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  1. I found it odd that they aired most of his talkies, but only 2 of his vastly superior silent films.
  2. "And it mystifies me as to how anyone could ever find Laurel and Hardy funny (though, next to Red Skelton, anyone would seem funny)." - Back Lot Bard It mystifies me as to how anyone could NOT find Laurel and Hardy funny. My logic is just as good as yours.
  3. Laurel and Hardy were hillarious, and anyone who disagrees has a defective sense of humor.
  4. Just because there are exeptions to certain generalizations doesn't completely render such generalizations invalid. It is an observable fact that as a whole the two sexes have different tastes in certain things. Yes, there are overlaps, there are boys who like to play with dolls and there are girls who like to play with toy guns , for example, but that isn't the norm.
  5. "And if a new generation is introduced to them, what's so wrong with that? " They should be introduced via the real thing, not this abomination.
  6. "Racism = Prejudice plus Power, which is why people of color can be prejudiced but not racist." What total BS. Anybody can be racist. You're sycophantic double talk can't change that. The dictionary defines racism as "the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races." This has nothing to with "power" (and now that, B. Hussein is the president, you can't quite make this claim anymore.). You just hate white people so much, that you think that they are the only ones capable of racism.
  7. {...} Message was edited by: TCMWebAdmin Personal Attack
  8. {...} Message was edited by: TCMWebAdmin Personal Attack
  9. This film was an uneasy mixing of broad, obvious humor with broad, obvious melodrama. What garbage.
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