath one of the buildings is a spaceship they have found. Inside the space ship are giant grasshoppers (if I remember correctly). If I remember correctly, the grasshoppers emitted some sort of mind control. Back there it scared the tar out of us. I have tried to remember the name of this movie for years and cannot.
  2. Do you know if this film is even available anymore? I'd love to see if it is the movie you named. I have looked for years for a way to find the name - I really do appreciate it.
  3. Years ago (at least 30) I watched, what was then, an "old" movie. I never got to see the name of the movie and have for years tried to find the name, but have been unsuccessful. I don't remember any of the actors or actresses, but the premise of the movie is a follows: War ship comes to an island that is inhabited by a man and his 3 (?) daughters - each daughter falls in love with officers on the ship. The movies tells about the relationships and the war both. The girls had never been around men, so parts of the movie were funny, but beyond that I couldn't tell you anything more. Doe
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