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  1. The Community Theater in Schitt's Creek presented their own version of Cabaret. I watched it again last night. LOL
  2. My son graduated from the same high school Arlene had attended---Washburn. So beautiful in Technicolor, I enjoyed her in the musical Three Little Words with Fred Astaire, Red Skelton and Vera-Ellen. Also the noir crime drama Slightly Scarlet with Rhonda Fleming as her sister and John Payne. Rest in peace, rest in paradise, Arlene Dahl.
  3. Thank you for this information, Jakeem. The photos are beautiful. Here are a few more facts: David Gulpilil, who died at age 68 on Nov. 29, 2021, was born on July 1, 1953. He also appeared in the films The Tracker, Ten Canoes and Storm Boy. Earlier this year, his documentary, "My Name Is Gulpilil," premiered with his name listed as Producer for the first time.
  4. If I were a voting member of the Academy, I would have added Best Picture. Yes, over The Godfather!
  5. I love Vivian Blaine in one of my all-time favorite musicals, 1945's State Fair from 20th Century Fox. Co-starring Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews, Dick Haymes, Charles Winninger, Fay Bainter, Donald Meek, Frank McHugh, Percy Kilbride, Harry Morgan, Phil Brown, William Marshall, Jane Nigh and the singing voices of Louanne Hogan and Ben Gage. (How's that for an ensemble cast?) Of course, Blaine was better known for playing Adelaide in both the Broadway and movie musicals of Guys and Dolls. According to the critics: As good as she was in the movie, her performance was sharper and better i
  6. Not on water, but Fred Astaire did dance on the walls and ceiling of a revolving room. And in another musical, he and Vera-Ellen danced on thin air. LOL
  7. When I saw the topic, I immediately thought of my favorite Woody picture: Hannah and Her Sisters. And I see that many have suggested it. Although it's not one of my favorite movies, I like the ensemble cast of The Greatest Show on Earth. Betty Hutton, Cornel Wilde, Charlton Heston, Gloria Grahame, Dorothy Lamour, Lawrence Tierney, Lyle Bettger, Henry Wilcoxson, and during the best years of his career, Jimmy Stewart begged DeMille to cast him in the supporting role of Buttons the clown. Not to mention all of those cameos!
  8. Thanks for calling this to our attention, Dreamfactory. Fred's house does indeed deserve to be preserved. I'm amazed at how many stars from Hollywood's golden age were born or grew up in Omaha. Besides Fred and sister Adele, other actors include Montgomery Clift, Dorothy McGuire, Marlon Brando, Inga Swenson, singer Shirley Ross and later actors like Nick Nolte, Anne Ramsey, Swoozie Kurtz, Andrew Ranella, John Beasley, Pamela Austin, director Alexander Payne, prizefighter Max Baer, not to mention Leslie Lynch King, Jr. who became better known as Gerald Ford--the 38th President of the
  9. Max Showalter was his real name. When he was under contract to 20th Century Fox in the 1950s, Fox head Darryl Zanuck renamed him Casey Adams which, I understand, Showalter hated. Actually, I like him as Ray Cutler in Niagara. I think he plays off Jean Peters' Polly very well. Maybe it was his character who was smiley and annoying rather than the actor? He also has a small but good part in With a Song in My Heart with Susan Hayward as Jane Froman. On Broadway in Hello, Dolly!, he was excellent as Horace Vandergelder to several of the actresses who played Dolly. When I was living in
  10. I certainly hope you didn't answer this survey. That's way too much info to tell Warner Bros. or anyone else about yourself.
  11. If TCM does feature Al Jolson (maybe a one-day tribute?) they should include the 1946 bio-musical The Jolson Story. Oscar nominated Larry Parks portrays Jolson, lip syncing to Jolson who was still alive and who recorded the songs once again for the movie. Parks performs the songs in black face for about half of the film, and, thankfully, the last half he performs without the dark make-up. It received 6 Oscar nods with 2 wins, including Scoring of a Musical Picture. Entertaining sidebar: Ruby Keeler, who had divorced Jolson in 1940, threatened a law suit if her name was used in the film.
  12. Cosmetics magnate John Abbott for over 30 years! Died 11.9.21 at 88 years. "The Best is Yet to Come."
  13. While I like all of these movies he made as a child actor (plus 1948's Gentleman's Agreement), I wish TCM was showing some of his adult performances: 1959's Compulsion, 1960's Sons and Lovers, 1962's Long Days Journey Into Night, three films he made in his 20s. And his supporting Ocar nod in Married to the Mob.
  14. Barbara and Wendell also worked well together in 1950's The Furies, a film noir western.
  15. Of course, it wasn't FRED who was truly rotten. It was LT. TOM KEEFER. Great movie, by the way.
  16. It may take awhile before I can watch another Kirk Douglas movie. And I really like the actor!
  17. 1962 is one of those years (another is 1950) that I would call A Year of the Actress. For me, every nomination deserved to win. (I'll save A Year of the Actor for another discussion.) As much as I loved every performance, my top choices are: Best Actress: Geraldine Page as Alexandra Del Lago in Sweet Bird of Youth Best Supporting Actress: Angela Lansbury as Eleanor Shaw in The Manchurian Candidate
  18. One of my all-time favorite actors, this one is a heart breaker for me. I believe I've seen just about all of his movies. Your top six films, along with Anchor's Aweigh, are my top favorites. Tonight I'll be watching my DVD of Sons & Lovers. Rest in Peace, Rest in Paradise, Dean Stockwell.
  19. I have several favorites in 2017: Gentleman's Agreement, Ace in the Hole, Memento, Dumbo, Field of Dreams and, yes, Only Angels Have Wings. But I agree that 2018 is a stronger selection, with my favorites being The Navigator, The Informer, Rebecca, Leave Her to Heaven, On the Town, Pickup on South Street, Bad Day at Black Rock, Days of Wine and Roses, Hud, My Fair Lady, Monterey Pop, Hearts and Minds, The Shining and Broadcast News. (Of these, my top favorite is Hud.) And let me also add my thanks, Blachefan, for reminding us about the National Film Registry yearly lists. I believe w
  20. I checked my "go-to" critic Leonard Maltin. He rates WWYWTLWO with one and a half stars calling it "below average Doris Day comedy" and I agree. Not as bad as Caprice which he rates as a BOMB.
  21. Never. An actor's personal life, politics, sexual proclivities , whatever, is no concern of mine. Only the performance on the screen "for all of those people out there in the dark."
  22. Dear Ruth (1947) based on Norman Krasna's Broadway smash comedy. Starring William Holden, Joan Caulfield and Mona Freeman (who steals the show!) in the big Hollywood hit that was followed by 2 sequels Dear Wife (1949) and Dear Brat (1951).
  23. Of course, Shelley drowns in A Place in the Sun. And I doubt if Alice Tripp was offered to the likes of Crawford or Hepburn. (lol) Before filming, Monty Clift had fought to get Betsy Blair (Marty) the part, believing her wistful, sweet quality was better than Winters' rattled pathos. During filming he pleaded with George Stevens to direct Winters so that Tripp would appear more sympathetic which, Clift reasoned, would make the romance between himself and Taylor more bittersweet. Stevens told him Alice Tripp was supposed to be drab and pitiful and that Shelley was being just that, giving a
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