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  1. I am new to Roku. What do you mean by mirroring another device thru it? Thank you and happy new year!
  2. When will Watch TCM be fixed. It is not on Dish's end. Also no response from TCM. IT is part of my Dish subscription so why no support? Thanks!
  3. In addition to all of the ominous signs previously noted, I watched the clip expcting to see nothing new. However, what stuck out like a sore thumb to me was the very heavy apron (rubber or leather ) that the mother was wearing to do very light housekeeping (setting the table, toting laundry). It reminded me of something a butcher would wear. More foreshadowing?
  4. Wow! After reading the responses, I didn't realize how naive about the process I've been. I thought TCM, because it is affiliated with Turner, who had the full MGM archive, could show any of these whenever they wanted. I'd forgotten about the Time Warner deal. I guess we"re lucky to still have TCM at all.
  5. So Many! Christmas In Conneticut (sp) I'll Be Seeing You Marnie The Man Who Came To Dinner. It's driving me crazy!!!!! I've been craving to see Rebecca for months now!!!! Anyone else feel the same?
  6. Hi Kyle in Hollywood, Thanks so much for the info . You are the best! I could have sworn that TBS showed it when the restored Vertigo was released a few years ago. Oh well...just more proof that a few more memory chips have hit the dust. . Vic12
  7. Hi all, Just joined. Was wondering what the title was and if it is going to be on anytime soon and if it is available for purchase. Nothing comes up on the TCM site. Think it was called Obscessed by Vertigo. Thanks!
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