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  1. I have the quote "he's turned her head" in my head. I cannot recall the film. Spoken by a young lady's mother or grandmother or aunt or some character like that. I think the character in question leaves the room right before this is said. And then they say something like she wouldn't have done this before. I feel like it was in color, maybe 40s-50s. Lighthearted movie. Maybe a musical or romcom. Possibly Americana-type film. Feels wholesome, like MGM. I'm sure I've seen it at least 4 times but not in over 10 years. This has been bugging me for two days. Ideas? I'll love you fore
  2. How long has TCM been doing TCM Remembers at the end of the year? I've seen a number of the tributes on youtube and I've been wanting to see earlier ones if they exist. Thanks.
  3. Thanks. She's not sure if that's it or not. Maybe we'll read up on it and she'll be able to tell. Does anyone have ideas on the other movie?
  4. My mom just told me that for years she has been trying to find out the names of these two movies. One has a woman who reminds her of Ginger Rogers who may even be Ginger. The woman and this guy are in the desert and not doing well. They have some canned food but cannot open the cans. That is the extent of what she remembers. The other movie has a nurse sort of woman go in to help a female invalid. She goes in and tells the invalid that she is to have a bath and the woman's response is something like, "you think we can both fit in there?" This sounds really familiar to me but I can't place
  5. Thanks, Catcarson. The part of your post on Deanna Durbin reminded me that there are about five or six Andy Hardy movies on VHS only. I agree on the durability of VHS in the library- so many tapes from the early 90s still work; I've had more problems with DVDs that are ten years younger.
  6. Hey all. I'm in school for library science and I'm writing a portion of a paper on the fact that many libraries have completely removed or are in the process of removing their VHS collections. Part of my argument is that there are a number of titles available only on VHS, not on DVD, and that it is not good to remove functioning items that circulate (get checked out), especially those that cannot be immediately replaced in the newer, preferred format. I'm interested to read the other thoughts of other classic film fans- because the half-dozen or so librarians I've spoken with have frustra
  7. Heard an old recording of the song "Beautiful Ohio" today and realized that I remembered it from an old movie. Thing is... which movie? I've seen hundreds, I'm sure. So could everyone who knows the song please name all of the movies in which the song or just the tune appears? I'm thinking it was possibly just instrumental but I'm not sure. You can hear a recording of the song here: http://www.ohiohistorycentral.org/entry.php?rec=1612 I appreciate any and all help with this thing that has been driving me absolutely crazy!
  8. I guess I should have specified that I'm interested in seeing him as a director, but I'm open to watching anything, including films in which he solely performs. Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. I'd like to get to know the work of John Cassavetes a lot better. I've seen Tempest and Rosemary's Baby... that's my low level of exposure to his work. Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should start? What films is he best known for? List your favorites, too.
  10. One thing I've noticed while reading up on actors and actresses is that there seems to be a lot more divorce/separation of the parents in the early years of life than what I'm assuming (as I wasn't around and am no expert) was the norm of the time. The ones off the top of my head are Joan Crawford, June Allyson, and Bette Davis, but I know there are so many others. What others can you think of? Has anyone read or can make some assumptions about why so many children in these circumstances became entertainers? Might it be about seeking attention and approval that they were unable or struggle
  11. I haven?t read too many books about film other than biographies, but I?ve seen a lot of movies. What are the best books to read to learn the history of Hollywood? I?m especially interested in understanding the studio system better, including what various studios were known for, who called the shots there, etc. Reading star biographies has given me a glimpse into what things were like but I want to get more in-depth. Any other good reads would be appreciated. The book you name doesn't need to do the whole history of Hollywood; I'm looking at mostly the Golden Age and before, but I'll take
  12. Okay, hope this is the right board... because this seems to be the "name that movie" board. I tried asking this on Yahoo Answers and what I got was a reply telling me that I won?t make much money going into this, etc, so I should do something else. I already know about the money, but it?s a passion. What can I say? I hope the people on these boards understand that enough not to dissuade me. I?ve watched classic movies ever since I was a little kid. Now I?m a recent college grad considering graduate school. I?m not exactly sure of what I want to do for a career just yet. Right now I?m
  13. I'm nearest St. Louis public libraries and a number of good university libraries, so I can do the research "the old fashioned way." I also go to Chicago occasionally so I could even do that sort of research there, I think. The periodical index at my (small) university was of little help to me, but I'm guessing other libraries have different, better indices. I've ordered many photocopies of articles in the past through my university and fortunately I have never been charged, and the librarians I have spoken with have said that with citations they can be of more use to me, so I guess my firs
  14. I'm a student who would love to read/write about classic films and stars. I've seen various magazines for sale on eBay... Photoplay, Movie Story, Movie Life... I was wondering if ANY libraries in the US had back issues of these on file and if so, which ones, because I'd love to do some reading without spending a fortune trying to find the information that I need. Does anyone know if the articles are indexed online or elsewhere? Any information is extremely helpful-- I'm afraid the librarians at my university and the local public library didn't have much information and I'm hoping for assi
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