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  1. Robindra

    British comedies

    What about Peter Sellers in Two Way Stretch? I've always felt that this film was almost stolen from him by Lionel Jeffries as the prison warder Sidney Crout, but it really is very funny.
  2. I begged my dad to take me to the cinema - because of some posters of it I'd seen - when I was about 5 or 6 - and when he did I wanted out after about 20 minutes because it was awful! I never really liked Lewis - Dean was best shut of him - but for that matter, Eddie Murphy doesn't do anything for me either.
  3. Moore Marriott certainly had more strings to his bow than I thought! I knew that he could do the dramatic stuff aswell as comedic roles because I saw him in a 1940's wartime thriller called Green For Danger, although he was murdered early on. I would really like to see his version of Sweeney Todd - was he as good as the great Tod Slaughter or did he play it a little more low key?
  4. I had no idea that this film existed! I love the Tod Slaughter version, but Moore Marriot as Sweeney Todd! I remember him as one of Will Hay's stooges but I never thought of him in this role! I would love the opportunity to see this!
  5. I really hope that James is OK. He's always struck me as being a nice guy actor.
  6. He was a man that I greatly admire. He certainly lived the American dream as you call it - and that's coming from a limey!
  7. They were the greatest! Their films - whether silent or sound - bridged the gap between silents and talkies. Not many other - if any - of the other silent comedians managed that.
  8. Cody Jarrett was one of the best gangster villains of all time! This may sound crazy, but when I first saw this film I actually sympathised with his character. Maybe it's because I'm a big James Cagney fan?
  9. I have on tape, a 1942 film called The Saint Meets The Tiger. It was one of two or three Saint movies made in the UK. It is so unintentionly funny!
  10. Lyn1031, the titles that you are looking for are The Laurel And Hardy Murder Case, Chickens Come Home and Night Owls.
  11. Robindra

    Harry Langdon

    A lot of people have said that Harry was only rediscovered because of the Youngson compilations, but couldn't the same be said for most of the other people that appeared in them? For me, Harry was a genius of the highest order - but I must agree that he blew his own stack when he fired Frank Capra and, more importantly in my opinion, Arthur Ripley. Had he stuck with them, the sky could have been the limit. But he maintained a living for himself in talkies - and he made more of those than silents - but it just leaves me wondering what might have been.........
  12. Robindra

    Harry Langdon

    Factotum, thank you! I'm glad that somebody is on my side!
  13. Robindra

    Harry Langdon

    I think that I'm in for a hiding here! I agree that Harry's best work was with Sennett and that he tailed off in his stuff for First National. I personally think that he was a character made for short films, and that he was stretched in feature length films. And as for Larry Semon - yes - I would put him up in the top of the frame also - because he was very funny too.
  14. Robindra

    Harry Langdon

    Is anyone interested in the almost forgotten silent comedy, and in some respects sound comedy, genius that Harry was? I think that his work desperatly needs evaluating.
  15. hlydjk, markbeckuaf - Harry was the very underrated of all the silent comedians and I think that he should be pushed up the frame. This may not go down too well with US observers, but I put him on at least a par with Buster Keaton.
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