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  1. Yes, I know proper spelling is ‘Thought’, but who would have thought that a film entitled ‘Mississippi Mermaid’ would be a French film with subtitles? I truly Tried to enjoy all of the Truffaut films. And no, I’m normally not someone who minds a subtitled film, but now I feel TCM truly missed a Marketing Strategy when they failed to advertize 'Speak Fluent French' after their past months of airing their lineup of films. Not to mention the possibility to at least understanding Japanese much better. Please allow me to explain since being given a condition called, ‘Adhesive Arachnoiditis’ ten years ago, with Extremely Severe Pain as the number one symptom, and sleep deprivation a close second, it has robbed me of my ability to read for extended periods. So with Hours, Days, Weeks being devoted to Subtitled films, my ability to enjoy TCM as I usually do, has truly and sadly suffered as well. And I DO Love My TCM!--- I can Honestly, and Sincerely say that TCM Saved My Life! But honestly, can TCM say that airing so many subtitled films so close to each other is needed? Or, airing Repeats of those same films within days of each other was? I’m someone who loves a good film, subtitled or not. But I do wonder how many other viewers turn the channel anytime they see subtitles? I’m simply saying ‘Nothing is good in excess!’ (And Please, before anyone writes that I'm merely being pety? Please attempt to Understand Adhesive Arachnoiditis, - Love TCM as I do, depending upon it, - then, WISH they were physically able to be enjoying what's being aired. Thanks!) Edited by: richteas on Aug 12, 2013 11:41 AM
  2. Let me start by saying I know Many of you will say "It's not a real Western.", but, it was! "*Little House on the Prairie* is an American Western drama television series" - Wikipedia And for any Western Series showing the Realer side of Life in the "Old Days", The country, town, and Family life, Little House beats all the rest Hands Down in my book! But for the Shoot'em up Style- That Sunday Night Classic 'Bonanza' was a childhood fav. Your entire list is Wonderful. 'Wagon Train', 'Lawman', and Paladin in 'Have Gun Will Travel' - is Excellant, and so many more. Though the Only One that ever Touched My Heart....was, 'Little House on the Prairie'. And God Bless Michael Landon for his work on it!
  3. Born in '55 I was a bit younger than 8, but I definately remember Duck and Cover. (That Joke!) I'd like to address Sanfins and Russians being called fatalistic. I'm not sure they are, Perhaps realists instead. Much like The American Dream is largely a lie. Especially now. Back in the 50's and 60's there was a chance, but today? Hardly! Unless you're willing to be one of the Greedy ones. Attending a Catholic Grade School myself at the time, Yes, the nuns did make us duck under our desks, but in that old brick and wood building, Nothing would have saved us. And if it does happen today...we might as well go outside and enjoy...The Flash
  4. I realize I'm posing this long after the original post, I also didn't realize the thread was here when I posted a thread called 'North by Northwest...NOT'. But I do still have other questions I keep asking myself. 1. Why, when Mr. Townsend is stabbed in the back and begins falling face first into Cary's arms, does Cary put one arm across Townsends chest, and then reaches around to grab the knife as if it's some type of handle? A handle meant to assist in lowering a body to the floor? I can't help but think the average person would lower the victim by placing a hand under each arm. 2. The farmer, waiting for the bus does point out that the crop duster is dusting where there are no crops. But why is he dusting AT ALL? It looks all the world as though 99.9% of all crops in the area (corn) has already been picked! And the only .1%, or the only standing corn, the area into which Cary runs for cover is brown and dry. Just waiting to be picked. This is NOT the time when a field of corn (or any crop) would ever be dusted. Not in the fall/autumn! 3. And at the house, that Beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright style house, when Cary is sitting on narrow wooden beams, how does he come up with the small stones to throw at the window? Unless the deck or patio is surfaced with gravel, (which is highly doubtful for that home) there is no way those stones would ever be there. I guess I just need to stop watching this one. Apparently I've seen it so many times that I've 'picked it' to death. I noticed someone wrote earlier that "suspension of disbelief is sometimes needed". But I think it's more that "Belief needs suspending." I do still Love the film though. But oh these questions!
  5. The Red Pony- a delightful movie! BUT- It fails to teach some very obvious and very important lessons in it's making. To not teach children that actions have consequences, and then to teach children that it's ok to blame others for things they themselves have caused, are some rather sad lessons for a movie. First, the boy is told to teach his pony to open doors is not a good idea. Then the pony opens those doors and gets sick as a direct result. But the boy is allow to doubt that the pony had been put in. Wrong thing to do. It should have been pointed out the pony became wet, and sick from being taught to open doors. The the second time the pony 'escapes', it does so over top of the sleeping boy. Yet again, the boy is allowed to blame 'the other guy' for something that is obviously his fault. He was watching the pony wasn't he? The pony stepped over Him didn't it? Why the parents, grandfather, or the hired hand failed to point this out to the boy might be blamed on poor writing in the script. But for any parent not to point this out to their own children while watching the movie would be a huge error in my opinion. Your Actions Do Have Consequences. You are Responsible for them! And finally, To even think of blaming others for your mistakes not only wrongs the other person, but it fails to teach you the lesson that needs to be learned. Two more mistakes! So, that's why I think this 'delightful movie' falls short in some important areas. I hope parents read this and agree. Not to teach these lessons, that to me stand out so obviously, would be another sad mistake in it self. To often children do fail to learn these important lessons and go on to blame others all their lives for problems they caused. So this movie is a perfect movie to point out these errors. Or in other words... 'The Red Pony', a good movie about what NOT to do!
  6. I'll vote for Asta! How many dogs could ride a large mirror to the floor with a hat in his mouth? Just how did he get up there behind that mirror? And playing 'hide and seek' the way he does..... Yes, he's wonderful!
  7. "Unethical? What's that got to do with business?"
  8. As long as we're here discussing it, I too would Thank Brett for all the Great Years here in Wisconsin. It caught me by surprise only in that last year he was saying he had a very talented and very young team to work with. He proved that this year. Too bad he didn't stick with it/them to show us all what two years as a group could/would do. As to whether he changes his mind.... either way he's entertained us and I Thank Him from the bottom of my heart. And as to whether this subject is "Off Topic"? Wait a few years and our grandkids will be watching a movie on TCM from the early 2000's with Brett as the Subject Matter. So you see, it isn't off topic at all. Just a few years premature is all. I wonder who they'll pick to play the lead? God, aren't the movies great? Even the ones they haven't made yet!!! You Go Brett!!! With LOVE Richard T.
  9. I've seen thoughts on holding it on the East Coast, The West Coast, in Atlanta (because that's where 'Turner' got his start), and someone had a great idea of holding in a more Centrally Located Spot. Well, here's another thought. If it were to be held in the summer, how about the Northwoods of Wisconsin with such places as Dillinger's 'Little Bohemia Lodge' where he and Baby Face Nelson hungout (amongst others)? And yes, there was a huge FBI shootout there.Then there's Al Capone's 'Hideout' a little west of there with it's Machine Gun Tower, Bunk House, Jail Cell, and even a Museum. Both places have websites. Of course, depending on the size and number of people, the actual location would have to be worked out. But Northern Wisconsin with all it's lakes, lodges, and landmarks would be a very "cool" place indeed. And I'd be willing to bet much more inexpensive than "The Cities". Oh well, just a thought.....
  10. I just noticed that 'The Mating of Millie' is to air again (and about time) on 4-27-08 at 9 am. I'm hoping that anyone who enjoyed it, or is interested, might see this and not to miss it. And I want to Thank TCM for giving it another run. It's definately worth the 87 minutes.
  11. Woof is right! The results would be good for a HORROR Film. "Wimper Millie! bark GROWL whine! translation follows.... (Sorry Millie, no insult intended)
  12. Hello Everyone! Born mid 50's, raised 60's and 70's, is it just me or is it that I've apparently just never ingested enough Shrooms to enjoy 'Tommy'? I love the music. But the "Opera" on film seems one of the worse attempts at an acid trip ever put to film. The Beatles and others did a much better job. I'm not trying to offend anyone, I would just like to know what others think. Happy New Year Movie Lovers!!! Rich
  13. Is there a way to get this movie replayed? I've seen some so often I can quote lines as they're spoken. Unfortunately the Oct. viewing of 'The Mating of Millie' was my first, and it would appear, my last. That someone would marry in order to adopt an orphaned child seems extreme, but incredibly loving as well. And at times I laughed so hard it hurt. I would really love a replay of this one. Is there a way to make / request that it happen?
  14. Let me begin by saying I love the film. However, after watching all the ads building up to it's showing and 'The Making of..." I just have to point out the obvious for any adult who for the last 48 years, and any youth today, that think Mount Rushmore is 'North by Northwest' of Manhatten N.Y. It is NOT North by Northwest! It isn't even Northwest. Nor is it West Northwest. It would be in fact West by West Northwest. You travel 8 times as far west as you do north to get to Mount Rushmore. 1550 miles west and 138 miles north. Now someone's going to do the quick math and say that's not 8 times. But please keep in mind that with Longitude, the further north you go the fewer miles per degree. Some of you are thinking I'm pushing the issue too far. But I've run across people who think Wisconsin is on the East Coast. I can't help but think there are those who think the title of the movie is correct, it's not. Yes, it sounds nice. But it is not correct. There was a reason some of us had Geography Classes and I for one think they need to bring them back. It is a great Hitchcock Movie though.
  15. Great eyes PK. I'm new to the forums here but that was a great catch. I really admire people who notice the small details like that, and I will be checking it out. Though I do believe you. And if you don't mind me saying it, I loved 'The Mating of Millie'. Hope they replay it soon.
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