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  1. alas patful, no it wasn't a comedy. It was more of a drama than that.
  2. jez, I think you're right, I was worried that it would have words in the movie, but you're right, the enitre movie was done in pantomime. thanks! I belive this is the movie I saw...
  3. I'm looking for a movie (french?) that was a three part movie, I dont' remember the other two parts very well, but the story that captured my attention was this: In a Circus, a high wire artist and a clown are in competition for the love of a woman. and at the end of the story, the clown attempts to walk across a high wire, falls, and, dying puts the woman's hand in the high wire's. very touching. please help
  4. Thank you vallo for your help! I look forward to talking to you again
  5. any luck on that title, CineSage? btw the channel I used to watch was in Sacramento, channel 40's LaBrie's waterbed movie theater. Used to play movies from the 30's and 40's back in the 70s...
  6. by golly it looks like it thank you! you've made it possible to watch a movie I haven't seen in over 30 years. thank you!
  7. When I was a young boy, I used to stay up through the dark night on fridays and saturdays to watch old old films on my local UHF station. One time I watched a movie and I forget the title, but it was about an aviator that kept going higher and higher on flights. and he discovers the stratosphere, ends up wearing by the end of the film a helmet so he can get air The movie is from the 30s and its in Black and White. please help me find the title to this movie? thanks
  8. I'm looking for a particular film that Humphrey Bogart did back in the day. He and two other men (trying to think of one of them wasn't Peter Lorre) escape from Devils Island to the mainland. they hide in a man's home while trying to make a getaway. Can ANYone help me with finding this film??
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