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  1. Took a chance, nothing else was on, "The Wolverine".  Better than expected but felt some deja vu with another guy trying to kill his rescuer like in "1917".

     Wow fighting on top of a Bullet train, is that possible? 





  2. "Ernest Goes To Camp" (1987)

     Nurse St. Cloud ....



    ...played by Victoria Racimo telling part of her Native American culture.

    And that was the ritual of the Blade, the Stone, and the Arrow.



    Ernest stupid reply...

    Like in our culture: Paper, Rock, Scissors.




  3. 10 hours ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Are you sick?    Who would view this news as bad news??????

    Your ignorant happy-face doesn't make your post "cool".      

    PS:  also you are one of the doom and gloomers.    E.g.  remember when you complained about how long it would take to get enough people vaccinated?????


    The doom and gloomers or naysayers are those whom stated not too long ago Covid-19 may be caught over and over,  they want to keep this thing politcized long as possible! 

    Oh where is the 2 - 2.2 million dead some quack said the country will have in 2020?

    I didn't say it will take a long time for people to get vaccinated, the CDC last year stated it could take between March to April for everyone to.

  4. Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover to Capture Sounds From the Red Planet



    If a rock falls on Mars and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? 

    How long will it become boring just to hear the wind (what little of it) blow? :wacko:

    The sound of a pump - oh joy.




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  5. New Study Shows COVID-19 Immunity Can Last at Least Eight Months After Infection

    At least because long term data not available but like all viral infections people have recovered from keeps their immunity for life long as the virus doesn't do a wide shift (i.e. colds and flu).


    Bad news for doom and gloomers. :D


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