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  1. Over the top PC, doesn't end. Thank goodness there's still are plenty on Ebay, grab them while you can. Trivia...the original 1956 Mr & Mrs Potato Head were push in attachments for use on real potatoes or cucumbers if one desired.
  2. W.Va. and Vietnam sign deal to help investment and trade https://www.wsaz.com/2021/02/25/wva-and-vietnam-sign-deal-to-help-investment-and-trade/ Vietnam, West Virginia bolster bilateral cooperation https://en.vietnamplus.vn/vietnam-west-virginia-bolster-bilateral-cooperation/196743.vnp
  3. Duh, I wonder why? Suddenlink raised the rate AGAIN!
  4. Imagine what it be worth if she's pinned underneath it.
  5. Reagan is going to start a nuclear war Trump is going to start a nuclear war Biden is going to start a nuclear war ENOUGH ALREADY - this is pure and plain fear mongering among their opponents. Oh there's Goldwater, he will start one if elected. https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/lbj-won-the-64-election-by-convincing-america-his-opponent-just-might-start-a-nuclear-war/
  6. Hymax pipe coupling, can longer state Made in Israel....bummer.
  7. Re: last post Smarter men are able to have more children than stupid ones. His IQ must be 200+ (with over 94 kids!)
  8. ...and missing 603 commandments? HELLO...Exodus 21 and after!
  9. Like "Exodus - Gods and Kings" better, not over dramatic in acting. (oh thats the Reed (Sea of Reeds) NOT Red Sea - mistranslated) Am puzzled why a boy is the voice of God.
  10. Excerpt...The videos have invited plenty of ridicule, with one commentator mocking a girl for testing a snowball with a hairdryer by saying: “Holding a piece of ice over an electrical device may be just slightly dumber than voting for Ted Cruz.”
  11. The sky crane system is an accomplishment within itself, amazing this can be done at all. Glad he explained why you don't see any flames coming from the decent nozzles (hydrazine burns clear). Hopefully that explanation prevents any conspiracy nutjob saying the landing was a fake.
  12. Don't think that emoji is appropriate, shamefully his family were. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/17/742558996/george-takei-recalls-time-in-an-american-internment-camp-in-they-called-us-enemy Executive order 9066
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