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  1. I remember, when I was about 18, I watched a TV show called Boris Karloff Presents. Boris Karloff, would host the show, and each week, there were, three short subject, horror stories. Same premise as Alfred Hitchcock Presents. The first time I saw it, a horror short called, "A wig for Ms. Venture", scared the heck out of me. From what I remember, the woman wore a wig, and when she took it off, she became a hideous monster. After that, I watch it every week(Friday), until it went off the air. I remember one other episode, I think called, "I want your face", where, a man has a hideous monster face. No one knew him, he stayed hidden. One day he was discovered, and this one newsman, was astounded by the man's face. The newsman, would say to the hideous man, I want your face, got to have your face, over, and over again, day after day. Until one day, woke up, to discover, in horror, he had that mans face. I saw many of these horror classics, but I never remembered the plots. Anyone remember these?.
  2. Thanks SCSU 1975, thats the movie. Andyboy
  3. Hi everyone. When I was about 15 tears old, I remember seeing Mark of the devil in the movies. It was about torture in the middle ages. To me it was a scary and very real torture movie. The torture scenes looked quite real, and horrifying. I think the movie might have had a X rating. In one scene, they pulled out a woman's tongue, then blood rushes out of her mouth. In another, they beheaded a woman, and missed and cut the side of her head. There were lots of torture scenes, and blood. After that movie, they made Mark of the devil 2, which wasn't as bloody. I never saw Mark of the devil advertised again, has anyone see it since, unedited. I would like to see it again on TCM.
  4. andyboy

    Frankenstein 1970

    Your memory on this movie was on the mark. Thanks for taking the time to answer my post. andyboy
  5. andyboy

    Frankenstein 1970

    Hi scsu 1975, thank you for you help, and recognition of Frankenstein 1970. The only thing I remembered about this film was the organ music, and the monster covered with bandages. Isn't it funny, that when we are young the movies seem frightening, and as adults, we see it as a clunker. I still want to see it, maybe T.C.M. can show it as a cult feature. Thanks again, andyboy
  6. Hi everyone. When I was young, I saw a movie called Frankenstein 1970. I can't recall much of this movie, but I would love to see it again. If anyone has seen it, can you provide details of the film. I am certain, that Frankenstein 1970 would be a classic B horror film. I think the film was made in the 50's, but was called Frankenstein 1970, as a indication of the future, but I can be wrong. Thanks, andyboy Message was edited by: andyboy Message was edited by: andyboy
  7. andyboy

    Frankenstein 1970

    Hi everyone. When I was young, I saw a movie called Frankenstein 1970. I can't recall much from this movie, but I am curious, and would love to see it again. I wonder if anyone out there, can remember seeing the movie, and can provide details. If this movie is found, I am sure it would be a cult B horror classic. I think the movie Frankenstein 1970, was made in the 50's, and they called it Frankenstein 1970, to suggest it takes place in the future, but I could be wrong. In any event, I know I saw this movie, and more than once. Thanks, andyboy
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