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  1. Dench is a great villain in this one- all she really wanted was a "friend" but Blanchet asked for it after falling for her twink pupil. A very good psychological horror movie.
  2. Love the voice of the guy narrating the trailer!
  3. What I really want to see is "Rondesvous with Rama"
  4. I associate Thanksgiving with "King Kong" (1933) in the ancient days they use to run on regular tv
  5. Ray Bradbury never saw a good film adapation of his books- "Fareheit 451" is dull, "The Illustrated Man", even duller both would make much better movies.
  6. Those look awesome - the sort of poster image that made you want to see the movie,
  7. This is a grear script and classic Matheson tale- terror out of an ordinary situation. The scene in the diner when Weaver ( who is excellent as the every man hero trapped in a nightmare) is trying to figure out who the identety of the truck driver is a classic study in psychological terror. Now can TCM please show "Killdozer"- actually lets do an entire spolight series on these made for tv- thrillers.
  8. A classic thriller from a great script by Richard Matheson and effective performance by Dennis Weaver. Spielberg's imaginative direction made it more than just an average tv movie of the week.
  9. The movie works as a classic movie fantasy- if it had been done in the 50's it could have been a musical- I can see Gene Kelly in the Patrick Swayze role. Leguizamo is truly amazing performance- his level of realness belongs in another more serious movie.
  10. Christopher Nolan's sci fi/ family drama epic aims for the stars and almost gets there. An ambitious script co-written Jonathan is smart and has some moments of breathtaking beauty but their "2001; A Space Oddessy" with heart needed some careful trimming it's at least 1/2 hour too long and has three potential endings. But this is worth a look on a big screen is you are a classic sci-fi fan.
  11. The movie is a mix of the Hollywood gothic ( "Sunset Blvd" - "Baby Jane") with the then popular anything goes 1960's sex - ( look at the lurid poster to see how they were selling the movie) YEah it does feel like an exploitation picture- those Kardashian creatures are beyond camp- it takes a bit of wit and brains to create it- something they lack.
  12. http://youtu.be/TnORJy_2tzg Look a movie with and for old ****- sorry classic Hollywood stars
  13. Hollywood has always catered to the young audience. I do agree that there are many modern directors who have no understanding of classic story telling- so we end up with over blown CGI spectacles.
  14. There are good film out there if one is willing look.
  15. The leads are dull- and the movie really doesn't give us a reason to care for them but Rasputin is always fun.
  16. Christopher Nolan the director- co-writer of "Instestellar" is not your average Hollywood hack. His films are beautifully crafted ( The Prestige) and have some thought provoking ideas ( Inception) This one seems to aiming to be another "2001 A Space Odessy"
  17. Clift was a brilliant actor who was never the same after the accident- it affected both his face and his mind. Matt Bomer is suppose to play Monty in bio film next year.
  18. Logan seemed more interested in shooting the shirtless marines
  19. I had seen it on tv a few times and was not impressed but when I got it as part as a cheap horror dvd set I found it intriguing- but the print was horrible. The Criterion edition is a must for fans. It's one of those horror movies that feels like a nightmare.
  20. "It inpregnates man!" - great tralier ( it shows nothing) and poster.
  21. Never thought of the child molestation angle but it would explain her twisted fear of sex- and of couse having Deneuve one of the most beautiful and desirable women in cinema play her added to the horror .
  22. I found "The Legend of Hell House" a bit dull- they were obviously taking the high class approach but I think the story would have used a bit more of 1970's edginess on the other hand "The House on Haunted Hill" actually made me jump- William Castle knew how to produce a good scary movie.
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