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  1. Title now has some irony, Biden will spend the first few months of his administration healing himself.
  2. What idiot made me out of sand?
  3. Men have to watch their activity when one reaches advance age, especially 70 and over. Not common as in women but men can suffer from osteoporosis. https://www.nof.org/preventing-fractures/general-facts/just-for-men/ Personally I'm more careful when climbing steps, walking on slick surfaces. Sorry Biden you and me are not young anymore {sigh}.
  4. Having Vader is not the same without Prowse. Anyone noticed Darth Vader lost some weight in "Rogue One"? (or maybe it's just me)
  5. Highlighting and exposing voter fraud will put future elections on notice. Yes there need to be an overseer, non bias of course (maybe a non-voter who has no ax to grind politically).
  6. My theatre had simple colored lights SOFTLY lighting up the curtain. Idea were to get the patrons to unwind before the showing. The old school way of presenting a movie was to dim them to off then open the curtain while the movie opens. But that never happened for mine in decades, why give commercials that respect. Modern cinemas, turn the projector on and forget.
  7. People in ancient times reacted the same way?
  8. Question, why does the Weather Channel refer to volcanoes as weather(even the ones if Hawaii)? Forecast....Partly sunny with a 30% chance of lava.
  9. Directv are giving free HBO / Starz ,etc for the Thanksgiving holiday / weekend. Just watched "Rambo" (2008) for the first time (believe it or not) Sure is gory. Couldn't help to laugh at the beheading scene because a banned TCM poster used it to compare User / moderator and administrator. Oh there's the banned ****h scene. I kept that gif..
  10. If we're missing a dozen birds for not been shown in the correct ratio, will anyone notice? Hey wait just a darn second, where are those 6 on the swing set?
  11. Re: Tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name Wonder if astronomer Carolyn Porco ever considered changing her last name because in some countries it translates... PIG! The village is Austria is pronounced Fooking named after a man during the 6th century. Doubt the obscene meaning existed then.
  12. Any president can pick whom he chooses for his cabinet, I'm sick of this constant everybody has to be PC or are labeled a racist (or sexist)!
  13. Toy maker debuts female toy soldiers after plea from 6-year-old girl https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/story/toy-maker-debuts-female-toy-soldiers-plea-year-65537698 From Amazon....IDF female soldiers
  14. So did mine, heard it dated back to the 1950's! Was this model but the blue light showed up much better....
  15. Black Friday has become an automatic reflex response. Crazy shoppers will face the Bubonic plague if not being crushed and mauled for those deals. Covid will stop this, yeah right.
  16. More to the story, the scam was busted. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/24/us/california-unemployment-fraud-inmates.html Maybe thought he could take it with him (after death). (Money will not buy you out of hell buddy)
  17. I had plain ole pumpkin pie with Cool Whip.
  18. Oswald was in Mexico for the planned visit to the Cuban Embassy. The Cuban's turned his request to immigrate down. Loved to had been a fly on the wall to see the expression of the staff when Oswald screamed...I will get Kennedy for this! (as if Kennedy controlled whom the Cubans allow into THEIR country )
  19. A lot of those "extended" music are fan based edits. The only sad thing in that post is seeing the Twin Towers. As the expression goes, one doesn't miss something until it's gone. Have "5th of Beethhoven" on 45 (large spindle) and the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack LP's.
  20. Jake since you claimed to be a very religious person, I thought this profound, finest and true movie quote may help you get over the lost of the election. Hope you understand. "Deep Impact" (1998) President Tom Beck....What I mean is, I believe in God. I know a lot of you don't, but I would like to offer a prayer for our survival, mine included. Because I believe that God, whomever you hold that to be, hears all prayers, even if sometimes the answer is no. Things happens for a reason even if you can't see it.
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