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  1. Re: Took a while to distinguish between protecting from hurricanes and riots. That photo is the extreme measure the company took by using plywood, razor wire and guards with dogs to keep away looters during the George Floyd protest. https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/iconic-stores-extreme-response-looters/4028987/ The store survived but had to temporary close due to covid-19
  2. Can NOT be set manually - requires WWV signal or it's just an expensive paperweight. Can hear WWV time signal very clear. Top of the minute 00 starts data collection, the 1,000 hz beep. The low thump 100 hz is the data itself. The GC-1000 need to collect and verify the data which takes 2 minutes with a clear signal with NO data lost. The woman's voice is WWVH Hawaii. Leap second insertion, last on December 31, 2016. The ONLY time one can see :60 seconds This is a satellite clock.
  3. My GC-1000 displayed 21:21:21 - the tenths of seconds can only display 0-9. Would have been nice to see 21:21:21:21 (if one can). How time fly. At the very point of sync with WWV's atomic clock it is accurate +/- 1 second per billion years (give or take a couple milliseconds due to propagation delay. ) Can be set up for 12 or 24 hour mode and one can use WWV C.U.T. or offset. My other clock built in 1975 also is set for 24 hours.
  4. It is not made from the horseshoe crab only tested by it's unique blood. Excerpt from NGC website.. Blue bloods Nearly unchanged for hundreds of millions of years, horseshoe crabs have some unusual traits. Despite their name, these creatures are more closely related to spidersand scorpions than crabs. They also have nine eyes—two compound eyes and seven simple ones. (Read more about how horseshoe crabs evolved.) In 1956, medical researcher Fred Bang noticed another strange characteristic: When horseshoe crab blood interacts with endotoxin, cells called amebocyte
  5. That poster looks like John Lithgow in drag - again.
  6. Just describing it is boring me to death.
  7. Good luck any employer will forget one's criminal record while doing background checks.
  8. When I mean high mortality try 40 - 60% of Earth's population. At PRESENT it's hard to transmit H5N1 person to person but it's an antigen away for not being so. You thought we had an over burdened healthcare system before! Doctor who discovered Ebola warns of new deadly diseases https://abc7.com/ebola-doctor-viruses-deadly/8988985/ Oh that air travel scenario again! December 23, 2020 Of course we can continue to...
  9. She posed nude in her early years. Google it, I can't post them. The only photo shop are the censor marks! Ashamed of her past now! There ARE photo shopped photos of her afterwards showing her far older.
  10. Don't know where you get your information, we have a lot of private gardens / farms where people sell their products at farmers markets.
  11. Exactly, see the problem! They don't care about party, BLM or anything else. Think they're sovereign citizens dancing by their own drums. I see these idiots on Court Cam. FINALLY admitted they want REVENGE not JUSTICE!
  12. I say give them a choice, WORK or FORGET getting unemployment! Poor todays generation, might break a nail.
  13. Re: Viva la resistance! Planning to bring back the guillotine? Had no idea we were in France. Is someone thinking of leading the charge topless? (I didn't censor that Better anyway, don't want mods to censor my post)
  14. These unemployment numbers is why we simply cannot deal with any influx of immigrants right now. How can jobs be found for them when we hardly can deal with the present unemployed.
  15. Instead of celebrating, should be humbled by this outbreak in with all the advances of modern medicine it shows how vulnerable man is from disease. We are lucky this wasn't a high mortality virus and now that it takes about 9 months to produce a vaccine, what about future pandemics that may not let us off as easy. Think the the Black Death is a thing of the Middle Ages - think again. Compared to the predicted mutated Avian flu, covid-19 was a cake walk. (and what about some we don't know about) About this being a social test....we failed.
  16. Biden says we must end this uncivil war! https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2021/01/21/we-must-end-this-uncivil-war-biden-says-taking-over-a--in-crisis.html I totally agree we must get back to old school when wars were civil.
  17. Was going to ask a question but, guess this is how he keeps them a razor's edge.
  18. A climate czar is the little one mother nature is holding. oops, clumsy me, dropped her.
  19. Canada could always build a pipeline to the ocean then ship it by tanker.
  20. Binary clock, this one is from Graymark as a kit.
  21. Funny it was easy for me to get results. Will the COVID-19 Vaccine Be Mandatory or Required of Everyone? https://www.goodrx.com/blog/will-covid-vaccine-be-mandatory/
  22. Can employers make COVID-19 vaccination mandatory? https://apnews.com/article/can-employers-covid-19-vaccine-mandatory-ba22c99f01f24ea3be7631ff751f0d82
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