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  1. Sorry, it was the KINO transfer....perhpas the Cohen Media Group is still getting good sales on their recent DVD and Blu-ray releases that they haven't licensed the film for others. GM
  2. I doubt anyone would want to live there. It's a studio with a green wall and a table that Ben stood behind at the beginning. Computer graphics, folks, ain't it wonderful!?!!?!?!?!!? GM
  3. I have a Sony DVD recorder with the same occasional problem. Simply unplug the power for a few seconds, then plug it back in (you may need to reset your clock). That solved the problem for me. GM
  4. Oh? I've seen several Republics on TCM in recent months. Please explain. GM
  5. Wide screen films are shown to fit entirely within the standard 4:3 ratio of standard TV so viewers can watch it as it appeared in theaters. Every wide screen film that fills the 4:3 screen entirely from top to bottom and side to side is, by definition, cropped. Some DVD versions of the same title are formatted to automatically show a 4:3 version depending on how you have your DVD player set. You'll just have to get up to speed with technology. Most film fans are glad to finally see so many great titles properly. GM
  6. You folks might want to check in with your ear doctor. I heard KWAT-er-mass every time....and enjoyed the film, too. Thanks, Bob, for getting it right! GM
  7. The classic rock & roll movie was shown on TCM last Friday night with a mono soundtrack, even though the film originally played in many theaters in stereo. What the!?!?!!?!?!?!?! Mistake or on purpose? GM Edited by: Gary_Mack on Aug 1, 2010 5:12 PM
  8. TCM did air the original, 118 minute release version, beautifully restored by UCLA. Nice! GM
  9. Fred, Will you be contacting the seller to advise him of the mistaken listing? GM
  10. Thanks for the info, but I must add that a major problem with TCM's version is that the film-to-tape transfer was done very poorly with sub-standard equipment. Can't someone re-transfer that 16mm print, or find another one just as good or better? With such a popular film at the time, there must be other prints somewhere. GM
  11. My goodness! It's on right now and the terrible print looks like either a VHS or Beta U-Matic tape of a very poor quality video transfer. Also, a lot of the picture area on all four sides is cropped out of view. Is this the best TCM or anyone else can do with this Paramount classic? Is this the only existing print? What's the story behind the apparent unavailability of better source material? GM
  12. Yes, I read your earlier post. My question was did anyone KNOW why it was pulled. Your assumption may or may not be the answer. GM
  13. So does anyone know WHY The Ghoul was replaced? GM
  14. I don't know when the website schedule changed, but the monthly printed guide listed The Ghoul for 8pm EDT tonight and now it's Bedlam. Drat! GM
  15. I asked this question on the General board, but maybe someone here knows. Karloff's The Ghoul was scheduled for tonight, but has been replaced by Bedlam. Whatthe!????!??!!!? GM
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