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  1. Well, great choices. little wifey! I think I might have recommended Yankee Doodle Dandy.... what did I do that for? He'll probably chew it up and spit it out....
  2. GAD! How many musicals did you WATCH? and how did you survive? My favorites from your list in order are: Yankee Doodle Dandy - it's got everything. I love the comedy, the patriotism is spot on, and the lighting is terrific for the musical stage numbers. Cagney so deserved the Oscar. A terrific movie. Best of so many kinds. Woman Wanted - I love the butler, I love Maureen, I love Joel. I love eveyrthing about this one. I like the lightness of it. Ruggles of Red Gap (one of the BEST character actor movies EVER) Another very patriotic film, disguised as a comedy. Even though it's got C
  3. Oh, you've hit on some of my very favorite performances! I love Guinness, and especially the Ealing comedies - probably BECAUSE they have so much ridiculous villainy in them! Perfect. The Ladykillers and The Man in the White Suit are my favorites, but Kind Hearts and Coronets is way up there, and then Lavender Hill Mob comes in right after that. As far as ambiguous, I think you hit on the right word... in The Apartment for instance, there are some terribly unpleasant characters = Mr. Dobisch and Mr. Eichelberger are bad enough... but then Sheldrake takes the cake... and all in a button dow
  4. Oh! Those are great! Darn this website. When I come on, sometimes the top two replies don't post right away... so I didn't see this back and forth before. I love Denver just a little better than Annie Laurie Starr, but it's close! love your choices for me! I was thinking Wagon Master. I also know her love of Ben Johnson and Joseph Calleia. I'd love to see Sabu. He's one of my favorites thanks to Jackie. Oh man, this is making me feel guilt for the ones I am cutting. Do you think anyone would get upset if I came back as 12 different screen names? Yeah, probably not a good idea.
  5. Yeah, Amy got me too. I'm glad to know that I CAN use all of them eventually. Right now for me, it's between Amy and Irena. I have an animated gif of Stymie sitting on a turntable going round and round, but that would drive everyone nuts. It makes me laugh when I look at it though.
  6. I am sorry that you did not find this more entertaining. It does not have great emotional depth but it is in this way similar to other movies of its ilk. I believe that the same could be said of: The Sword in the Stone (1963), The AristoCats (1970) and Lady and the Tramp (1955). I feel that casting Terry-Thomas as: Sir Hiss was a stroke of genius. It is nearly type-casting as he does snake-in-the-grass roles so very well. He was strikingly similar characters in: Those Daring Young Men in Their Jaunty Jalopies (1969).and Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines (1965). I remem
  7. Should we all contribute and make suggestions for Jackie's avatar or are you preferring to go "incognito", Miss Favell? I can't decide if I like the self-satisfied Jack or the mock-confiding Jack or the quizzical, supercilious Jack. Right now it's a toss up between self-satisfied and mock-confiding. I have the same problem with Stymie. One of these two. This one is just perfect! Great choice, Sansfin.I'm very close to picking it.... This one though, just grabbed my heart. Frank? Any suggestions before I decide?
  8. Should we all contribute and make suggestions for Jackie's avatar or are you preferring to go "incognito", Miss Favell? ??? I didn't even realize I could do an avatar over here! It's so nice to hear from you too, Big Kahuna Island Girl Lady of the Tropics! I can't possibly have Alan Marshal for my avatar... though I remember liking White Cliffs of Dover as a kid, Marshal is just too bland for me. I'm thinking George would be much more appropriate, or perhaps my other favorite rascal, STYMIE.
  9. I'll give it a whack, sure. I always have a hard time picking your faves, because in my head, I always pick MY faves instead. It's more what I WANT to be your favorites than a rational judgment of what you might like best. But I do TRY to get over that, and work out what things you like and how you might react to different movies. 1. Finding Nemo 2. UP 3. Little Miss Sunshine 4. The Grand Budapest Hotel 5. Good Will Hunting Now I have a problem. I kept trying to insert Beauty and the Beast on here. I think you'd like the Beast and that part of the story....but maybe it's too g
  10. Curse of the Were- Rabbit! Yeah! Love that one. And Ratatouille is good too. I was surprised at Monsters U - it was quite good, though not my favorite by any means. Alice and I still make whale noises like Dory in Finding Nemo... we laugh hard at that. You seem to be in Indie-land, which are the movies I like to see. Really liked Little Miss Sunshine (anything with Alan Arkin is OK in my book) despite the shock value of some of the film. Maybe because it's so politically incorrect. It really got me. Also really liked Life Aquatic and The Darjeeling Limited. The Grand Budapest Hotel was qui
  11. LOL! It's good to have passion after so long a time! And besides your eight year old sweetie might be ugly now or unspeakably bad.
  12. Thanks, Ro! It's so good to be back. So good. Now that I have gotten all those congratulations out of the way.... I wanted to chat about the discussions in this thread, but the phone rang and here it is 2 hours later... Let's see, where to begin.... My favorite Disney animated films are:(can you tell I love dogs?) Lady and the Tramp - Jock! His sacrifice tears me up....thank god it's only momentary. I love the way that Lady (so doggy!) observes the baby as kind of an unearthly intruder. Dog's eye view. Tramp - Perfect voice, perfect shaggy but charming face. A great leading m
  13. Hi guys! First may I offer up my sincere and heartfelt CONGRATULATIONS to Sansfin Capuchin and Mrs. ButterscotchMiniver! I am SO pleased for both of you. I wish you the most happiness in your new married lives. Sansfin, you have waited a LONG LONG time, and I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is, how heartwarming and romantic your story is to me. It gives me hope. Buttertea, I, like Rohanaka, wish you only the happiest of marriages. You are such a sweet girl. Allow me to give you a little wedding present... the true love you deserve.
  14. It was all Joanie's idea, Frank! I think she's got a yen for you.
  15. hahahahaha! hahahahaha! I'm sure in that huge kitchen we can find some saurkraut somewhere.
  16. Little T! Haha! Nothing says torture like Greer Garson! Just kidding.... don't want you to strangle ME with those gloves.... So nice to be back here.and see you still posting darlin'!
  17. Sorry, I am such a slow writer. I agree with all of that. In classic "me" fashion (ignorance), I remember saying how I had no interest in Errol Flynn when I first joined this board. I have finally started watching his films in the past couple of years and I'm finding I really enjoy the guy. He's the most charismatic performer that I have ever seen. He's magnetic. And I think he can act, too. I completely agree. I guess I always liked him, ever since I saw Robin Hood as a kid. But he had to be a good actor to do those kind of roles... really, have you ever seen anyone else who coul
  18. Ro- Even when I haven't been here, my heart HAS been. I missed you guys so much. It's just that deadlines and money matters and other things sometimes get in the way.
  19. I really liked it! It's such a great relationship film. I thought it was great to see two people so madly in love with each other but whose pride always got in the way. It's amazing what can get in the way of great love. Yes, and that's what makes it heartbreaking at the end. They were really caught in a Catch 22.... long before that phrase was even created. That last scene makes you sit on the edge of your seat (or throne as the case may be)....every time I see it, I pray she will call him back and stop it. And it's like she died too, when the drums stop. Powerful. I agree that Erro
  20. Awww. I cheated a little there with Bewitched. I was reading the posts I hadn't seen yet and saw it there. I haven't even seen rhe movie! Just looked up the plot summary. The others I remember oh so well.... because I was so unhappy that you dissed them! I hope your schedule change is a good thing for you, other than interrupting your movie watching. I haven't been watching anything much either. I'm ALMOST disappointed you came back... I was about to post this: just to tease you into coming back! I knew you couldn't resist a mistake like that. But wow.... you LIKED it? It'
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