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  1. this movie was one I loved when seeing it on tv as a kid and it just showed how commonplace it was to have an older man with a much younger woman but now I just wouldn't find that acceptable at all ... it just looks odd
  2. I LOVE this movie but why do they put it on at 3:30 am??? Barbra Streisand and George Segal were both hysterically funny I taped it but hope I didn't cut the ending off
  3. the canadian version is all I am allowed to see and has different topics and it is extremely boring here is a link http://www.thebiographychannel.ca/cgi-bin/programming.cgi?instruct=week
  4. I wish we could have a new biography show like the old A & E one yes we have a canadian biography station and have no idea what the one in the US is like but our canadian version sucks big time they have a lot of infommercials and of all things this stupid lame Rock of Love ... can you imagine the horror??? I used to love it when they had the old A&E Biography show and if a famous celebrity had a birthday or heaven forbid passed on they would change the schedule in order to honour their memory I remember it was on at 8 pm here and then at midnight so if I missed the first
  5. he was so handsome I watched Requiem For A Heavyweight and had never seen it before didn't care for the ending though
  6. did I hear right? when they get this done they have to pay for it themselves?
  7. when I first started reading about this and heard his last name I laughed out loud
  8. yes! I do enjoy his commentaries and he looks like someone you would enjoy having a coffee with
  9. did anyone happen to watch last night??? I did and didn't realize they were having the 1976 documentary on right after have to say though I did not enjoy watching the documentary because it was so intimate and exploitive do I only watched a bit jessica lange and drew barrymore did an outstanding job portraying them
  10. Gene Kelly because he was hot as well as a super talent
  11. gloria talbot was in so many 50s movies ... wonder if she is still alive just googled her and she died in 2000
  12. gloria talbot was in so many 50s movies ... wonder if she is still alive
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