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  1. Liberace in "Misery" (1990) This is pushing it....but since the gory part of "Carrie" (1976) occurs during the Prom....the kids are dancing and a band is playing. Bette Davis sings and dances for her comeback in "What Happened to Baby Jane?" (1962)
  2. Wasn't Marilyn shooting a remake of the many funny.."oh my gosh...my spouse isn't dead after 5 yrs" movies with her ......a....floaters revealed when exiting a pool? I can't remember if she was let go of the project or died before any major filming was completed. Stated below... a lot of the "revolutionary" filmaking that emerged was not concerned with following a thought or even a cohesive theme. The movie would have a storyline, breasts come out, more storyline....another boob....film done.
  3. This is a great idea for a thread Miss W! I must challenge you on your comment to Cobolt. When answering this question....one must consider the entire (past&present) realm of film-making. Cobolt answered your thread's premise. It's just that the answer was the crappy state of film-making right now. There were also examples given. Perhaps this is why you thought the topic was getting off? I love classics in the same way my husband has to be censored in an art musuem. The sculpture, the intricate paintings, the tapestries....art that clearly stands the test of time and like movi
  4. You guys can't see or hear this but I have *Dubstep on full blast and lighters in my hands. ***According to my 19 year old, Dubstep is music that one listens/dances to with euphoric-like sensations
  5. Mark...your openning thread remarks made me smile. I love the rockin' lexicon of yours especially when used to describe the mad week of movies we have in store! Seriously, the dynamic of your rad enthusiasm with the descriptions of classic movies is a treat. I am not making fun....it just brings a smile to my face and reminds me that dammit....classic can be phat!!!! You seem like a truly happy individual....don't let anything or anyone take that away from you!
  6. Any book recommendation from you is winner. A couple of years ago I had been asking about Pre-Code films when I was new to TCM and the messageboards. You gave me the name of a book that I absolutely treasure Sins in Soft Focus. I will be sure to get this one. Thanks
  7. Jeffrey Lynn was in "BUtterfield 8" with Dina Merrill
  8. Jeffrey Lynn was in "BUtterfield 8" with Dina Merrill
  9. Pip-John Mills in "Great Expectations" (1946)
  10. Pip-John Mills in "Great Expectations" (1946)
  11. This thread has been an eye opener for me. I really do forget that who ownes what is true. I believe that is what is known as capitalism! Guess I think like in The Wizard of Oz....TCM or whoever, simply pulls a cord and a reel comes down a chute. I had thought more or less metaphysically....not in the realm of reality. For instance...Elizabeth Taylor was so important and such a big star that it took time and rescheduling to have a day of tribute to her. Like with Arness...also great but his "stardom" only required unscheduled pieces of his work. Atleast TCM does as much as possib
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