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  1. Remember the good ole days when boys at that age simply thought girls (ALL GIRLS) were "yuck". What are they given our kids besides Ritilin?
  2. << BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- The Day The Earth Stood Still is a science-fiction movie about the need for humans to change before they completely destroy the planet. >> I thought that was Al Gore's department.
  3. I like to get a little off track. Since we are talking hi tech, I like to ask has anyone managed to log on to TCM using an iPAQ, 3G or Blueberry? I got to the Message Board - General Discussions and when I try to log on I get a error. I am trying out a Compaq iPAQ 3835 PDA. What success has other members have using devices other then a desktop or laptop computer to access TCM.com I don't own a "Smartphone", so this is my first attempt on any type of "pocket PC".
  4. Everyone also forgot about Ms. Scrooge (or does that one count?). They should have starred the late Leona Hemsley (the Queen of MEAN) for that role!
  5. http://blog.wired.com/wiredscience/2008/02/accidental-over.html Will this become another Hollywood mystery? The comments on that site are pretty debative and leads one to wonder.
  6. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas nw cross dresser
  7. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Harlow Try to cross reference her movies with Eleanor Powell. I can't find NOTHING on their trivia sites. At first I thought it was "Lady be Good" but the film wasn't released until 1941, 4 years after Harlow's death. Not only is body parts are switched but their VOICE as well. My best voice switch in singing is "My Fair Lady". For years I thought that was Audrey Hepburn but actually was Marni Nixon. On the restoration documentary, they played the original Hepburn soundtrack and it was not bad at all. Today its a dabate should the dubbing been done
  8. Very good point! TCM should show "From Here to Eternity", "In Harm's Way" and "Tora! Tora! Tora!". What films do you think TCM should show? michael, Welcome to the boards.
  9. Boo http://www.onlinesurgery.com/blog/2008/03/bad_celebrity_plastic_surgery.html
  10. markfp2 wrote << There was a sequence with Jane swimming, very clearly in the nude, with Tarzan (who still wore his loincloth) >> So THATS where Tarzans yell came from. The body parts closeup is not a big deal with todays actors. Everything is fake anyway (fake face and fake bo*bs).
  11. If you read my very early reply I stated that Alistair Sim is the best Scrooge (after the comment on Wall Street). My best choice for ANIMATED is "Mickey's Christmas Carol". I have it on VHS. I like it since I saw it back in December 1983 in my local theatre when it was presented along with "A Christmas Story". I'm certain other versions are good also but this thread was asking what is OUR choice. I like to add there are more remakes of this classic then I can count. I think "Christmas Carol" holds the record for most being done!. The next remake that comes out should be called "A C
  12. CineSage jr wrote << his observations about the rather schizophrenic nature of the human race: capable of extreme kindness and understanding at one moment, and great cruelty and fear the next. >> In the movie "Contact", the alien entity that came before Jodi Foster in the form of her late father said with different wording the same thing. Aliens doesn't seem to know that their interpetation of us is sometimes wrong. We're not so much schizophrenic but that there are good people and bad people. LOL how many times do we as a people sometimes come to misunderstanding about o
  13. CellluloidKid posting of Hal Ericksons qoote << Klaatu arranges for the world to "stand still" -- he shuts down all electrical power in the world, with the exception of essentials like hospitals and planes in flight. >> You see Klaatu is not mean. I hope the 'newer' Klaatu is as nice. New Yorkers would say "been there, done that" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeast_Blackout_of_1965 Message was edited by: hamradio
  14. Now thats a LOT of movies. I think TCM needs a sister channel (like TCM2)!
  15. My best animated version is "Mickey's Christmas Carol". Scrooge McDuck, who's better to play the role?
  16. Final Countdown and oddly the song "Hang on Sloopy" (should we add first songs that comes to mind?) nw romper
  17. DUH! The Scrooge for 2008 is http://money.cnn.com/2008/11/03/news/economy/canceled_holiday_parties/ Of course the CEO's of companies like AIG will have a Merry Christmas! Alastair Sim for movies and he will feel right at home today. Bah humbug! Message was edited by: hamradio
  18. CelluloidKid wrote << What Hollywood should try to do instead, is Re-Make &/Or Re-Boot films that were **** poor to begin with (I.E. Heaven's Gate 1980),and try to make those bad films (Films that were bust at the box office, etc.) and preserve the past films by Re-Releaeing the films that Hollywood wants to Re-Make! >> They already did with "Heaven's Gate", "Johnson County War" 2002 Remaking that movie with the same name will either remind people of a turkey or a cult. Have to go, got to catch the UFO behind the comet.
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