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  1. I once posted a list of the people that are listed as part of the Clinton body count - their names, how they related to the Clintons, and the circumstances of their deaths. There must've been at least 60 on the list - probably more. Certainly more have been added since I made that post.
  2. So how long is the Clinton body count list right about now?
  3. Well, at least we can be hopeful and that's a kind of happiness for a while. If we end up being disappointed later, well what else is new? Can you begin to imagine how evil the state we'd be in if Hillary had gained the Presidency? At least Trump has made a fight of it for God and good.
  4. Can't be any more grating than Alex Jones' voice.
  5. And he kept quoting one particular poll (the daybreak poll) that insisted Trump would win in 2016 - for many months leading up to election day. The fake news were laughing at him the whole time. The daybreak poll turned out to be the most accurate poll in the nation.
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