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  1. What I really want to see is "Rondesvous with Rama"
  2. Those look awesome - the sort of poster image that made you want to see the movie,
  3. The movie is a mix of the Hollywood gothic ( "Sunset Blvd" - "Baby Jane") with the then popular anything goes 1960's sex - ( look at the lurid poster to see how they were selling the movie) YEah it does feel like an exploitation picture- those Kardashian creatures are beyond camp- it takes a bit of wit and brains to create it- something they lack.
  4. The leads are dull- and the movie really doesn't give us a reason to care for them but Rasputin is always fun.
  5. Clift was a brilliant actor who was never the same after the accident- it affected both his face and his mind. Matt Bomer is suppose to play Monty in bio film next year.
  6. "It inpregnates man!" - great tralier ( it shows nothing) and poster.
  7. "Beyond the Forest" is full on unintentional laughs..."Psycho" has a lot of funny lines- Hitchcock loved dark humor.
  8. This made for tv adaptation of Stephen King's vampire novel has aged into a true horror film classic. Great cast, good script and inspired direction by Tobe Hooper- it has some moments of pure horror and nail biting suspense- and that nasty Nosferatu like vampire is the stuff of nightmares.
  9. It's time for " Lylah Claire- the Musical" call Andrew Lloyd Webber
  10. Felini's first movie as director was "Variety Lights" (1950) He was a true visionary filmmaker- "8 1/2", "Satyricon" and "Ammacord" are alll worth a look.
  11. A films subtext gay or otherwise might be a result of the writer or director who subconciously add another layer of meaning to the story- or because of sensor ship ceartain types of relationships could only be hinted at- it could also depend on the way the actors play a scene. In Hitchcok's "Rope" the killers are homicidal metrosexuals and to a modern audience obviously gay. The famous gun scene in "Red River" probably wasn't written as bromantic as Clift and Ireland play it but obviously these two had a chemistry that suggest they will soon be headed to "Brokeback Mountain"
  12. There might a homosexual subtext in the way Welle's plays the role who is a very repressed man who will do anything to appear normal. It's never explained why Noah "dislikes" his brother in law. Is there a suggestion that something else is hidden beneath?
  13. A very good film but I too failed to find the gay subtext at least as far as the Rankin character is concerned- except for the brief scene in which the boys notice the blonde and the professor ignores her. The only hint of bromance is between Mr Wilson and Noah- now if Rankin had spent more time fishing with Noah or hanging out with the good looking doctor who played his best man that would be another story- but seriously the movie to me seems like the closest thing Welles ever did to a horror picture - it was as if he had been studying the Val Lewton chillers- not only with the use of sound
  14. And we all know there is not hidden homosexual subtext in football
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