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  1. Twilight Time has announced that they are doing 2K restorations for Blu-ray releases in June of two Betty Grable musicals: 1944's Pin Up Girl and 1947's Mother Wore Tights. Plus one Alice Faye musical: 1943's Hello Frisco, Hello.
  2. I didn't realize Nancy Gates had died but I did see her recently in both Some Came Running and Suddenly on TCM. Also loved her as the bride in The Member of the Wedding.
  3. Two Betty Grable musicals are coming out in June with a 2k restoration to Blu-ray from Twilight Time. 1944's Pin Up Girl and 1947's Mother Wore Tights. Also the Alice Faye musical 1943's Hello Frisco, Hello.
  4. I couldn't get through Move Over, Darling this time around. In my opinion, one of Day's worst. Polly Bergen's character and acting grates on me. I usually like James Garner, but in this one he's a stiff. Thelma Ritter is always good but maybe she should have skipped this one. My Favorite Wife wins hands down.
  5. It's bad enough that we have to put up with the on-line edition of Now Playing, but if that's the way TCM wants to do it, let's get it right! Here are 2 mistakes I caught in the April edition: On April 14, Gone with the Wind Part 2 is scheduled for 8 pm (est) followed by Gone with the Wind Part 1. Really? Even though I've seen the movie countless times, I don't want to switch the two parts around. On April 28, it reads that The Bad and the Beautiful stars Elaine Stewart, Sammy White and Leo G. Carroll. This movie has an all-star cast in the leads: Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner, Dick Powell,
  6. Yes, I would correct him with something like: You know, TMC is The Movie Channel and TCM is Turner Classic Movies.
  7. Many critics didn't like Burr's performance in APITS with Leonard Maltin calling his "scenes as fiery D.A. downright absurb."
  8. If Eddie is reading this, here's a request. Please have TCM show 1949's Impact with Brian Donlevy, Ella Raines, Charles Coburn, Helen Walker and Anna May Wong. Sidebar: In this film noir, Donlevy's home was in the Brocklebank Apartments at 1000 Mason Street in San Francisco, mostly famous as the building where Kim Novak's character, Madeleine, lived in Hitchcock's Vertigo (1958).
  9. Nobody! This year's show was just fine and much shorter (3 hours 18 minutes) without a host.
  10. Show was 3 hours 18 minutes instead of the usual 4+ hours. Maybe not having a host shortened it?
  11. I enjoyed it from beginning to end. Best one I've seen in years. So not having a host, a few surprises (including one big shock) and a shorter show (3 hours 18 minutes as opposed to the usual 4 + hours) proved to be improvements.
  12. Gee, the Oscars this year turned out pretty darned good without a host and with some Academy surprises. I, for one, really enjoyed it!
  13. Lana Turner was originally cast as rape victim Laura Manion and had, in fact, filmed several scenes before she and Otto Preminger had a falling-out over how she should play the role. She asked to be excused opening the door for Lee Remick.
  14. Interesting that your image is of William Holden, yet he's 16th on your list. Holden tops my list, mainly for Sunset Blvd. But also for Born Yesterday, Stalag 17 (your image), Picnic, The Country Girl, Sabrina, The Bridge on the River Kwai, The Bridges at Toko Ri, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing and for two movies not from the 1950s: Network and The Wild Bunch.
  15. Betty Grable and Dan Dailey danced up a storm in the 4 musicals they made together. Surprised not one number was included. Btw, the writer does realize that, despite shaking her shoulders seductively, there was a reason Marilyn was photographed from the waist up through most of the "Diamonds" dance number in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: She couldn't dance!
  16. I recently watched him in 1941's A Yank in the RAF with Betty Grable and John Sutton and really enjoyed it. A gem of a forgotten film.
  17. I also didn't receive my October Now Playing email. Nor did I receive the Oct 15th reissue. However, a friend did forward his, but still....
  18. "Wet she's a star, dry she ain't" refers to Eleanor Holm, star of Billy Roses's Aquacade, not to Esther Williams. In 1938, Rose divorced Fanny Brice and in 1939 he married Holm.
  19. Actually, Brice was not talking about Esther with that quote, but about husband Billy Rose's latest Aquatic (ahem!) Star at his water show in San Francisco. Let's not rewrite Hollywood history.
  20. I've requested Nine Girls on TCM twice through the years. Both times it was listed in the old Now Playing magazine, and both times it was replaced by another movie. The explanation was that the studio could not supply a print that was acceptable for viewing.
  21. Not to mention one of his best performances as the author/screenwriter in 1952's The Bad and the Beautiful!
  22. I thought Barbra Streisand was going to remake Gypsy with herself as Mama Rose. Since I'm not a big fan of the 1962 movie version...well, you know.
  23. I thought it was "Dear Officer Krupke, Krup you."
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