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  1. >A wise decision... Okay, I'm just going to ignore you. You're OBVIOUSLY a troll.
  2. Too easy? Okay, here's a "harder" picture: You can have three hints. Good luck!
  3. >Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance That's correct! ^ _ ^
  4. >Zaide Silvia Guti?rrez in EL NORTE That's correct! ^ _ ^ Now YOU post a picture! ^ _ ^
  5. I'll start out by posting a picture from a movie, then you'll have to guess what movie it's from, and if you're right, you post a picture. And if you know exactly what movie it is, post a picture in the post you make with the correct answer. The first picture: What movie is this from? Answer correctly, and YOU can post the next picture! ^ _ ^
  6. "As LaMotta, Robert De Niro gives a blank, soulless performance; there's so little of depth or urgency coming from him that he's impossible to despise, or forgive, in any but the most superficial way." - Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader Message was edited by: Metropolisforever
  7. This is a shame. Seven Footprints to Satan is an extremely rare, 77-minute horror film about a young man of society, who wants to make an expedition to Africa, but his fianc?e asks him for help about one of her father's guests, shortly before his planned departure. Her suspects about that guest were serious, this man tries to steal one of her fathers rubies, and she and her fianc?e are kidnapped and brought to a house, where strange things happen. The whole thing becomes a nightmare under the direction of a mysterious Mr. Satan. The film has talking sequences, a musical score, and sound e
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