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  1. Falcon 9 booster landing on " Of Course I Still Love You" drone ship.
  2. There is a legal difference between 1st / 2nd degree murder and manslaughter. The officer did not INTEND to kill Mr Floyd but there was a disregard to his safety how the officer was apprehending him. What’s the Difference Between Homicide, Murder, and Manslaughter? https://www.steinandmarkuslaw.com/whats-the-difference-between-homicide-murder-and-manslaughter/ We cannot have mob action dictate how the legal system charges someone. Courts are about justice NOT vengeance.
  3. Like to see the report increase of gun sales NOT related to corona, will blow me away if there are none.
  4. Goodness where are the thousands of deaths from malaria sufferers whom use it? Guess the mainstream media missed it!
  5. Watching the NASA channel, the astronauts christened the Dragon capsule Endeavour siting different reasons (one is the shuttle). Everything is new. The transport is a Tesla Model X Goodbye to the old NASA airstream Spacesuits less bulky, more comfortable. Compared to... Dragon capsule has touch screens... No more knobs, switches, CRT's etc.
  6. So what are the feedback from dogs that used it and saw Mike's face on TV? Personally I don't think that dog is sleeping!
  7. You can thank the global warming scam for us losing jobs, drug abuse due to hopelessness of having none.
  8. Nope no protest of any type during my life time. Guess this is where they got the inspiration "Almost Heaven West Virginia".
  9. Wow, how some things stay the same. 1965.......... rioting, 2 man rocket launch 2020......rioting, 2 man rocket launch
  10. I'm on my knees giving thanks I live in a small town FAR from any major cities.
  11. Brings back memories of the old Gemini launches during the 1960's when I was a kid. Wish they had the camera tech to see from the Titan's perspective. RIP Gus Grissom (Apollo 1)
  12. Today's SpaceX's view from the Falcon 9 . HEY FLAT EARTHERS....DOES THAT LOOK FLAT TO YOU??
  13. Personnel at the SpaceX control center during `Saturday's launch. They are practicing social distancing and wearing PPE's.
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