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  1. You might try Kiss Me Kate. Ann Miller is absolutely sensational in it. I think she was a fantastic dancer, including tap dancing. I hope this helps.
  2. I am so glad to see your comments. You write exactly the way I feel!!!!
  3. I am so happy that TCM featured this today - even though it was a 6 am showing. It's long been a favorite of mine. The acting - superb by all. Eleanor Parker was more than deserving of an Oscar for her portrayal of Marjorie Lawrence. It's a shame that she didn't receive. I still cannot understand WHY this movie has yet to be released on DVD. To me, that should have happened ages ago! Both Miss Parker and Eileen Farrell who did the actual singing were tremendous!! And then Glenn Ford - he couldn't have been better! I also wish that TCM would do a tribute to Eleanor Parker. She was
  4. I like your selections too. When I saw "One Night of Love", it reminded me of another movie that Grace Moore made - entitled "When You're In Love". Her leading man was Cary Grant. It was such a good film. So I would add that one as well.
  5. A very nice list has been already posted. To this I would add, Interrupted Melody (1955), which I thought was fantastic! A great performance was given by Eleanor Parker, but the singing was done by Eileen Farrell. I also thought that Glenn Ford was excellent in this.
  6. Dear Dogpaddle, How well you read me! YES, this was "my first-ever post". I have always envied those who truly have the GIFT of writing as you do - and you also educate. You "SCORED" once again with "The Merry Widow".
  7. I could not agree more with "dogpaddle"! This was an extremely well written and informative analysis of The Kissing Bandit. I always liked it from the first time I saw it - many years ago. I could never understand WHY Frank Sinatra so disdained it. This movie had beautiful music, spectacular photography, and a great cast to boot. The "Dance of Fury" alone was worth the price of admission. As for Kathryn Grayson - she had it all: Looks, Heavenly Singing Voice, and Acting Ability. She was the Absolute Best that MGM had. It's unfortunate that they did not utilize her talents to a greater de
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