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  1. Hi all. As you might recall from my earlier post that I am a new Vic Morrow fan. I was captivated by the absolutely phenominal job he did (in my opinion) as Artie West in Blackboard Jungle. So I've started watching other performances (I've ordered Men at War and Glass House but they haven't arrived yet) that have come on TCM. So far I've watched Cimarron (it was fun seeing he and Glenn Ford together again) and the Bad News Bears. From what I've seen and the research I've done it seems that Vic mainly played bit parts. Yes, he has a catalog of work to his name but other than Combat and maybe one or two others there doesn't seem to be much of anything offered to him that had substance. This floors me because he obviously had tremendous talant and, in the 50's & 60's anyway, had to looks to make it as a leading man. What happened? Why didn't he make it like say Tom Cruise? Let's take Cimarron for example. Even the kid who died had a bigger role than Vic did and I don't get that...and I have a feeling the only reason he was in the movie at all was because of Glenn Ford. Glenn should have lobbied for him to have a bigger part (IMO) :)


    I understand why Vic may have turned to drinking (if that's true...I read it somewhere). I mean it would be very frustrating to want to be a big time actor, have the talent and looks to back you up, and only get offered bit parts or typecast "bad guy" roles. I now understand why he thought The Twilight Zone movie was so great...he thought of it as finally something more than a bit part.What a shame...I just don't get it.


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  2. Thanks for posting the photos of Victor! I am a new fan and am currently checking out movies he was in. He was a real cutie in the 50's and 60's but I must agree, he didn't age well from what I've seen. I watched Blackboard Jungle again the other night and it seems like each time I watch it I notice something new. For example, did anyone else notice that during the scene were they were watching Jack and the Beanstalk Vic's character was sitting at his desk fiddling around with the knife he pulls on Glen's character just a few scenes away? Was that put in on purpose? I mean why wouldn't the teacher take the knife away then instead of just letting him carve into the desk?

  3. Not sure these were mentioned but I'm not going back through all the pages to see so I'll list them here:

    1. River Phoenix

    2. John Belushi

    3. Glenn Quinn (A.K.A. Mark Healy on Roseanne)


    All from drug overdoses


    and let's not forget...John Ritter.....heart attack

  4. One more note...I'm looking into buying a few of the films suggested and when I type in "Vic Morrow" undoubtedly "The Twilight Zone" appears. Of course this is heart gushing considering the facts but part of me thinks I should buy it because he gave his life for it...if that makes sense...anyone seen it? What are your thoughts?



    How were they able to finish the movie since he died making it? Was that the last scene or something?

  5. Thank you for the movie suggestions, I will definately be checking out more of Vic's work. He caught my eye for sure...such talent!


    I'm wondering if Jennifer Jason Leigh chose to change her name, in part at least, because Vic wasn't really a part of her life. This is speculation of course but speaking from personal experience with my own dad, when parents divorce, a lot of times the fathers tend to drift away from their children. I'm not saying that's the case here but I do wonder. I too chose to drop my dad's last name a few years after my folks divorced because my dad wasn't a real part of my life at that point. If that's the case with Jennifer I understand her decision. If that was the case Vic should have been more understanding of her decision.


    As for Vic being somewhat jealous or resentful of Jen's career (sorry, I can't remember which one said that) I must respectfully disagree. First of all Vic died in 1982 and Jen's career just took off after "Fast Times..." which was in the mid eighties I believe so that would not have been a factor in their estrangement. Besides I'm sure he would have been proud nonetheless.


    I read that Jennifer and Carrie sued John Landis...is this correct?


    Thanks for taking time to read and respond to my posts. :)

  6. Thanks for the replies and the welcome. I am a movie fan so I'm glad I found this site. As for Jennifer Jason Leigh....I've seen a lot of her films. I knew of her before Vic morrow since she was more in my time than he was. Yes, she has talent and is a good actress. She's not one of my favorites though and some scenes in a few of her movies are rather...unneccessary I guess is the word. Maybe I'm old fashioned. I wonder what Vic would think. I know he'd be proud overall but still. I find it ironic she was trying to escape the "Vic Morrow's kid" label when anyone looking at her would know instantly as I did. How funny. And let's face it, it was people knowing he was her dad that got her foot in the acting door. I'm curious to know why they were estranged...and what about his other daughter, Carrie, is she an actress too?


    As for Vic...he showed tremendous talent from the start. I look forward to viewing more of his work.

  7. Hi all. I am new to the forums. My recent research on Vic Morrow brought me here. I am in my early thirties and am a teacher. My mom requested that I watch "Blackboard Jungle" since it depicts many of the issues I face. I was captivated by Vic Morrow. As I watched it though I kept saying to myself, "I know that face from somewhere" and then it hit me...Jennifer Jason Leigh! There is no denying she is his daughter for they look so much alike!


    After researching Vic Morrow I'm questioning why he and Jennifer were estranged. Does anyone know? I can't believe he only left her $100 bucks...seems cold to me.


    He was quite talented and incredibly handsome though!!!!

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