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  1. This has NEVER been a Christian country since it's foundation. Don't know who first coin that phrase. Religiously it is free - one can worship however, whomever one likes. Government is prohibited to set laws, dictate how people worships or not. Think there's confusion over Protestantism and being a Christian (walking the life of Christ) by which very few are. Also there is a difference between a Christian and a SAINT by which one is tested and passed. (aka test of mettel)
  2. So Arnold was wrong in Trump will be forgotten like a bad tweet after January 20. There will always be shifts in balance of power in Congress if one side don't satisfy the needs of the country. Remember the transitions between Carter and Reagan, Bush and Obama. The major difference with Trump is he is NOT a politician period. Sort of surprised no one has asked for some ground rules when running for president like experience in politics (Senator, governor, etc.) Long as a president do their job, they can bang, cigar, whomever they like (it's their personal life) Is there a ru
  3. Goodness seems ElCid don't remember what Jake called Biden before...s******g. I won't spell it out in respect.
  4. Why does that look like the result of eating junk food? Prisons use to serve organic food like in "Brubaker", rich in protein.
  5. May need to search the 1930's - 40's German film vaults, there are films not propaganda oriented. Will need to be subtitled. Examples "The Man Who Were Sherlock Holmes" (1937) Dr Watson seems to be armed with a BB gun. "Who's Kissing Madeleine?" (1939) "The Great Love" (1942)
  6. The family JFK visiting in 1960 more likely couldn't afford a TV to watch the idealistic / realistic "Father Knows Best".
  7. This was father knows best 1950's Appalachia style (what i mostly witnessed) Fortunately I lived a little better. Lesson learned, nothing is given to you, have to work for it!
  8. If lower air pressure makes things shrink, then why does... (either Arnold is on Mars or watching the Capital riots)
  9. I have the Nazi "Titanic" (1943), surprisingly not one bit offensive. Matter of fact it's tamer than the American newspapers of 1912. Joseph Goebbels whom endorsed it's production had it banned in Germany. It was symbolic of it's Captain (Hitler) going down with the sinking ship (Germany) (Got that from the documentary about the movie) Was even a bit humorous in that pathetic excuse of an iceberg sank it. Not joking that's it bottom right. Did Herbert Selpin KNOW what an iceberg is?? (the lookouts would had needed the 200 inch Palomar telesc
  10. Maybe TCM don't air films i.e. "Triumph of The Will" because they're boring as hell. The triumph is not to fall asleep.
  11. Guess we can sympathize with him now. Take your stinking hands off me you damn dirty human.
  12. Lauren Chapin's was abused by her father and a guy called "Uncle"? Starred in a fake unrealistic family.
  13. 2 remakes, 1985 and 2018. The 2018 version starred Patty McCormick as Emma's (name changed?) psychiatrist. Guess it takes one to know one.
  14. Seems somebody thought Chucky's mom as a doll was in the novel.
  15. You can say that too times.
  16. Like when he traded a baby for a sack of hamburgers.
  17. Today we call the rampaging generation rioters.
  18. This site needs a built in spell / grammar checker. No need, members fills the requirement.
  19. Re: 9 Joan Crawford Did A Porno Found it, thought Mommie Dearest done it while drunk. (shame I can't post it) Maybe that what traumatized Butters
  20. Hopefully the North Korean powers that be get fed up and light a fire under Kim.
  21. STUDY: Police more likely to die by suicide than in line of duty https://www.wsaw.com/2020/07/23/study-police-more-likely-to-die-by-suicide-than-in-line-of-duty/ Excerpt..January of 2020 showed that in 2019, 228 American police officers died by suicide The most unappreciated job in the country, most Americans don't care how much stress that job has. Let one bad apple give them a bad name - the press makes villains of the entire force.
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